Feliz Noche Buena!

Feliz Noche Buena can translate as “rejoice on this blessed night”. The 24th of December, la Noche Buena, is the most important day of the Christmas season for Latinos. On this night, families gather  to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There is always a great deal of food to snack on until midnight when an elaborate dinner of  foods general served only at Christmas. There will Christmas music playing all day and the children are allowed to stay up until gifts are exchanged at midnight and dinner begins.  Here are Los Hispanos and their rendition of Feliz Noche Buena.


Merry Christmas, America!

16 thoughts on “Feliz Noche Buena!

  1. Estimado Jim,

    Gracias por tu valiosa contribución a los temas de nuestro tiempo. Indiscutiblemente que los ganadores somos tus lectores.

    Feliz Navidad para ti y tu familia.

    John Galt

  2. Merry Christmas, Jim. You are the Right’s “Man in South America”. Thanks for keeping up the good fight. Enjoy this great holy day with family and fellowship.

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