Taking America Back One Bit At A Time _ Part 6, The Process of Taking America Back

Earlier posts in this series can be found here: Part 1, Introduction, Part 2, The Founding, Part 3, The Taking, Part 4, The Taking continued, and Part 5, Looking Beyond December 2012.

{NOTE: This is the last post in this series and it is long.}

The Process of Taking America Back

In Part 5, we speculated about the future. We divided the future into three parts: 1.) from December 2012 until the debt time bomb goes off, 2.) the period of chaos after the debt bomb goes off, and 3.) after the chaos. We will want to keep those three parts of the future in mind as we talk about how can work at taking America back, not in  our time but in some future time. For me, I think about my great-grandchildren and those that will follow.

In thinking about the future in the three timeframes listed above, we have no way of know how long those time periods will be. But, for the purposes of this discussion let’s make some assumptions. Let’s assume that the debt bomb will go off in fifteen years. Let’s further assume that the period of chaos will last ten to fifteen years and after that order will begin to take place; whether naturally or imposed by The Powers That Be. With that time frame in mind, we then can set our goal of taking America back at two or more generations; 50 to 60 years from now. We can’t let the length of time break our spirit. Reality is a tough master. The chances of taking America back may be remote, but remote is good enough for me.

I am going to propose as a starting point for discussion five main pillars of focus for Taking America Back One Bit At A Time. Some these came to me from an article by Andrew Klavan. The others came to me from where I do not know for sure. Please understand that I am not claiming to have all the answers. I don’t. I am just throwing out some ideas here.

  • Making Red States Redder
  • Taking Back Our Children’s Education
  • Putting Conservatism Back In Mainstream Media
  • Putting Conservatism Back In The Entertainment Industry
  • Putting God and Christianity Back In America’s Culture

I will talk about each of these bullet points and I will make reference to the Klavan article. To  start with, the tag line of the Klavan article is: Three areas the Right should address, financially and intellectually. In a Bill Whittle video thrown together within hours of knowing that Obama had won a second term, he makes a similar point. The point is if we patriots are serious about wanting to take America back, we are going to have to put our money where are mouths are. From those of us who can only give the least to the Koch brothers who can give the most, When organizations come to life that are trying to move forward on issues we believe in, we must be ready to give what we can.

Making The Red States Redder

When I first proposed that conservatives start thinking long-term, I didn’t get a lot of support. A few commenters said we need to focus on the local and state level as the way to begin taking our country back. If these commenters thought they were disagreeing with me, they were not. Taking our states back has to be an important pillar in taking our country back. Where better to start than in the states that have a majority of conservative voters, the Red States?

We patriotic conservatives to get involved in the Party structure in their cities and counties. That will give them a voice in choosing local and state candidates. Even in Red States we need to be sure we are electing true conservatives. Then maybe they can get control on these unelected planning commissions that can’t help themselves from accepting state and federal grants in exchange for implementing Smart Growth and Sustainable Living projects which are part of the UN’s Agenda 21 program to get everybody to  lower their standard of living and to take land out of private hands and put it into limited use categories. If Red States can get enough true conservatives in their state houses maybe they could stop participating in optional federal programs. Doing so means giving up federal funds but that is what is needed so that states are not being told what to do by the federal government. And, of course, we need to elect true conservatives to the House and Senate.

What about those that live in Blue States? They can focus on the counties and districts that are not blue. And if you live in a blue county, contribute to candidates in red counties.

Taking Back Our Children’s Education

When it comes to our children’s education, we need to be thinking on a two-pronged attack. K-12 is one and universities is another. And, in my opinion, for the first many years we should be concentrating on only the education of the children of conservatives. When we know we have them taken care of, then we can expand to take in all children.

