America Has Everything Going For It Except Its Leviathan Government

Even in its third century, America is still the most meritocratic nation in the world. Unlike the caste system of India; the class considerations of Europe; the racial homogeneity of China, Japan or Korea; the tribalism of Africa; or the religious orthodoxy of the Middle East, America is still a place where one can offer a new idea, invention or protocol that is judged on its merits, rather than on the background, accent, race, age, gender or religion of the person who offers it.

Victor Davis Hanson via Townhall

If you want to feel good about America’s exceptionalism, read this excellent article by Victor Davis Hanson. He is spot on, as usual. The first example of American exceptionalism that Hanson talks about is the recent development of fracking and horizontal controlled drilling to access oil shale and gas shale deposits. This technological development is a game changer for the United States and will eventually be game changer for the world. As Hanson points out, it was not developed by Saudi Arabia or Venezuela or Nigeria or any other of the oil cartel nations. It was the result of American ingenuity and, yes, Mr. President, they did do that!

As a result of this new technology (Fracking is old. It’s the controlled horizontal drilling technique that is new.) America’s oil and gas production has increased in leaps and bounds and all on private property. which you, Mr. President, had nothing to do with! US natural gas prices are the lowest in the world, which, in turn, is bring down the cost of electricity in America. This is in spite of our President’s best efforts to force the price of electricity up.

This CNBC article reports that a number of European companies are planning to escape from their high cost windmill generated electricity and invest in America where the electricity costs are much lower. That means American jobs! That means more tax revenues for Uncle Sam, which would help to reduce our deficits. But what does your President want for America? Get over to Bunkerville and read Energy nominee Moniz ‘We need carbon tax to triple the cost’, That’s right. Your President wants t push US price for electricity up to the same level of Europe.

Victor Davis Hanson at the end of his article had this to say:

The end of American exceptionalism will come not when we run out of gas, wheat or computers, but when we end the freedom of the individual, and, whether for evil or supposedly noble reasons, judge people not on their achievement but on their name, class, race, sex or religion — in other words, when we become like most places the world over.

If Americans don’t wake up soon, the elitist who are in charge of the Leviathan will overwhelm America’s exceptionalism, and America will be just like any other place in the world.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


12 thoughts on “America Has Everything Going For It Except Its Leviathan Government

  1. An energy aside:
    Even ignoring costs, the universe of alternative energy thinking vastly overlooks the enormity of the energy needs in this country and the world compared to what can be achieved with alternative energy solutions and conservation.

    Not saying they aren’t good ideas. They are. They are, in fact, necessary. But they cannot come close to meeting practical world energy need for many decades to come.

    Fossil fuels in 2012 supplied 82% of all energy in this country. Renewables supply 9.3%. By 2040 the EIA forecasts that fossils will still supply 78% of all energy consumed. Renewables will be up to only 13-14%.

    At best, conservation can reduce energy consumption enough to offset global population growth, but probably won’t. The BRICs have the fastest growing energy consumption in the world and that trend will not reverse.

  2. The “racial homogeneity” of Asia and the “class considerations” of Europe are not impediments, nor are they shaping, their economic success or failure. The most efficient – and freest nations in the world – are two nations with “racial homogeneity” and “class considerations” – Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Instead, the classless societies that have emphasized equality and multiculturalism over freedom have fallen into an “homogeneity” of mediocrity, and mediocrity is the antidote to meritocracy. That is the road that the United States is following under the guidance of the progressive movement of the Democratic Party – equality over freedom. That happened to Europe, a forced equality that created an inflated welfare state, and that is happening in the US. Nothing is more anti-growth that a forced welfare state which encroaches on the desire and impetus to depend on once own merits and efforts – meritocracy.

    The question is not whether we still offer success on merit – which we still do – but whether this is being reinforced and getting stronger, or whether it is shrinking and diminishing. The later is our course.

  3. Entering into the age of cronyism–where it’s not what you know, but who you know; not what you can create, but who you can buy–will be the end of us. It’s the beginning of a new feudal society. The “king” will provide a bit for the peasants, while the lords (of the bureaucracies, the congress, and the big crony businesses) live high. Two distinct classes will emerge: the poor, and the powerful. Rather than creating and inventing and working to increase our standard of living, we will scrape and bow before our “betters” to become part of the “in” crowd. How exciting!

  4. Unless we are very, very vigilant, the leviathan will win.

    Right now, too many Americans are snoozing and unaware of what losses of personal freedom lie ahead — very closely lie ahead.

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