“Something Happened On The Way To The Forum” or something Strange Happened To Me On November 6, 2012

Something strange did happen to me as a result of the outcome of our presidential election on November 6, 2012. My reaction to our unexpected lose doesn’t seem to coincide with what I perceive as the general reaction of my fellow travelers. I am not feeling the sane level of despair that most conservatives are feeling. Although I have no clearer idea of what our strategies and plans should be going forward, I perceive that I am much calmer about that than most. I believe in time it will come to each of us what we each need to do in the months and years ahead. But, what happened to me is much stranger than I have yet explained. I think it is going to be difficult to put into words, but let me try.

I followed the election results on the internet. because of where i live, that was my only option. I also was participating in a live blog over at Steve Dennis’ place, America’s Watchtower. Fox News had a great interactive electoral map where you could click on any state and see the early vote results being updated continuously. I was watch Florida very closely. My alarm bells were going off in my that things weren’t looking as if they were going the way we anticipated. When Ohio was declared for Obama, about 9:00pm  my time, I, like almost all of you felt like I had been sucker-punched. I didn’t even bother to say good night to those who were also participating in the live blog or even make one final comment. I immediately began closing the pages I had open, shut down my computer, and I went to bed.

The day after the election ny post was titled “Divide and Conquer Still Works and Elections Do Have Consequences”. For whatever reason the traffic at my little blog set a record by a large margin. My following posts expanded on the theme of what the consequences of the election might be, in my opinion. And, you all know I paint a very dark picture of what is coming to America. I read an article in those days by someone whose name I should remember. but don’t, who wrote a line that captured exactly how I feel about America’s future. The writer said: “America’s decline will be slow until it isn’t.” This is what I believe, too. America will continue it’s slow (not all that slow to most of us) decline due to a continuation of policies that President Obama and the Democrats are going to continue to impose on the country. But, when that fiat  debt addiction bubble does burst, as it must, then the fall over the cliff ends with a sudden stop  I think most of us see a similar future. No one, however, can predict the future. The future often presents us with surprises and sometimes those surprises can be pleasant ones. Be that as it may, we have to conduct our lives with our best guess of what the future will be like and, in general., we do that by following trends and projecting them into the future.

If you followed my latter posts, you also know that I predict that order will eventually be restored to the world and America. I believe that because I believe the same people who met at Jekyll Island many years ago and gave us the Federal Reserve System and the same people latter met at Bretin Woods and gave us the fiat debt adiction monetary system that is destined to collapse, and these are the same people who already have a plan for what comes next. Now, there is a high probability that the conservatives who are around when the new order takes hold will not like it much. However, it will probably so much better than the chaos that precedes it. And, that is why I wrote a recent post urging conservatives to start taking a long view or begin to think  and plan long-term. By the way, support for that idea was less than overwhelming. None the less I still believe that is what we must do.

So, the question remains. Why is this humble observer less distraught, more willing to slog on, and wants to start thinking long-term than most other conservatives? The reaction of my fellow travelers is very rational and logical. Why then is my reaction so different? And, I haven’t told you the really strange part yet.

Not only am I less distraught than most of you, I actually feel better; both mentally and physically since we learned Obama will have a second term than I was feeling before the election. How strange is that? And, there is more. I have also experience a behavior change that is out of character for me. The behavior change that my wife and stepsons have noticed is that I am much more talkative. That really is out of character for me. I find myself seeking out my wife and stepsons to engage them in conversation, all be it about the stuff I write about; but I had never done that before. Well, I have no guess even that could explain the behavior change but I do have a guess about the rest of it.

I realize as i write these words that I am over using the word “strange”, but I don’t have a better one so bear with me.,  please.

In a strange way, Obama’s winning a second term was for me a relief. Yes, a relief!  I think it has to do with several things. One, may be that like most of you, I was feeling a lot of stress in the months leading up to the election. The stress I think was due to a number of doubts I was having. Although I was confident we were going to win, I did have some doubts. The polls, for example were very confusing. I also had doubts about our candidate, Mitt Romney. If he became President could or would he do all that I thought had to be done. For most of us, Romney was not our first choice to lead the ticket. For me, however, the more I learned about Romney the more I liked him. In spite of what I knew about who his principle campaign doners were and in spite of his record as a governor and in spite of his flip-flopping on issue important to conservatives I came to believe that Mitt Romney was a very decent and honorable man and I cling to the hope that once in office he just might do more than we expected. Yet, I had my doubts. Well, when it sunk in that Obama had won, there were no more doubts.  America was going to continue its decline and the future was now more or less predictable. A very dark fur¡ture to be sure; but for me the stress of doubt was removed and I and everyone else could begin planning for how  best to deal with what is coming. That then is why I think I am experiencing less despair maybe than most and why I actually feel better both mentally and physically. The possibility exist that I suppose that i am experiencing a mental break down. We’ll se. So, what do you all think? Do you have a better idea of why my reaction to the election results are so different from what most of you are feeling?