  • K-12 _  Bill Whittle in the video linked above talked about himself possibly setting up some private for profit companies to provide services that conservatives want.  His idea was that if 10 million conservatives contributed $10 per month to this company, that would be $1.2 billion per year and you can do a lot of good with that kind of money. Further more, because it is a for profit company, if the service or product isn’t deemed worth the price, the company will soon be out of business. So, he has some ideas on how to provide a good alternative to public schools. For many people home schooling is an alternative but for many more it is not. So,, maybe we need a network of homeschoolers who are willing to take on a few more students. Depending on the community and the types of businesses in the area there is the option of groups of concerned parents banning together and renting some space and then look for retired people who would love to teach, at least part-time.  And, businesses are often willing to let some of their qualified  staff to teach a course or, at least some lengthy seminars. The point is that conservatives need to get their children and grandchildren out of public schools now! There are alternatives. We just need to put our collective heads together to find ones that will work.
  • Universities _ Universities were once places where ideas were freely debated. Not anymore. Free speech is only for those that practice political correctness and multiculturalism and progressivism. Taking back our universities is a longer term proposition. Remember that I am just throwing out ideas here. If Whittle’s idea could work for a for-profit company, why couldn’t it work for a non-profit company; say a foundation. With $1.2 billion per year, a lot of good could be done. Couldn’t such a foundation work to promote a conservative student organizations on campuses? Couldn’t such a foundation provide scholarships to conservative students who would like to be teachers or professors or to study journalism or dramatic arts? Couldn’t such a foundation bring free speech law suits when students receive failing grades because they chose a conservative answer on a paper? The bottom line is that we have to take our universities back little by little.

Putting Conservatism Back In Main Stream Media

In Taking The Long View, Andrew Klavan said:

To win that game, to create an electorate more deeply committed to true liberty and resistant to the sort of cultural scare tactics the president’s campaign team used so effectively, there are three areas to which conservatives need to commit intellectual and financial resources—three areas that our intelligentsia and funders, in their impractical practicality, too often ignore.

I am neither part of the intelligentsia or one of the funders. Those folks will do whatever it is they do. But, I do think we common folk can play a role as well. Klavan notes that Breitbart dedicated his life to fighting the left controlled media and tht fight must continue. But, Klavan asked a good question

How is it possible that the mind-boggling success of Fox News has failed to spawn half a dozen imitators …

Besides Rupert Murdoch, where are our rich conservatives? Are the Koch brothers really conservatives? We could use their help, to be sure. But, using the Whittle model again, why couldn’t we support a conservative investment club to the tune of $1.2 billion per year to either help fund the starting of a Fox News style channel or to buy shares in an existing left stream media channel company until we had enough seats on the board to change their editorial style? Then they could hire the journalism students we are helping.

Putting Conservatism Back In The Entertainment Industry

Klavan said we have plenty of conservatives om Hollywood, but what is needed is

We need an infrastructure to support them: more funding, more distribution, sympathetic review venues, grants and awards for arts that speak the truth out loud.

Okay, why can’t we set up another Bill Whittle style company to do that? I now have our ten million patriotic conservatives donating ten dollars a month each to three causes. Is that too much to ask of people who really want their country back some day?

Putting God and Christianity Back In America’s Culture

Klavan talks in his article about religion for intellectuals. He has this to say:

The triumph of science, the comfort of Western life, and a sophisticated elite virulently hostile to religion have all contributed to an intellectual atmosphere of unbelief—a sense that atheism should be the default mode of reasonable, thinking people. That is a mere prejudice and needs to be answered in the culture, not with Bible-thumping literalism and small-minded judgmentalism—nor with banal happy-talk optimism—but by sound argument made publicly, unabashedly, and without fear.

