A Nation Mourns While Looking For Answers

Another senseless mass murder in a year that has had an epidemic of them. This time the horror took place at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. Eighteen five and six year olds were slaughtered along with seven adults. The families of those taken may never fully recover from the shock of this tragedy. How do parents explain to the other children that they don´t need to live in fear.

People will report on statistics to show that mass murders are not on the increase but are about normal. They will point out that the mass murder death tolls are a tiny fraction of the total number of Americans murdered each year. Yet it is the mass murders that grab the nation’s attention. There are many reasons for that and most of them are obvious. One reason is that when people hear about one of these  mass murders they understand how vulnerable they and their families are. When mass murders happen in schools, malls, or places of worship without warning, they know they can do everything right in their lives and still fall victim to the unexplainable.

The Fox News headline this morning quotes President Obama saying these senseless killings must stop. That is what we would expect a President to say. But, what are we as a nation willing to do to put a stop to this insanity? Are we prepared to have a serious adult conversation about what can be done to reduce the number of these incidences?

I listened to a Fox News video clip this weekend of Charles Krauthammer in which he said Americans will mostly fall in three camps. Most will focus on gun control, others will focus on societal issues like violence in movies and video games, and others will focus on the psychology of the shooter. Steve Dennis of America’s Watchtower had  much the same thoughts. I think they are right. So, the likelihood of there being a serious adult conversation on this issue are slim and none. That is a shame. It is a shame because I believe there are things that we could do that would have a positive impact on the frequency of these mass murders.

Gun Control

This is where many politician and the media will want to lead the discussion. Blaming the instrument used to kill instead of the person who killed is always the easiest thing to do. We can not know what these killers would have done if the guns they used had not been available to them. Would they have found other means to carry out their killing?

Is there anything that defenders of the Second Amendment can suggest about how to convince gun owners to keep their arms secured from children or others nat authorized by the owner to have access to the guns? If Mrs. Lanza had hers guns in a dun safe, would Adam have done what he did?

We know that countries like Switzerland and Israel that most of their citizens have arms and know how to use them, but they don’t have mass murder problems like the US. We know that a country like Venezuela, which has strict control laws has a gun related death rate much higher than the US, but doesn’t have a mass murder problems. So, what is different about the US?

Mental Illness and Psychotropic Drugs

In the video clip mentioned above, Charles Krauthammer said he believed we need to focus on the psychology of the shooters. My friend, Brian, at Frankenstein Government is an ex-chief of police and based on his experience he, also, thinks we need to be looking at the issue of how we deal with mental illness in this country.

When you are prescribed medication for mental health issues the translation is that we don’t have any way of fixing you so society’s answer is that we will just medicate you for 40 or 50 years and hope that everything turns out well. Medication is not a cure. It never has been. For millions and millions of undiagnosed and/or depressed people many simply self medicate with booze, pot, or maybe some valium.


We have been sold this ridiculous notion that we can fix broken people with some magical compound while ignoring all internal and external influences on this person. In an emergency room, they might refer to this as a mechanism of injury. If you don’t know the precise mechanism of injury- you cannot possibly hope to properly treat the underlying illness.

Brian is making a good point. The republican Mother put up a twelve-minute video you should watch when you have time. Among other things the video shows one psychiatrist after another claiming that many of the anti-depressant drugs routinely prescribed by psychiatrists to their patients actually can cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts to occur in the patient. One doctor commented that the frequency of mass murders has increased since the advent and use of psychotropic drugs. These psychiatrist are obviously not the majority of psychiatrists or we wouldn’t continue to treat mental illness with these drugs. I was irritated by the comment of one doctor that said: “When is the public going to wake up?” How is the public supposed to wake up unless doctors like these write a report and call a news converence and make this issue news?


Gun control is not the answer. However, if we could find ways to convince gun owners to keep their guns secure, it might help a little.

We could and should have a national discussion on the rot that has infested our culture. The breakdown of family values. But, we will find no quick answers there. It took many decades to destroy our culture. Reclaiming it, if possible, will take decades as well.

The one area that could produce some near=term improvement in the frequency of mass murders in the US, is in how we as a nation treat mental illness. We used to keep the mentally ill institutionalized. As a society we decided that was inhumane. So, now the Psychiatry profession treats our disturbed children with drugs that, in some cases, so more harm than good. Until this profession decides to have an honest discussion on the subject, we will be missing a real opportunity to do something positive about this horrendous problem. I am not optimistic that this conversation will take place. Maybe we bloggers can help push the issue to the front burner.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

24 thoughts on “A Nation Mourns While Looking For Answers

  1. I have lots of questions about all this:

    The coroner is saying that all the shots he’s examined so far came from a rifle, but the police said the Bushmaster was unfired in the back of his car. They’ve recently said the shots came from a Culver rifle. Where did that come from?

    What happened to the man they handcuffed in the woods behind the school (on their own police video btw)? What happened to the man that was handcuffed on the ground outside the school, according to one schoolkid on video describing what he saw?

    Adam’s dad is the VP of GE Capital and a partner at Ersnt and Young. Recall that James Holmes’ dad was a player at FICO and the dad that the family that got “nanny slashed” in NY was the CNBC webmaster. I’m wondering very hard what’s going on in bankster world.

    Mae Brussell said over 30 years ago that there is a pattern to American assassinations, when you fill in the blanks, you can solve them very quickly, she says. Look for doubles that disappear, the “loner” personality (often because they’ve been sequestered and/or through psych experiments), no explanation on how they get their ammo, high end lawyers that come out of nowhere to take over the case, government psychiatrists that crop up out of nowhere (Jolian West was one), they either “kill themselves” or get put in solitary.

