Billionaire Winners and Losers

From Forbes:


Based on single stock


Based on single stock

Life is a bitch!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Billionaire Winners and Losers

  1. Poor warren. I buy my Medicare part b through one of his companies. Raised premiums about 20percent starting in April. He proudly reported that his insurance companies did ” very well” .

  2. Carlos Slim is still the richest man in the world and the loss cited of 677 million is only 0.9% of his total worth. That is what he probably gains or wins in a single day’s market fluctuation.

    When we were young and foolish (early 20s) I used to beat him at Jai Alai. He ended up beating me at almost everything else. That “almost” is very important to me.

  3. H&M is loosing money? Is it even possible? I’m not a big fan, actually. I find their ethos sleazy, and their clothing mostly overpriced considering the quality and the aesthetics. Gap and Old Navy are generally cheaper and made better (both losing money too, I believe). Anthropologie and Urban offer more ineteresting designs, and Urban is cheaper.
    The only thing I like about H&M is their children’s clothing. Most chains start pornifying girls’ dresses from age 5 and up, not so with H&M. They offer the same designs for both pre-school and elementary school kids.

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