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are our thoughts?

28 thoughts on ““Something Happened On The Way To The Forum” or something Strange Happened To Me On November 6, 2012

  1. Sometimes it is better to die quickly instead of dragging it out painfully. Sadly that is where I think this country is, on it’s deathbed. This is not my desire, but it is something that I have come to believe over the last two years. I don’t know what God’s plan is for us, but I do believe that He does not have His grace upon us. Like Jonah’s message to Ninevah, we had the opportunity but passed on it, now perhaps we will face the coming judgment as Ninevah did in the book of Nahum. My husband and I have remodeled a lot of houses over the last forty years and sometimes you have to tear out everything but the bones, I think that we are there, but I think in four years, we will have to go clear down to the ground and rebuild the foundation. God bless you Jim and hope that this coming year will find you much better than you were this time last year.

  2. Oh my, Jim. The truth is that adrenaline can keep flowing so long. When the marathon appears to be more than one can endure, one breaks it down to small segments. I look to the states. 2014. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. You are not experiencing a mental breakdown my friend. You are doing what well-adjusted people do: Facing the future with eyes wide open.

    It is futile and self-destructive to drive yourself crazy with hate and angst. You plot your course given the environment you find yourself in.

  4. My biggest fear is that Obama runs for a 3rd term in 2016. But isn’t that unconstitutional? Yep. But since when did that ever stop the Democratic party.

    I can only wait for the fiat currency to collapse. Go back to the gold standard. Get some economic sense (and not so-called economic justice.)

  5. I can relate to how you’re feeling. My general malaise about the outcome of the election is rooted in my core belief that the GOP is not [and has not been for some time] the standard bearer of liberty and fiscal sanity that we deserve.

  6. I’m not driving myself crazy upon Obama re-election.

    However, I have to say that I don’t have many plans for the future now.

    In fact, I can’t really plan on the future as I once did because of all the economic upheaval that is descending and will continue to descend.

    I wonder where all of us will be in 4 years. Still blogging? Still able to afford an Internet connection? Who knows?

    I do think that Obama will move heaven and earth to get elected to a 3rd term: “We’ve got more work to do!” I can hear him screaming that right now! I just cannot imagine that he’ll pay one damn bit to the Constitutional amendment that limits a POTUS to two terms (or 10 years). He’ll claim something about “Extraordinary times!” and get a waiver of some sort so as to be back in the Oval Office in 2017.

  7. Like you, I had many of the same pre-election feelings you had… and probably the same as most, if not all, other Republicans.

    Obama was reelected. It was the clear choice of American voters whether hoodwinked or not. All that matters now is where we go from here.

    I’m not nearly as calm a you are about the future.

    Given the fiscal cliff issue and continuing ideological intransigence between both parties, the future does not look very good. 😦

  8. Thanks for the shout out Jim! If I am not mistaken my final post after Ohio fell was something like this, “it’s over, Obama is probably going to get 300 electoral votes, goodnight.” It was a bit of a shock but it wasn’t totally unexpected on my part. After the stress of the election season and the uncertainty of not knowing what was going to happen I also felt a bit of relief knowing it was finally over and then I just needed to figure out the best way forward. I have a different attitude when I post know because in the back of my mind I am saying “I told you so” while I am writing. Dark days may be ahead but we must keep pushing on.

    1. Some how saying “I told you so”, just doesn’t make it better, does it, Steve? We all felt let down that night.

  9. Jim it’s good to see you are looking ahead. I’m rethinking my approach right now…going through a phase of self examination. I am discouraged that we have so many uninformed voters steering the nation right now. I also know that no matter what we say, we will never get through to most of them. So you’re right, where do we go from here. The Patriots of colonial time only made up 1/3 of the population and look what they accomplished. Think of what we can do 50 percent. Thanks for being a good friend. I am blessed to have good people like yourself in my life to slap me in the head every now and then when I begin to weaken. .

