“BEYOND FIXING? OR, BEGIN THE PROCESS” an essay by Cheryl Pass

Today’s Guest Saturday post is by Cheryl Pass of My Tea Party Chronicle. In this essay, Cheryl ponders the Alinsky and Cloward-Piven tactics be used by the Left to destroy the America we love. This essay was originally published on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.



By the time I was awake for 20 minutes this morning, trying to sip my tea, read the newspaper, and catch a few sound bites from Fox news, I was hit with these subjects of concern: gay marriage, North Korea, gun rights, and subsidized renewable energy policies,….oh, and let me add, a retired government employee who is receiving $35,000 per month in pension.   20 minutes.  And we wonder why people are tuning out of political discourse?  I’m surprised that the entire nation isn’t taking Ritalin for ADHD by now.  Who can concentrate on the every day tasks at hand with those sorts of heavy threats to our culture and national defense coming at them?   If you are halfway engaged in gathering the news reports of the day, you have two choices.  You can wrestle with your brain to decide which of these weighty subjects to tackle today, or you can try to put them out of your mind long enough to proceed to your job or your own life’s tasks in order to pay your own bills and live some kind of normal life.
And there lies the Alinsky method of “overwhelming the system.”  Not just overwhelming the government system, though they have certainly succeeded at that.  But, I’m beginning to believe they have succeeded in overwhelming each American by overloading each person’s ability to keep up with their attacks.  Simple war tactics would support this theory.  It’s all about throwing so much at the opposition that the opposition can’t function, whether it’s bullets, poison, economic threats, or attacks on the very foundations on which the nation stands.  What is the antidote to this?
I read a great article yesterday at Freedom Outpost by an author who is suggesting it is time to get on with the revolution.  Not a revolution of bullets, but a revolution of law-abiding citizens stepping up and taking the first step of counting the grievances and taking those grievances to the ruling class.  I agree.  The list will be long.
Here is his request:

“The first thing that “We the People” must do is set forth a list of our demands. This is our country. We need to pinpoint every change that we wish to see made and we must deliver these to the lawmakers. I am offering today to be that messenger. That is one thing that I can do, but I cannot do it alone. I will need massive response. The only way that will happen is if this post goes viral like the post from 45 days ago.  I cannot guarantee that will happen, but I can guarantee it will happen if millions of people are truly in support of this revolution. Time will tell.”

You can go to that page and comment with your list of demands.  It is time.  It is actually past time.
The ruling class will no doubt thumb their noses at such an effort as this and possibly do even more to shut down dissent.  So did the British government in the 1700’s.  What happens after this?
I have read that during the American Revolution there were many who refused to take sides for various reasons.  Today we are not afforded that luxury.  This revolution is going to take a massive uprising if we are going to rein in the tyranny we are facing.  By uprising, I mean taking back the government offices and taking them out of power…such as the unelected bureaucracies in DC and the elected officials at all levels who are allowing DC to micromanage every aspect of our lives. Take back the school system. Stop sending money to DC.  By uprising, I mean turn down the grant money, turn down the regulations, turn down and turn back the power to Constitutional advocates.
Frankly, right now I don’t see this happening.  Grassroots freedom organizations are being ignored.  Christians are being ignored.  Rights are burning up faster than dry kindling doused with gasoline. While everyone is watching these issues, one by one, Agenda 21 has taken over the entire Federal government using Alinsky rules.  The Federal government, all three branches, is very busy destroying the Constitution daily.  They are being paid to do it with our own money….and that of our children and grandchildren.
Maybe the situation could be described as FUBAR, excuse the crude jargon.  Beyond fixing?
Anybody who’s ever read-up on Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven strategy can tell you that much of their technique for attacking the establishment involves ‘overwhelming’ public facilities, government institutions, and financial systems in order to bring bring them to a grinding halt. They then aim to get what they want through blackmail and/or a collapse of the target, inflicting wholesale changes upon the current status quo via civil disruption/force.
(Hat tips to my friend in Venezuela who changed the name of his blog to “Asylum Watch.”   I think he feels the reality of “beyond fixing.”)


3 thoughts on ““BEYOND FIXING? OR, BEGIN THE PROCESS” an essay by Cheryl Pass

  1. We will see if enough Americans wake up by 2014. I see glimmers of an awakening. Lets see how how happy folks are as Obamacare kicks in.

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