Is Korea Making Nuclear Weapons for Iran?

A big hat tip to Dan Miller for putting Asylum Watch on to this unnerving bit of conjecture on just how insane this world may be getting.

Has Iran outsmarted the West again?

In the last two days, Dan reblogged two articles from the A Sclerotic Goes to War, which ask the question:” Does Iran already have the bomb?” The first article quotes from  James S. Robbins is a senior fellow in national security affairs at the American Foreign Policy Council. This excerpt gives you the gist of why Mr. Robbins suspects that Iran may in fact already have the bomb thanks to their ally, North Korea.

Perhaps more important, the RAND Corporation reports that the third North Korean nuclear test appears to many experts to be fundamentally different from its previous two efforts. North Korea’s first tests used plutonium to trigger the nuclear explosion. This one, according to some atmospheric tests, likely used highly enriched uranium, exactly the form of nuclear weapon pursued by Iran.

The question is whether the weapon North Korea tested this month was its own, Iran’s or a joint project. A senior U.S. official told The New York Times, “It’s very possible that the North Koreans are testing for two countries.” It would be foolish for Iran to test a nuclear weapon on its own soil. Nuclear weapons cannot be detonated in secret; they leave unique seismic markers that can be traced back to their source. An in-country test would simply confirm the existence of a program that for years Iran has denied.

The second article quotes from this Fox News story, which relates pretty much the same speculation. Fox did an exclusive interview with former Ambassador  Thomas Graham Jr., now the Executive Chairman of the Board of Lightbridge. Here is some of what the Ambassador had to say:

Indeed, the West could have it all wrong, says Graham. “The Iranians perhaps in fact are going to use their enrichment facilities at Natanz and Qom to fabricate peaceful reactor grade uranium, and have outsourced their nuclear program to North Korea. North Korea might even agree to store the Iranian weapons produced with Iranian money.”

If it is true that Iran is using North Korea as a proxy to produce nuclear warheads, then they have thoroughly snookered the West again. Iran could suddenly agree to international inspections to prove they are not upgrading uranium to bomb grade but only to nuclear rector grade. The West would have to remove their sanctions and the US and/or Israel would have no excuse to preemptively attack Iran. Meanwhile, North Korea is making and testing nuclear bombs for Iran and then together develop small warheads and delivery missiles all on the quiet. Iran will be able to sell oil on the open market and pay North Korea for its services in cash or in oil. And, if Iran can keep its mouth shut, in a few years they could quietly equip their navy (in North Korea) with intercontinental ballistic missiles and maybe even equip some of their friends in South and Central America with some missiles.

The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) has worked to keep the world safe since the end of World War II only because it was assumed that those with their fingers on the buttons were sane. Is this asylum we live in about to move to a whole new level of insanity?

Well,, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


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