Increase Taxes or Slow Down Spending __ Obama vs Boehner

The fun and games of our fearless leaders never end. The country be damned it is politics as usual in Washington D.C. Our country has been on the road to ruin since the 1960’s, in my opinion, and both of our political parties are responsible for the sad state of our union. There is no will among the leaders of either party to stop growing government or to balance the budget. I am bored and disgusted with these battles between the Democrats, led by President Obama, and the Republicans, led by Speaker, John Boehner, that pretend to solve our deficit and debt problems. I’m bored because I know from the outset how it is going to end. I’m disgusted because no mater which fighter is declared the winner, America loses. In one fight back in 2011, both fighters agreed to have their surrogates ( the SUPER COMMITTEE) do the fighting while they sat on ringside and. as we all knew, the fight ended in a draw (SEQUESTRATION); but the country lost. When the next fight,  billed as the Fiscal Cliff Life and Death Match, ended, both sides claimed victory. America lost again.

The media is trying to drum up excitement over the next planned fight over the DEBT CELING. My advice? Don’t bother watching it. The fight is fixed. The debt ceiling will be raised and America will lose again.

There are two more fights scheduled and I wasn’t planning to watch those either because I know America will lose in both cases. Apparently, Obama and Boehner want to fight over the SEQUESTRATION. We are told by our fearless leaders and the media that the SEQUESTRATION is a plan to reduce government spending by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years; half to be absorbed by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the other half to be absorbed evenly by all other departments of government (except those dealing with entitlements). If you believe that, it is because you don’t understand the English dialect spoken in Washington DC. What your leaders don’t want you to know is that are only planning to reduce their planned ten-year increase in spending by $1.2 trillion. In other words, they were planning to increase spending over the next ten years by $X trillion and now their plan is to spend $X trillion less $1.2 trillion. So, when you hear one of your fearless leaders talking about reducing spending, think reducing the increase in spending. That’s the Washington way.

For Obama, the Sequestration fight is about his goal to tax the rich more. He believes tha the Republica hate the Sequestration’s impact on DOD so much that Boehner will accept higher taxes on the rich in exchange for more DOD spending. Paul Mirengoff ont his Power Line  article yesterday thinks Obama may be misreading the Republicans. He bases his opinion on some inside information that POLITICO reported in an article.

GOP officials said 90 percent of their members are prepared to allow the cuts to take effect, rather than compromise, based on their preliminary head counts. This seems like the most likely outcome right now.

If this is true, Mirengoff believes Obama will be forced to negotiate with Boehner. So, I think I will watch this fight. Not because America will be any better off than it is right now. It won’t be. But, wouldn’t it be nice to see Boehner finally land one good punch and knock that disgusting smirk off of Obama’s face? Yes. I have sunk that low.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Increase Taxes or Slow Down Spending __ Obama vs Boehner

  1. You are probably right, Jim. The debt ceiling will be raised with some inconsequential face saving “cut” that doesn’t actually cut but just slows down the rate of increases in spending. For the debt ceiling issue to have any potential benefits we need to have the President buy into the 14th Amendment scheme of Nancy Pelosi and the four Senate pigs; and for that to happen the Republicans need to push it to the brink or beyond.

    The “sequestration” has more promise if the Republicans are willing to swallow the hard Defense cuts medicine.

    No matter what happens in either case, the only thing that is absolutely certain is that we will have an estimated 10-14% increase in the federal debt – to around $18.0 to $18.6 trillion – by the end of 2013.

    I am following the Treasury market with intense and close scrutiny. That is the game that will determine the future of America in the next 4 years. I will try to post periodic updates of this market in my blog.

  2. It’s too bad there is only one party in the United States: the Democrats, Republicans and the MSM, or the DemoRepMSM. They are all the same, all want the state to increase. All want their power to increase.

    We need an opposition party in America. Can this happen peacefully? I doubt it.

  3. Pelosi is now running the House. She mustered the Dems and Rhinos to pass the last couple of bills. I use to post the votes tallys, but we all know the drill by now.

  4. I am with you on this Jim, I didn’t write about the debt ceiling because I knew how it would end. I don’t plan on writing about the debt ceiling too much for the same reason. These politicians, on both sides of the aisle, only have their interests at heart and not the interests of the country and I am disgusted by the whole thing.

  5. Beware the “10 year plan” because what you’ll get is (as you said) “cuts” that are really reductions in the rate of growth, not actual cuts. You’ll get the “cuts” back end loaded, where they will not be made because a current Congress can’t bind a future Congress. And you’ll get “revenue enhancements” which are taxes that take place immediately. All the cuts are vaporware, and all the tax increases are real. Gee… I wonder how we got into this mess? (he asks sarcastically)

    1. And over half of the voters are okay with that. They are more than willing to let future generations deal with the problems they are creating. Call it passing the buck or kicking the can or screw thy children, the result is the same.

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