Leave Syria To Those Witth Skin In The Game

The United States has no skin in the game in Syria. All sides too the Syria civil war hate America; even the innocents. Yet, we have Republican Senators, McCain and Graham, and Republican Congressman, Mike Rogers of Michigan, all claiming that Obama’s red line has been crossed and the US must do something. Why is this America’s problem? Why are these Senators and Congressman so anxious to send Americans to die in the cause of Syria? Did we learn nothing in Afghanistan and Iraq? Is Syria somehow threatening the United States of America? I don’t think so.

Here’s an idea. Why not let those who feel threatened by the Syrian civil war and Bashar Al-Assad? I’m thinking of countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, and maybe even Egypt. The US has been pumping military aid into these countries for years. maybe it’s time they took care of problems in their own backyard instead of waiting for American and NATO soldiers to do it for them.

But…but…but, gee golly whiz, what if Iran comes to Syria’s defense? There would an all out war across the entire Middle East. Hmmm… now there is a pleasant thought.

But…but…but the flow of oil from the Middle East would stop. Then approve the Keystone Pipeline and the export of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and the US will be glad to sell oil and gas to Europe.

But…but…but, what about China and India? They need Middle East oil.  Not our problem. They have gas shale they can develop. They can buy from Russia, Venezuela. The can buy coal from the US. Or, they could try bringing peace to the Middle East.

But…but…but, what about Israel? That’s easy. WE STAND WITH ISRAEL!

Your humble observer here at Asylum Watch may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but, isn’t it time that America started thinking about America?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Leave Syria To Those Witth Skin In The Game

  1. I hate to use the nasty, discredited word “Isolationist” but…….I’m becoming more and more of an isolationist as the years go by. Unless we are directly attacked, stay out of everyone elses civil wars.

    Of course it would help if the greenies would let us do some fracking so we wouldn’t be so dependent on their oil. But that’s another rant for another day.

  2. Rand and Ron couldn’t have said it better.

    I am itching to see if when the time comes to win the nomination in 2016 Rand doesn’t turn the libertarian purity into a pretzel.

  3. But…but…but, we have a POTUS that wants to see the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Syria. Doesn’t that give us skin in the game? I mean, after all, isn’t Obama representing America and its interests?

  4. I’d have a hard time not advocating intervention in the event Assad starts using chemical weapons on civilians. Should the rest of the Middle East not intervene, I’d feel we had a moral obligation to protect the innocent, even if they hate us. I’m on board 100% with removing direct financial aid to those who hate us. But should they be gassed for wanting a better life? I dunno, it’s a hard decision. It’s easy to say that we should focus on our own matters first, and generally I agree, but our slow recovery and budget disaster shouldn’t sentence people to death.

    1. I empathize with what you’re saying. It gives me qualms too. At the same time, I think it’s important to question the “wanting a better life” part. It seems that one of the lessons from the Arab Spring is that people aren’t necessarily wanting a “better life” (at least not as we’d perceive it), they seem to want a different dictator. They want someone who will simply make it harder for those who had it easier under the old dictator. Do they want freedom and democracy like we’d define it? Some, maybe. But it sure looks like a lot of them want something that looks a lot more like the Muslim Brotherhood and a state run by radical Islamists. The people I felt sorry for were the Iranians, who really seemed to be asking for help in overthrowing Islamists (the Mullahs) and instituting western style democracy and freedoms. Our government has a bad track record recently in terms of figuring out who to support and who is just another enemy in a different suit of clothes. I get it, though… In a situation like this there are people who just want to live their lives, putting up as best they can with whatever the political machinations have in store for them. It’s a terrible thing that those people are harmed.

  5. The exact reason that developing our own natural resources IS a national security concern. A Middle East war would screw us over in terms of gas prices. That powder keg could blow tomorrow, and it would take us years to build the Keystone pipeline and to ramp up oil production of our own. It’s a big fat reason why we should be doing that stuff NOW. We should’ve been doing it YESTERDAY.

    The beautiful thing about libertarians is that their isolationist tendencies are offset by their free market capitalist tendencies, so they seem to understand that you can’t do isolationism so long as you’re not also prepared to allow our own natural resources to be exploited or it IS a national security problem. Our economy would not withstand the blow right now. We are this vulnerable because of statist restrictions on the free market in the energy sector.

  6. A problem for the U.S. in the Arab world is that we are inconsistent… we did nothing for Tunisia and Egypt, we had no problem blowing away an easy target like Libya and then fade away again against Assad in Syria, the worst killer of them all.

    Around 70,000 people have been killed in a Syrian civil war that might have been avoidable. There still appears no end in sight.

    If we strictly watch out for our own interests we will be better off Like you said, we don’t have friends in that part of the world.

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  8. Watching Rep Mike Rogers-R MI, performance on Fox this morning solidifies the notion that the RINO’s are up for a reprise of what we did in Iraq over the non-existant WMD, only this time in Syria with chemical weapons as the excuse. Does this jerk have connections to government contractors who are licking their chops over the possibility of another military excursion in the middle east?
    Do these monkeys in the GOP even fathom that Obama is looking for another middle east war with the intention of bankrupting this country in order to make easy pickings of a strong man takeover? Probably not. After all isn’t McCain the number one believer that Obama is just a nice guy? Bend over america so that we are in position for the next clusterf__k coming our way.

    1. Why do we keep giving military aid to these countries if they are never expectted to deal with problems in their own backyard? I call that stupid. Send our young people to fight their battles is insane!

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