Today’s Guest Saturday post is by Cheryl Pass of the My Tea Party Chronicle blog. She share her Orwellian experience with her local government. What she describes is happening all  across the country. The essay was originally published on Friday. February 1, 2013.



I went to the Animal Fair….I mean, Animal Farm…in 1984…just last night.  Orwell is alive and well, having accurately predicted the future, and that future is NOW.  Actually it was a Dog and Pony Show put on by the propaganda experts from the unelected Centralina Council of Governments.  It was a room full of posters and bureaucrats handing out surveys with stupid questions.  Questions like: “How would you like to see your “region” grow?”  Questions like: “Would you like to see more roads or, would you rather see more houses close to work places?”  Questions like, “Would you like more bike paths and sidewalks?” Questions like, “Would you like to see more open spaces and parks?”  The surveys were a joke, frankly.  Posters that state: “The population in our region is going to double in the next 20 yrs.”  Oops, “40 yrs.”  Oops, “50 yrs.”  (Seriously, they have published all three time frames in different propaganda pieces, so which is it?)  Posters that tell you “the demographic is going to be a lot older and a lot poorer.”  Posters that say, “We can fix all these things.”  Posters that say, “You can be part of this VOLUNTARILY.”  Sure, and my Aunt Sadie was the Queen of Egypt, too.
Our county stays at over 10% unemployment.  More layoffs were announced yesterday.  The birth rate is declining.  The previous year increase in population in this state was 1.2%.  Multiply that by 20 years and you have a 24% increase, hardly double to 200% of the current population.  The only jobs that seem to exist are service jobs.  Manufacturing is still on the wane, and has been for years.  People don’t make anything anymore.  They either don’t have jobs or they are in service industries.  Oh, and the largest employer here is….guess who?  The government.
Anyway, back to Animal Farm and 1984, I managed to get several Tea Party people there.  Not to be outdone, the bureaucrats had called in every non-profit in the county and had them show up.  They have been told they will have a “seat at the table,” and they will be in line to get more money from the Feds if they participate.  I was prepared.  I had printed out flyers of information for anyone and everyone, countering the lies and subterfuge.  I handed them out.  My husband and I were watched every minute by the smarmy, nasty, beady-eyed bureaucrats in suits.  We engaged people in conversations and asked them if they would read my flyers.  I had good feedback from most, thanking me for my editorial in the paper and telling me they didn’t know about this prior to reading my editorial.  (side note: it is good to find that people actually do read newspapers today.)
The Dog and Pony Show also attracted two of our City Council members who were promoting this “regional government,” federal monster that they voted to join on our behalf.  One of them didn’t look me in the eyes and barely said hello.  The other, a woman, did engage me in conversation.  And here is where the whole thing went off the rails for me.  Below is an account of that conversation.
“Hello Councilwoman.”  “Hello Cheryl.”  I then said, “Councilwoman, I have information for you on this regional government and I would like to come to your office and share that with you.”  “Oh,” she said, “No, you don’t need to do that.”  “I already know how you feel.”  I said, “Councilwoman, you do know that you were misled and that the Director of Centralina Council of Governments misrepresented all of this to you, don’t you?”  She said, “I know how you feel and I just disagree with you.”  I said, “Councilwoman, I have copies of the HUD grant and the actual grant application that proves you were misled.”  I’d like very much to share that with you, so that you might revisit this situation and rescind the agreement.”  She replied, “I can see you are very concerned about this, but if someone could prove to me I was misled or that I am wrong, I’ll look into it.”  I said, “Councilwoman, I have the contract application right here with me.” ” I can show you the proof.”  “I can come to your office and lay it all out for you.”  “No, that won’t be necessary,” she said.  Next, she said again, “I just disagree with you and that’s O.K.” (Was she giving herself permission to disagree with me?)  She continued, “You are entitled to your opinion.”  I replied, “Councilwoman, this is not opinion.”  “I have the facts right here,” showing her my folder of documents. “I would like to discuss them with you.” “May I have an appointment?”  “No, that won’t be necessary,” she said.  “But if someone can prove to me I was misled, I’ll revisit the vote for this.”  (HUH?  Didn’t we just go through that? And didn’t I just tell her I have the proof?)  “Councilwoman, you represent ME,” I said.  “I would like to show you the proof that I have.”  She then rolled her eyes and said, “Well, if this doesn’t turn out the way we think, then maybe I’ll look at it again,” dismissing me at that moment. Goodbyes all around….end of conversation.
It’s 4:00 a.m. right now.  I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up at 3:00 and my mind went back to that exchange with the Councilwoman.  There was a bit more to it where I gave her three examples of lies that should be obvious to anyone.  She pretended to listen, but refused to acknowledge them.  I have a lot I could say about her personally, based on this and other conversations with her in the past, not to mention her votes on issues.  You don’t want to hear (or read) what I personally think of her after this conversation.  It wouldn’t be fit to print.  But I have to say, George Orwell should be very proud.  His worst predictions have arrived, right here and right now.

6 thoughts on ““CHERYL MEETS ORWELL – RIGHT HERE AND NOW” an essay by Cheryl Pass

  1. The fix is already in. Thanks for the effort. How many even have heard of the “agenda”. I am sure al-jezera will fill us in.

  2. Good heavens… “I’d listen if someone had proof.” “I have proof.” “Sorry, you can’t have an appointment.” REALLY? Do these people have any idea how stupid they sound? Or is it that they are so stupid that they can’t perceive that they sound stupid?

    Good on ya, Cheryl. Hopefully your fliers will be read and passed around.

  3. Reading this was like entering a time machine for me.

    Twenty five years of that insanity. In fact Cheryl’s account of the conversation with the councilwoman hits unbelievably close to home. Let me tell you a story.

    Many years ago, the Blaine Co Commissioners in Idaho, were in the habit of just building giant government buildings whenever they felt the urge to. By law in Idaho, you must pass a bond referendum in which 2/3rds of the population agree to the measure. Instead of that, our Commissioners simply built buildings, 3 or 4 million dollars worth at a time. So then they decided they needed an 11 million dollar new jail. So they simply had the plans commissioned for a few hundred grand…

    And I confronted them with the law. And they told me I was entitled to my opinion. So we sued just like I said and we won. They managed to lose a couple hundred more grand defending themselves.

    That’s what it has devolved to. You must sue these bastards to get anywhere.

  4. Hey guys….I just now realized that Jim published that piece. I appreciate all of your sentiments. I am still on the mission. I have a meeting soon with another City Council member in another small town in our county. I’ve written another op-ed for the newspaper. And, I have given the paper the evidence. So far no word from them…to my dismay. (Whatever happened to watchdog journalism??) Also spoke to the Republican Women’s Club with hopes they can spread some influence. With regard to Frankenstein Government’s comment…I don’t know who to sue and how to get that done with respect to this regional government situation.. But glad to hear you got somewhere with that.

    It was an amazing interchange I had with that councilwoman. Belonged in a Hollywood set…if not so serious, it could have been a version of “Who’s on First?” I hope she realizes I am not through…and hope she will regret that come next election season for her seat.

    Thanks everyone!!

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