Obama Against The World. What Will It Cost Us?

Have you ever tried to figure out whose side Obama is on? That is one tough question to answer.

We know he is not on America’s side. Forget all the class warfare rhetoric. Nothing Obama’s has done, including ObamaCare, and nothing he is doing or planning on doing is going to help the middle class. In fact, the middle class is going to continue to shrink. In my opinion, Obama  has intentionally set out to destroy America’s economy. I can’ think of one positive thing that Obama has done for America since he has been in office. Besides spending us into  bankruptcy, he refuses to do anything that might help grow the economy. His anti-rich and anti-fossil fuel policies can only make a bad situation worse.

Is destroying America enough for Obama or do his destructive plans go beyond America? To answer that question, we need to look at his Middle East policies and project what they may mean in the short and medium-term and what the impact might be on world oil prices.

Obama’s Arab Spring has managed to destabilize much of North Africa by bringing radical Islamists to power. But, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and Egypt are still functioning countries. Although it must be uncomfortable for Israel, there has been little real impact on the world as a result of these regime changes, yet. The first major problem from the Arab Spring is going to come from Syria and then Iraq.

There is an excellent article by Henri J. Barkey at The American Interest that explains why Syria’s Arab Spring will have far reaching impacts unlike Libya and Egypt.

… surprisingly, the mainstream Western press seems to have forgotten that Syria also shares a border with Iraq. Iraq’s strategic location and its cross-sectarian and cross-ethnic fault lines make its implosion a great threat to the long-term stability and well-being of the region. The shock waves—unbridled sectarian and ethnic violence, possible interstate interventions and warfare, and much higher oil prices—could also jolt the international economy, sparing no one.

Mr. Barkey’s article is very long and explains a lot more than you really want to know. But, if you can wade through it you will find it very educational. The key words in the above quote are these: “cross-sectarian and cross-ethnic fault lines”. Because of these sectarian and ethnic issues, Mr. Barkey believes the civil war in Syria will not end with a transition of power as it did, for example, in Egypt. Once Assad has fallen, the civil war will continue between the competing Muslim groups and the Kurds present another element in this fight. Let’s look at the major players in the region and their position on the Syrian civil war.

  • The Saudi Alliance _  What I call the Saudi Alliance are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Arab Emirates, and Oman. These are oil rich nations that want to keep the Arab Spring at bay. The dominate Muslim sect in the Saudi Alliance is the Sunni and the minority sect is Shi’a. The Assad government in Syria, although a minority of about 12%, Alawi, an off shoot of Shi’a.  Therefore, the Saudi Alliance is supporting the rebels in Syria with money and arms.
  • Iran _ The government of Iran is Shi’a and have been supporting the Assad regime with money and arms for years. Iran also uses their relationship with Assad to funnel arms to their surrogates, Hezbollah, in Lebanon as a way of attacking Israel. Iran is an oil exporting country but their reserves are diminishing. Iran is also on the cusp of developing nuclear armaments. Iran has a small but significant Kurdish population
  • Iraq _ Since the time of the Ottoman Empire and the reign of Saddam Hussein, Iraq was always controlled by Sunnis. Thanks to the US war in Iraq the majority (55%) Shi’as now govern. The Sunnis are not happy about that. So, after years of warring with Shia Iran, Iraq and Iran are now aligned with each other and Iran is now flying arms to Assad over Iraqi airspace. Iraq is an oil exporting country and their reserves are increasing. They now produce more oil than Iran. Iraq has a significant Kurdish population.
  • Syria _ Syria is a small country with a small population with a small economy and no natural resources. The minority (12%) Alawi (Shi’a) Muslims came to ower under Assad’s father. They control all the government institutions. When Assad falls, there will be no government for anyone to inherit. The rebels trying to throw Assad out of office are mostly Sunni, but they are not a cohesive group. There are al Qaeda groups,, Muslim Brotherhood fighters, the Free Syrian Army, and others. Syria also has a significant Kurdish population.

So, can you see coming what Mr. Barkey sees coming? Sunnis will come to power eventually in Syria. The Saudi Alliance will be happy and the Iran will be unhappy. The Sunnis in Iraq will likely be emboldened by the Sunnis coming to power in Syria and will either try to bring down the Shi’a government in Iraq or maybe seek an autonomous region for themselves. Iran will be desperate to shore up the Shi’a government in Iraq. Meanwhile, all the Kurdish groups will be agitating for more autonomy.

If Mr. Barkey is right, it is going to get very ugly in Iraq and that means their oil exports will be adversely affected and we and the rest of the world get to pay higher prices for oil and gasoline as a minimum.

Is this what President Obama and Hillary wanted from their Arab Spring? Maybe not, but they are responsible for whatever happens going forward.

Who will be the winners from Mr. Obama’s disaster? Well, assuming they can continue to keep the Arab Spring at bay, the Saudi Alliance will enjoy the higher oil prices. So will Russia and so will Venezuela.

Thanks a lot, Mr. President! Screwing up America wasn’t enough for you. You had to screw up the whole damn world!

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

27 thoughts on “Obama Against The World. What Will It Cost Us?