Sounds good to me. I’ll let you decide what he means. An intellectual I am not. I am just a simple guy. What I know is that this country was founded, for better or worse, by a bunch of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs). In other words, it was founded by Christians. Although this country grew by immigrants from all over the world, the vast majority of them were also Christians. Christianity has always been an integral part of American culture. Christian morals and mores have been the glue that has held our culture together since its founding. The Progressive-Socialist-Communist have used a variety of tactics over decades to break the hold of Christianity on our culture. They have had an alarming success, haven’t they? I don’t have any great ideas on how to put God and Christianity back into our culture. Maybe Klavan’s intellectuals will come up with a grand plan. But, it does seem to me that it is time that Christians took a more aggressive stance on their values and beliefs. There are some small and not so small things Christians can do. Several blogs have recently posted videos of flash mobs breaking out singing Christmas Carols in malls crowded with people Christmas shopping. It is nice!  I know it is just Christmas Carols. But, as the camara pans  the faces in the crowds you see people listening intently and then a smile appears on their face and there is a slight nod of the head as they remember what Christmas is really celebrating. I wish there were  flash mobs in every mall every day all across the country until Christmas day. How many Christians say to people they do not know “Happy Holiday” instead of Merry Christmas because they are afraid they might offend someone if they are not Christian? That’s nonsense. “Merry Christmas” is asking someone to enjoy or be happy during the Christian celebration. Ther is no reason for anyone to beoffended and if they are it is their problem. When someone wishes me a Happy Hanakah, I say thank you and wish them a Happy Hanakah back. What’s the problem? Okay, those are little things. Let;s move on to something bigger. Isn;t it time that Christians started standing up to the atheist who sue to remove an iron cross put up on a hill as a memorial to some fallen Marines, because the hill is government property. Or when the atheist sue to remove Christian images from buildings owned by government. This is nonsens! Our constitution says the government will not establish a religion. We have ib our country freedom of religion; not freedom from religion. Christians need to counter sue. It doesn’t have to cost much money; only time. I’d bet there are templates on the internet on how to file a civil suit or counter suit. The Christians don’t need a lawyer.  They can make their own arguments. They need only tell the judge that Christian images or symbols on government property is not the same as establishing a religion. Christian images or symbols in government buildings are nothing more than a reflection of America’s history and culture. Will they win” Probably not, but they might get some good publicity in the local papers and who knows, they just might find an honest judge once in a while.

How would Taking America Back One Bit At A Time work during the period of chaos after the debt bomb goes off?

It’s possible that our efforts would have to go on hold during the chaos. Surviving may be the only thing that people can do. But, it may depend on what the chaos is like. If the federal government can continue to function is something we do not know.  What if the federal government becomes so weak that it can barely function.? What if the safety nets can’t be maintained. How will the central government pay for all of the bureaucray? If I am still around to see the chaos, I will not be surprised if some states secede and form small confederations. This, of course, is not what we want for our country, but it is within the realm of possibilities. If that should happen, the states mostly like to secede would be the Red States. As horrible as that sounds, would that not be an opportunity for an American Renaissance to take place? Short of something like that happening, our strugglr will haave to wait for order to be restored. What ever that order is, conservatives will probably not like it; but it will likely be much better than the chaos.


For those who have managed to stay with me trough all six parts of this series on Taking America Back One Bit At A Time, I salute you. I know it could not have been easy for you. Whether it showed in the writing or not, I did put a lot of effort into this project. I feel very strongly that, although America is lost for now, the possibility does exist that in some time in the future there will be an opportunuity to try that great experiment again provided that we conservatives begin laying the ground work today. So, if I have succeeded in convincing one conservative to stay the course, I will consider my effort as having been worthwhile.

Belirve it or not, I actually had one more post in mind for this series. It was going to be on the subject of Leadership and Salesmanship. If this idea I am promoting has a chance of taking off, it will be because people with those skills make it happen. But, I will do a stand alone post on that subject one of these days.

Well, now you know what I’m  thinking. What are your thoughts?

26 thoughts on “Taking America Back One Bit At A Time _ Part 6, The Process of Taking America Back

  1. So the debt bomb will hit exactly when I retire. Thank god for my social security ….no wait. Ugg.

    Being a New Yorker, originally from upstate NY now in Manhattan I live in one of the bluest states. Even the Republicans are RINOs more intent on racking up the debt in the name of “compassionate conservatism.”

    And if one more person wishes me “happy holiday” I’m going to lose my mind. What holiday are you wishing me? i celebrate Christmas not Kwannzaa.

  2. “Leadership and Salesmanship”

    That is the key. Hayek wrote something to the effect that each generation must pick up timeless ideas and cast them into their own terms. That has not happened with constitutional conservatism.

