Today I Just Can’t Do It

I have started and trashed four posts today. My fury over the cowardly Republicans in our House of Representatives won’t let me think clearly. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to write again.

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15 thoughts on “Today I Just Can’t Do It

  1. We only have one party in America: the Democrats. And the press is their propaganda wing and the Republicans are the poor cousins of the Democrats, looking on in envy wishing they were as rich and cool.


  2. I think your headline says all that needs to be said more effectively than any post content ever would anyway Jim. Instead, relax and finish off the rest of your eggnog and be happy you didn’t name your blog Republicans on Fire.

  3. I am afraid I agree with Frankenstein Government Jim, such cowards can not continue to stand. It is time to reboot!!!

  4. It is a testament to the surviving power of your past words that there are ‘comments’ in their absence.

    Even though I share your emotions, there are strong positives that can convert a step back into two steps forward in the future. I will remain silent on those because today will respect the pleasure of our misery.

  5. I got headaches struggling through the new law passed yesterday and tried to pull together what it all really means in dollars and cents.

    Should you read what I wrote, you probably won’t find much comfort in it. 😦

  6. I must be entirely cynical at this point. When hubs checks the computer before bed late New Years, and says oh look they seem to have reached a deal. I feel nothing but wry amusement. Oh, really, a last minute wee hours deal to save the country? /eyeroll/

    And just think, we get to experience all this drama again in a couple months, when the debt ceiling and sequestration comes up. AGAIN.

    A room full of monkeys randomly tapping away on laptops would do a better job.

    Really, the constant state of “crisis” has to be by design. You can’t be this incompetent without trying, can you?

    I pray for every individual that is getting and will get harmed by the governmental policies of confiscation, obfuscation, and general all around obstacle creation. But at this point it feels awful dang inevitable. Nothing will change til it has to.

    Happy New Year, though! It’ll all work out in the end.

    my best

  7. Jim,
    I hear ya!

    I already had a post unrelated to “the fiscal cliff” queued up for today.

    Frankly, reading what the so-called deal really entails is so damned depressing that I shut off my computer for hours.

  8. Lynn has sentiments similar to mine: “I sat back, and realized that no matter what happened in Congress this week, it will be evasion of the inevitable. It’s economics by musical chairs – hoping that your administration, your time in office is not the one the music runs out on.”

    Not to be a downer or anything. I always hold hope, but whistling in the dark sure helps cope in the meantime. 😉

  9. I know exactly how you feel Jim, there are days that I just don’t have it in me to post. I find those days coming more and more frequently in recent days. Hang in there!

  10. Dude, this was baked in the cake once Mitt Romney lost. It doesn’t help that John Boehner is the worst negotiator ever, but even still we were screwed after November. The fiscal cliff kabuki is just the cold bitch-slap that was gonna happen when the GOP failed to beat Barack Obama.

  11. I wish they’d listened to me. Why don’t they ever listen to me? 🙂 All they’ve done is put their fingerprints on the coming disaster so that the “we’re not responsible for anything” Democrats can say, “If we’d gotten everything we’d asked for, this wouldn’t have happened.”

    It’s kind of funny when you think about it. We actually have elected “leaders” fighting over whether to pass a drop in the bucket, or two drops in the bucket while spending a trillion dollars more than they take in, and people actually take these people seriously. This would’ve been a great plot for Three Stooges movie.

    The house is on fire and we have politicians pouring gas in through the back window while they argue about whether to throw a glass of water or two glasses of water in through the front window.

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