What Are You Waiting For, Mr. President? The Benghazi Murders Await Your Justice.

President Barack Obama and his administration went to extreme efforts to deny that it was Islamic radicals that attacked  our facilities in Benghazi, Libya, killing our Ambassador and three other Americans on September 11, 2012. Two weeks later he and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, finally admitted that the attack was carried out by terrorist. They both swore that the killers would be hunted down and brought to justice. So, Asylum Watch would like to know: what you are waiting for, Mr. President?

According to Reuters and according to Barry Rubin, the killers are living the good life right there in Benghazi, just five months after the attacks. From the Reuters article:

Heavily bearded youths from Ansar al-Sharia control the western entrance into Libya’s second biggest metropolis {Benghazi}, patrol a hospital and check cars and trucks passing through another checkpoint in the south.

Witnesses say the group’s members were at the scene of the September 11 attack that killed the U.S. ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans – though Ansar al-Sharia denied any involvement.

But, didn’t our good Libyan friends chase those bad guys out of Benghazi?

“These men are also people who fought on the front lines, care about their city and provide services. We can’t shun them,” said Benghazi University professor Iman Bugaighis. “We had to ask them to come back and protect our hospital and streets.”

“These militias are part of our liberation. We cannot exclude them at least at this time until we build our army and police,” he told Reuters in Benghazi, the cradle of the revolt.

Barry Rubin responds:

Yes, they fought on the front lines with courage — Islamists often speak of sacrificing their lives in jihad and martyrdom — but the victory was handed to them by NATO, a NATO led by the United States, and a United States whose officials the Ansar al-Sharia killed perhaps because they were trying to get some of the weapons back.

Wait a minute.

The current Libyan government is a client of the United States. Can’t the White House pressure the Libyan government to push forward the investigation, to detain those identified by witnesses as the attackers?

Or is the U.S. not even trying?

I think Barry Rubin probably shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for the Libyan “government” to take action. He might better spend his time asking President Obama what he is waiting for. Obama has a kill list for Yemen and one for Pakistan. Maybe he could start a new list for Libya.  Just a thought.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


20 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For, Mr. President? The Benghazi Murders Await Your Justice.

  1. Yet Obama and his approvals are at the highest point. Brennan is running his own war, the CIA is now a military organization without oversight. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Nobody fears the United States anymore; and Hagel will see to it that they will not only won’t fear us but they will laugh at us.
    We went from tough Rumsfeld, to moderate Gates, to softy Panetta, to raise-the-white-flag-anti-Israeli-cuddle-with-Iran Hagel.

    When as a child the bully of my street went suddenly and surprisingly soft – I think his mother re-married a liberal – things kind of went 160 degrees fast and we started beaten up on him instead. He offer us candy but we still beat up on him. He gave us loans that we never repaid and we still beat up on him, just a little harder because we sensed weakness. Finally he started bowing at us, and that is what really got us to smell blood and there was no end but his end.

  3. Barack Obama promised to hold the people responsible for the attack accountable and the man who created the You Tube video is in jail. This is who the Obama regime is holding accountable and I don’t expect anyone else to be prosecuted for this attack.

  4. Excellent point Jim. I like the new focus but note some of the usual commenters have drifted away…or am I wrong?

      1. We do spend our time on these blogs talking to the choir, but that is not all bad. You have an advantage, AOW, in that you are a teacher and have the chance to something very useful; teaching young people to think for themseelves. Maybe blogging helps your committment more than you think.

  5. Doing something now would raise the question of why Obama didn’t do anything on September 11, 2012. Better just to move along and forget that anything untoward happened on that day. After all, it was just two State Department officials and a couple of CIA contractors that got whacked. No one important. Nothing to get stressed out about. Or so the thinking goes …

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