    We are yesterday preaching to tomorrow. It won’t work. Young people need to pick it up and carry it forward, or it is dead.

    1. The heavy lifting will naturally fall on the young. We can help them to undestand their responsibility. Finding those with the leadership and salesmanship skills that will be needed will be the hardest trick of all, I think.

  3. Great series, COF. If (when) economic calamity strikes I think more Americans will reach out to God. The choice will be God or Government at that point. The Government is paving hte way for the choice to be Government, but there’s one very important detail they have forgotten. For the majority of Americans God is part of our belief system, even if many aren’t actively practicing Christians or Jews. That is their heritage. And patriotism and the belief in our indiviual liberties, while asleep in so many, will be awakened when backs are against the wall. As far as schools go, in many areas there are very good charter schools and there are more and more opportunities for a BS degree than the ultra-liberal state universities. Believe me, my son is in HS. When he begins applying for college in a few years we’re going to have some long discussions. At an average cost of around $20k per year, I’m not paying for indoctrination. I would really lilke to see one or two states not succeed, but to tell the federal government to go @#$ themselves by not accepting any federal funds for any programs, and thus not have to participate in their bogus, handcuff laws and regulations. Do you know, for example, that if a state refused federal transporation funds that they could implement any drinking age they wanted? If they refused funds for education they could throw federal mandates for NCLB out the window. Talk about freedom of choice. Now, which statesa are in a fiscal position to do so? Perhpas North Dakota. As much as I hate cold winters I would consider moving to such a place.

    1. Thank you, Freedom. I do like your poditive attitude. I do agree tht when things get tough (very tough) that people will begin returning to their faith. Also, it wouldn’t hurt at all if we had some Red State rebellion, would it?

  4. Jim, I think it is easy to see how much time and effort you put into this series and I appreciate it and I know I am not alone. The biggest key in mu opinion is the education system, we need to start educating our children about what America is supposed to be and the ideals America was founded on. If we do not teach our children these basic facts all will be lost because they won’t know what freedom truly means. My one fear is that this is going to be such a long process that the liberals will still be able to make enough gains in the meantime to thwart our efforts and make in nearly impossible to achieve our goals. But as you said, while it may be a long shot it is still a shot we must take.

    1. Thanks, Steve, for the kind words. We may have to ignore what is going on around to the extent that we can and focus on educating the children of conservatives and what ever else we can . As time goes by we can start thinking about how to win converts to our cause.

      1. You are welcome Jim. You are right, we must ignore what is happening in front of us as we push forward because if we get too engulfed in it the fight will seem hopeless but you have been saying we need a long term plan and I think you are right.

  5. Very good, Jim, I appreciate the effort and the good thinking that has gone into the series.

    There are things that we can get started right away in the short term. That short term to me is 2014 and regaining the senate. Due to the fact that we don’t have an electorate to whom you can tell the truth about what is best for them, to regain the senate in the short run we are going to have to dump all those “principle” voters that gave the election to Obama (you know who they are) and start telling the electorate mostly what they want to hear – the end justifies the means sort of way.

    We can start by agreeing with Rahm Emanuel that “we should not let a crisis go to waste”. And the crisis is here – the fiscal cliff. If we play it right, and with patience, it will give us the senate in 2014 by accomplishing two goals; 1) avoiding getting stuck with the H. Bush “read my lips” blame – and raise tax rates; and 2), reversing the situation to where a tanking economy due to the fiscal cliff can be owned by the Obama Administration and the Democrats.

  6. I don’t know if it is my core skepticism or just that I truly believe the situation is too far gone to be retrievable…but as good as these attempts sound, I am unable to see a rainbow at the end. All of the efforts you describe are worthy, don’t get me wrong. I and many people I know are going about the steps you describe in various ways and whatever attempts they can do. The biggest problem I see with all of this is I do not think patriots have the financial clout to pull all of this off.

