Some Humor In Our Battle To Defend Our Right To Bear Arms

Who said we knuckle dragging, bible clutching, gun-toting, freedom loving American patriots don’t have a sense of humor?

Your right to bear arms was not granted to you by the federal government that “we the people” created by way of a constitution. You have an unalienable right to life _granted by God_ and, therefore, you have the unalienable right to protect your life as you see fit. The preeminent reason we had for establishing a federal government was precisely to protect our unalienable rights. The second amendment to the constitution is part of what we call the Bill of Rights, which is there as a constant reminder to those who serve in our government that they will not infringe on American’s unalienable rights.

Well, so much for the best laid plans of “we the people”. We have allowed those we have hired to protect our rights to progressively infringe on them. (Pun intended) Today, our unalienable right to bear arms is once again under attack. There is nothing humorous about that. Yet, in the battle over our right to bear arms, there has been some excellent humor as a result of our unflagging efforts to protect our right. Asylum Watch wishes to share three excellent examples with you today.

Humor Example No. 1

This is a true story, The city of Seattle, Washington, in an effort to get their citizens to give up their guns, offered to exchange up to $200 in gift cards for the guns. Unbelievably, thousands of folks showed  up to take advantage of the city’s offer. But, gun enthusiast saw a oppertutnity and turned the event into a gun show. Hers is what happened.

Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks.

Some even had “cash for guns” signs prominently displayed.

People that had arrived to trade in their weapons for $100 or $200 BuyBack gift cards($100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and $200 for assault weapons) soon realized that gun collectors were there and paying top dollar for collectible firearms. So, as the line for the chump cards got longer and longer people began to jump ship and head over to the dealers.

John Diaz, Seattle’s Police Chief, wasn’t pleased with the turn of events stating“I’d prefer they wouldn’t sell them,” but admitted it’s perfectly legal for private individuals to buy and sell guns, FOR NOW. Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference the private transactions are a loophole that needs to be closed. “There’s no background checks, and some (guns) could be exchanged on the streets that shouldn’t be in circulation.”

But Schuyler Taylor, a previous gun retailer attending the event in hopes of buying weapons, askedWhy not offer them cash versus a gift card? I’m still taking the guns off the streets; they’re just going in my safe.

Looks like the knuckle draggers out smarted the “Nanny Tyrants” this time.

Humor Example No. 2

Yours truly found this at the great TOTUS:CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL COMMENTARY  blog.

Humor Example No. 3
The Anti-gun liberals, like that extremist, Piers Morgan, belive only the police should have guns and that citizens can depend on the police for protection. But, intelligent Americans know that the cops are never around when you need them and the typical response to a 911 call is about twenty minutes. So, intelligent Americans know they must be prepared to defend themselves, if the need arises. The All American Blogger ran a story recently about a 73 year old man who had to defend himself from three thugs trying to break into his home. This cartoon, which explains very well why Americans should be armed.


Fellow conservatives. Our right to defend our unalienable rights does not end with our right to bear arms. All of our rights are constantly under “fire” from the liberal left. We must learn to fight that fire with fire. Today’s liberal left, led by our President, Barack Hussein Obama.  supported by the Main Stream Media and the Hollywood entertainment industry, are devoted practitioners of the Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals. Alinsky’s rules work. We need to understand that. The claim that we, who cherish our constitution, are right-wing radicals. In their opinions we are radicals. So, if Alinsky’s rules work for left-wing radicals, they will work for right-wing radicals too.{Please note that Asylum Watch has added two new pages with links both at the top of the page and in the side bar. One list the enumerated powers of our federal government from Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution. It is a short list and conservatives need to memorize these enumerate powers so we know when the federal government is over-reaching its powers. The other new page is Alinsky’s eleven rules for radicals. Conservatives need to learn them and use them against the liberal left as they use them against us.} Alinsky Rule No. 5 reads:

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

President Obama, the Democrats, the MSM, and much of Hollywood use ridicule against us on a daily basis. Humor can be a form of ridicule. Today we have seen how conservatives can use humor to ridicule the liberal left. We need to do more of it. Search the internet for good examples that support a point you want to make. Write letters to the editors or submit opinion pieces to your local newspapers and include the cartoon or other source of humorous ridicule. Some will get printed. Do the same on Facebook and other social media. In short, dear friends, fight fire with fire.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


25 thoughts on “Some Humor In Our Battle To Defend Our Right To Bear Arms

  1. It’s good to know that conservatives haven’t lost their sense of humor. Sometimes we are too serious. And yes, ridicule is a very potent weapon. Once you are ridiculed to the point that no one takes you seriously anymore you are done. And we should never stop ridiculing these liberals.

  2. No one should be easier to ridicule than leftists/progressives. The problem is that they’ve so ingrained their thinking into the culture that people don’t get the joke. Moreover, people are so ignorant of things like economics that they don’t understand the joke. We have to find analogies that simplify everything for these people.

    1. Just as an example, juxtaposing Sen. Barack Obama’s statements on the deficit and the debt ceiling with his actions as President Barack Obama should make any sane person scratch their head just before it spins around from the whiplash of contradiction. But, people are so trained to allow Democrats to switch positions without comment that it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Think about how quickly Dems switched their positions both from what they said about Iraq while Clinton was president and they were passing a bill calling for regime change, and what they were saying in the lead up to the Iraq war resolution, to what they began saying afterwards when the “Bush lied, people died” meme seemed to gain traction. Exposing those contradictions should keep anyone from taking these people seriously, but the public doesn’t understand.

  3. I agree that liberals should be easy to poke fun at. Some of their logic and theories are so wacky and full of holes, it is easy to point that out. However, Pat is correct. They believe them so strongly, they fail to even get the point of the ridicule.

    1. Oh, thank you, Sally. I’ve know a few elerly women like that. I remeber one when I was working in northern Nevada. She and her husband ran catlle on a few thousand acres of BLM land. She definitely wore the pants in that hosehold. The only time I saw her unarmed was while sitting in her living drinking coffee. But, even then, her pistol was within easy reach.

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