  1. Obama is a child of the ’60s. Self-loathing and American hating. He sees us as just another colonial superpower that oppressed his people. I just hope he runs out of countries to apologize to. It’s getting kind of old.

  2. I agree with Infidel de Manahatta: Obama is all about getting some kind of revenge for Western colonialism. Never mind that colonialism did do a great deal of good.

    Obama envisions a new world order that punishes the West for past “sins.”

  3. The Arab Spring began in Tunisia with a single merchant’s drastic act of protest against a tyrannical government. It swept across the Arab world before the United States and the west barely reacted. Isn’t it a bit of a stretch calling it Obama’s Arab Spring?

    The U.S. and the west haven’t done much to help, but it is very unclear what we should do. The west has intervened directly in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade with mixed results at best.

    Syria is in full civil war with 40K+ dead already and the escalating tally growing by the day. That will end only with more bloodshed until Assad is dead… then followed by an uncertain future. How can that be fixed?

    What can we do, effectively, that benefits the United States in a bloody Syrian civil war? Do you suggest the U.S. send troops back into Iraq to prevent civil war from spilling across the border?

    As long as we support Israel we will always be the Great Satan. Events in that part of the world are totally baffling.

    1. “The Arab Spring began in Tunisia with a single merchant’s drastic act…”

      The trigger is only one small part of a gun. I will not give Obama a free pass on the Arab Spring. Here are three of thousands of articles on the subject:




      “What can we do, effectively, that benefits the United States in a bloody Syrian civil war? Do you suggest the U.S. send troops back into Iraq to prevent civil war from spilling across the border?”

      I would not spill one drop of American blood over those animals. But, it won/t be me sending our troops to die there. In my opinion, Obama is quilty of treason!

  4. “Have you ever tried to figure out whose side Obama is on?”

    His own.

    “I can’ think of one positive thing that Obama has done for America since he has been in office. ”

    Gun sales.

    America is a Constitutionally based, limited republic founded upon Judeo-Christian values. Obama is Islamist and a progressive leftist meaning he is committed to our destruction from both a Constitutional and Christian perspective. Some will still believe that Obama converted to Christianity after practicing Islam as a youth. Sorry, can’t promote homosexuality, abortion, eugenics and his “many paths to God” thinking. He said this.

    “I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people, that there are values that transcend race or culture, that move us forward, and that there’s an obligation for all of us individually as well as collectively to take responsibility to make those values lived.” (Barack Obama, April 2004)

    If he were a Christian, he would know that God only gave him one path.

    “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

    He may not have started the Arab Spring, but he fully supports the re-organization of the Arab world. I don’t think Obama has been at all unclear as to his intentions, yet so many still can’t recognize evil even when it’s right in front of them.

    1. I believe you are spot on with your assessment. The reason Obama was able to win reelection is simple. The majority of Americans either can not see the evil that is in him, or simply refuse to acknowledge its presence. I still fear his second term much more than I feared his first. He truly does have the flexibility he needs to make the changes to America from which we may never recover.

  5. Honestly, I think 50% of America does see what you see, Jim. But no one has a clue what to do about it. We have weak and lazy leadership. The New Middle East has been planned for a long time. We are just seeing it played out by the complicit O in the WH. As for the price of oil rising….that is exactly what the environmentalists out of the UN want to happen, i.e. the deconstruction of industrialized civilization. (Ask Maurice Strong.) Add population reduction. Add Iraq as a disaster. (The left can continue to pile on Bush) Add it all up..and you get the O’s mission in life. Domestic and foreign reign of terror. Lovely, isn’t it.

    1. I don’t know the answer either, Cheryl. Maybe all it would take is for those fifty percent to spend their weekends in the streets shouting out their anger. I know that writting this blog isn’t making a difference. I wish I could do more.

  6. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is not on America’s side and the Arab Spring is a continuance of his anti-American bigotry. There is no way he didn’t see what was going to happen over there as a result of his policies and that leads me to believe he approves of the way things are turning out over there.

  7. He has much of Africa in turmoil and unreported. It has been an interest of mine. He is droning/bombing killing much of Africa. I use to post, but caught little interest. I differ a bit in that it is having a profound effect on the balance of power in the region that will soon be known and felt.

    1. He has troops all over Africa and I am wondering what will come of it. If there is one place on this planet morre screwed up than the Muslim countries it is Africa. Meanwhile, China is buying up South America and much of Africa too.

  8. When such an important amount of Obama’s campaign cash for his Senate campaign and his 2008 presidential campaign came from Arab lobbyists in the US, then it is not hard to understand his motivations. I doubt he thinks clearly enough (if he really thinks that hard at all) to consider himself anti-American or pro-Islamic. Rather, his whole career has been one of shabby political deals and left-wing trope, so what else can we expect from the man?

    1. Obama, he is on a side that will one day kill what we know as America. The liberal media continues to promote his socialist agenda. He believes that spreading the wealth is the best way America can go about things. How about getting a freaking job? Being from California, I see it every day. I see ladies purchasing food pulling food stamp cards out of their Coach purse with their iphone. What kind of crap is that? Unemployment benefits need to be cut way down and just abolish “Obamacare because it is going to screw America so hard. I just started my own blog in which I will talk about many of these issues. Hope some of you guys check it out. Great blog by the way.

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