    I’ll give you a for instance. My architect friend has just invited me to a “free lunch” at his office tomorrow to sit in on a “Green” meeting put on by a manufacturer of flooring. (I asked him if I have to put duck tape on my mouth…he said yes.) He has to go through these things about twice a month in order to keep his membership in the American Institute of Architects, which is a membership you must have to get jobs in his field. The AIA now demands that you have “GREEN” credits (among other things in a list) to keep your accreditation. He knows this is all BS. In fact, he says a lot of the manufacturers doing this know it is BS. But here we are. The same architect friend is looking at astronomical health insurance fees now for his employees thanks to Obamacare. He is hamstrung by the USGBC (Green Building Council) and the state codes which were written by the international Code Council out of the UN. (I am after my state reps and senator on that one…but no idea if it will ever be reversed since the USGBC has major lobbyists in every state.)

    And that is just one architect in one mid-size city in the nation….multiply this throughout all business sectors and all elements of society.

    The ability to do business is infinitely and incrementally harder and harder. Those who would go through all of the steps you describe and have the money to support those efforts are successfully squeezed and marginalized now….which will just get worse and worse. So the money and clout to fight back is going away. Most folks I talk to are already going into survival mode.

    Don’t know if that helps you see a glimpse of what I am seeing, Jim. But if One World Currency is the future…..and along with that, global socialist control…the United States of America is gone. Add to that the culture rot. We just watched a clip on Fox News this morning from a Billy Crystal movie coming out soon….advertised as “family friendly” PG where a little kid takes a baseball bat to Crystal’s crotch….ha ha…isn’t that so cute and funny. Just can’t wait to take kids to see that movie. Every other commercial is for Cialis or some other drug. Every sitcom for the past two or three years is pushing the gay lifestyle. You can’t even let your kids watch TV any more.

    There is your little peek into life in America this morning. Meanwhile, my husband and I are planning to gather with liberty / patriots for a weekend in January to try to make headway into what looks like a hopeless future for our government.

    1. I wish I had a snappy come back like ” It’s darkest just before thee dawn:, but that wouldn’t help.

      The USofA will fail, Cheryl. Order will eveentually be restored. We don’t know what it will look like and we can’t even know if the US will be a major player in the new order. My opinon, for what it is worth, is that there will not be a one world currency. They couldn’t make that idea with a few European countries so it would not work at all for the world. The US is going to be broke when the stuff hits the fan. We will be in worse shape than the Soviet Union was when it broke up. So, how could we become a socialist nation? Who eill rebuild a nation here will depend in part on who is ready with a plan. Anyway, that is how I see it.

  7. Charter schools do seem to be popping up everywhere. Homeschool groups have informal support groups, but also there are co-ops, organized sports clubs, a la carte classes, and part-time “umbrella” schools that cater specifically to homeschoolers. These seem like a growth of new options, but since I’m new to homeschooling it’s hard to judge.

    Also the public school “virtual school” programs, which some homeschoolers don’t like but hey. The way I figure it, these programs help to normalize the idea of teaching outside of a brick and mortar, and it allows the state gov’ts to see how much better those kids perform on the same standarized tests as their peers, and it saves state money.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think any of this will force much change in the public school system as a whole, at least not until things have gotten so chaotic that public schools actually begin closing.

    Interesting, though, to ponder how much infrastructure these new alternatives will have at that point. One day they may have to accommodate a rather sudden influx of new students.



    1. Good info, Lin. This is the kind of thing where I am out of touch because of where I live. Maybe, and not only on the education issue but most issues, our goal should be making the federal government irrelevent.

  8. A long term view is what the average person does not have. This is the thing, these progressives have a plan and have been working that plan for a very long time. If we want to counter it, we need to understand it and and recognize it when it is being employed against us. The last one hundred years are littered with their policy papers and correspondence laying all of it out for us to see.

    I think conservatives need to get over the assumption of stupidity or sincerity on the part of liberals, and understand that we are under a subversive, evil attack “generations old in the planning” as Rep Larry McDonald said.

    BTW, charter schools are what they are planning to switch us all over to when the public schools go bust. They are a prime example of fascism – public private partnership. You will have no democratic representatves on school board. Before the private banks jacked the country, individual schools would have their own boards, giving the parents a lot more representation. Now we have nine people over dozens of schools in any one county.

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