    1. You are too kind, John, but thank you. I think we trur believers in the idea of America have face relity. Benjiman Franklin told us that we were given a republic if we could keep it. We didn’t. By “we” I mean the collective we of “We The People”. Franklins warning was based on his knowledge of human nature. So, if that idea we so love is have a Renaissanve some day, it will depend on whay we decide to begin doing today to pave the way for some future generation of Americans. Although this post promoting that we begin taking a long view didn’t recieve a lot support, I feel strongly enough about it that I am planning to continue to push the idea in a series of articles. I would be very pleased if you could find time to participate and contribute in this effort. I have long valued your opinions and I know that I am not alone in thinking that. Our American idea was taken from us bit by bit by dedicated people with a mission. We can relclain our america by taking it back bit by bit by equally dedicated people on a mission. I believe that!

    2. John, think of how it would have felt then and now, without a core group to sound off on! People pay a “shrink” big bucks for the steam we let off on these blogs. “Weakened” is not a word I would associate with you, so I think you will probably survive, like the rest of us. If nothing, this election has made us stronger with more resolve than we had before. I have to believe that there are those that will wake up when it doesn’t come to pass what they were expecting. Then there are those that will never understand and we just have to put them in the category of people that we can not change. Take care.

  10. The whole thing was stressful. In some ways it is a relief that the election is over. Criminals on the run are often happier after they are caught, even though they will go to prison, for exactly the same reason–while it is better to be free, uncertainty and fear of the unknown creates a lot of stress. Yet, would it not have been better if Obama had lost?

    1. Yes, of course, it would have been better if Obama had lost. The point I was trying to make and maybe didn’t do very well, was this. Prior to the election Iwas rcking my brain every day on how I as an individual help ensure th edefeat of Obama and what coud I recomend that fellow conservatives do. Also, I was going through the same process on what I and others could do to push a President Romney and our new House and Senate to do even more than Romney and Ryan were proposing to stop the debt and deficit crisis from happening. Obama winning was a game changer for me. I no longer feel the need to come up with ideas on how to stop the coming crisis. In my opinion, short of a miricle, it can not be stopped. Events have been set in motion that will stay in motion and will run their course. So, now I think I know what the future will look like for as far as I can see into the future. I now can be calm and and knowing what i think we are all going to be up against, I can begin thinking long term about how i and others can help pave the way for some future generation of conservatives to have a chance of teying the great American experiment again. As I replied to John Carey, America was taken from us a bit at a time by a group of dedicated people on a mission and we can begin the process of taking it back a bit at a time by another group of dedicated people on a mission.

  11. Resignation. I don’t think for a minute that we are going to take this back by some slow process, chipping away at the machine that has taken over here. Total collapse would be my guess. Then maybe a fresh start…but even then, Jim, what do you do with the 50% who despise the founding principles. Nope. I disagree that there is hope to take this back. We have people taking on the fight all over the country…little bits and pieces of patriotism and valor going against the regime(s). This is hardly nicking the beast. We aren’t going to get there…..sorry.
    It’s nice to hear you feel better. But most of us really don’t.

  12. I totally understand your feelings, Jim. I was on the blog that night with you and felt the same way, turn the computer off and go to bed. Most times I do best after a nights sleep, another day I can tackle with the rest. We all knew that there was something funny going on, because it just did not add up. Obama was too sure of winning, so voter fraud, yes voter fraud played into it. I also think that there were alot of people that set this vote out, to our demise. We were so intent on a Romney win and an Obama loss that it sucker punched us, so yes we were knocked down. However, I do not see the majority that post on the blogs that I read staying on the mat for long. I don’t think we are wussies and I know there is fight left in us. I, like you, am more calm these days, we know what we are up against and we are going to deal with it, that is just the way we roll. I have that inner calm, or maybe it is a resolve, that I know I can not let my children and grandchildren down, so I will do what I have to do. That means to be involved at the local level on what matters here in my city and county, we can stop an awful lot right in our own community. I also knew that some of the ones that were so bummed by this would be back in the fight, it was just a recess for awhile for them. We will continue communicating with each other, because that is what we do best, right? You keep blogging and we will keep putting in our two cents worth, even if it is not worth two cents anymore, ha! Take care!

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