    1. You mentioned the man habdcuffed in the woods about whom we have heard nothing. It is curious because a friend, over the weekend, mentioned the same thing. He reminded me that at the shooting in the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee that witnedded said there were four shooters fressed in black and we have heard nothing og them. Also, at the theater in Aurora, Colorado, somebody let the gunman in the emergency exit and we have heard nothing about that person. Strange indeed!

    2. Wow, RM. I think you have amazing investigative reporter instincts. This is very interesting to me. I do think along the lines of “never let a crisis go to waste” …..but hadn’t thought about how they could create this type of crisis using a kid that has lost his mind. If these latest shootings are orchestrated to further the cause of ridding us of the second amendment…the evil of that is too diabolical to contemplate. Glad you asked these questions, though…if so, how would we ever find out? Hmmm…..

      1. That’s the thing to watch for, the initial reports because when the Feds get their people in, the story changes immediately and an “official narrative” begins. The Murrah building in OK City was chosen because it had a day care. That incident has been proven to be a government op up one side and down the other. The Franklin Scandal ought to be enough to convince anyone that that they actually prey on kids and get a sick pleasure out of it. Satanism, not to sound sensational, is a big deal to the Elite – and killing kids gives them power and adds to the shock value of getting them what they want. Recall the the little baby held by the fireman at OK City? They ran that picture a zillion times – its called trauma based mind control – get people so traumatized, that their logic and thinking ability shuts off, and only emotionalism kicks in. Well, I guess I sound nuts enough for one day…

  2. I was tempted to re post the Clinton’s Waco slaughter by the government, but thought in the end it was inappropriate. Terrible Trategy, but apparently the media wants us all to have PTSD and beg for gun control. I am now watching animal planet.

  3. Don’t worry. Soon President Obama will sign an executive order banning all handguns. (He’s the President. He has the power to do what he wants). Soon only the state will be armed. I feel safer already.

  4. I am posting this at every blog I visit that is addressing the Sandy Hook tragedy, so I apologize in advance, but it is critical we bring facts to this discussion.

    It is an emotional topic, and I can understand the gun-haters’emotional outbursts, but we must respond with charity and the facts.

    Fact #1: Violent crime is down from 2000 to 2009, as is the use of a firearm in commission of a crime.

    Here are a few excellent links:

    Aweful Reactions to Sandy Hook Shooting

    Here is a link to an DOJ report:

    US DOJ Report: Criminal Victimization, 2009

    Some excerpts from the report:

    “For overall violent crime, firearms, knives, and other weapons were used in about equal proportions”

    Weapons were used in 22% of all violent crimes in 2009

    “Between 2000 and 2009, the overall rate of firearm violence declined from 2.4 to 1.4 victimizations per 1,000 persons age 12 or older (table 10).”

    Firearms were used in about 8% of all violent crime incidents in 2009.

    During the 10-year period, about 6% to 9% of all violent crime incidents were committed with firearms”

    Established facts and Christian charity must be our departure point in our search for answers.

  5. Great post. In re school shootings in particular, I don’t see why several employees on campus can’t be armed. Sandy Hook principal was killed while trying to wrestle the gun away from the shooter. She should have had her own weapon.

  6. I think a closer look at the shooter’s perscriptions and interviews with his doctor will produce a lot more answers than looking at the mom’s guns he used.
    If you, your child or anyone you care about is on any maintainence medication, do your own research about possible side affects and interactions. Remember, RARE side affects may be rare, but they do occur or they wouldn’t be listed. And it’s not just pscychotic drugs that can alter personalities. Even heavily perscribed drugs like prednisone can produce mental alterations.
    On another thought: Too much media coverage on this. If you have a young child that’s not in Sandy Hook and not directly affected, turn off the TV. They don’t have to know everything bad that goes on. There will be plenty of time for them to figure out how much evil and confusion exist when they are older and can emotionally process it better.

  7. Thanks for the link Jim! You and I are in agreement; gun control is the easy way out while dealing with a society which creates mass murderers is much more difficult and that is why our elected officials have decided to look at gun control.

  8. Charles Whitman, the killer in the tower at the University of Texas, was likely not influenced to murder people because he was taking medications. It is much more likely that he committed mass murder because he had a brain tumor (discovered during the autopsy and pressing on certain brain centers associated with violent actions). I’m not kidding. Check out detailed information about Charles Whitman.

    Did Adam Lanza have such a brain tumor? I doubt it, but the autopsy will tell the tale.

    Brain tumors defy logic when it comes to the kinds of behavior they can cause. I saw that for myself when the husband of one of my closest friends developed a brain tumor very similar to that of Charles Whitman.

    1. I would like to see the entire mental health profession be willing to engage in an honest discussion of where the profession really is in understanding the “what”, “when, and “why” of pschotic behavior.

  9. Whenever someone asks “why does anyone need an assault rifle” I tell them they are asking the wrong question. The question is whether bad people would be unable to do this if we banned assault rifles. The answer, of course, is no because they still have access to drugs even though they are illegal.

    Once they understand this, it makes it easier to realize that when you focus the conversation on why people “need” certain guns, you have abandoned the real problem you were trying to solve: to save the lives of children.

    Anyone who continues to insist on this solution after being forced to admit that laws cannot prevent bad people from getting guns, must admit to caring not about the lives of the children, but about taking things away from people just because they don’t understand their “need” to have them.

    And that’s when the truth comes out. Most people do not really care about what happens to others. If they did, they would be trying to find a SOLUTION, not a way to make themselves feel better by doing “something.” It’s almost like the Selfish Compassion displayed by liberals, which was the topic of a recent article of mine. Most of the time it isn’t about solving problems. It is about making themselves feel good for doing “something.” Whether that something helps or not, it doesn’t matter to them.

    It’s disgusting. Those who pretend to care the most are actually the most selfish and evil.

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