How Long Before The Left Completes Its Takeover Of The Military?

Swimming around in some leftists’ brains must be the notion that the military would serve effectively as indoctrination camps for all those misguided traditional American youth. Call it Boot Camp to Break the Spirits of Callow Bible and Gun Clingers.

The above quote comes an article by J. Robert Smith at American Thinker today. I hope you will read it. I found it very disturbing. I think you will too.

You all try to have a nice weekend.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “How Long Before The Left Completes Its Takeover Of The Military?

  1. The left has no friends. It only sees allies and enemies. The military is an enemy and it must be destroyed.

    For years now the military has been very PC. And the emergence of Obama as our President is the first good chance the left has had to finally destroy it.

  2. My twenty plus years of military service tells me that if the civilian government goes too far that the real battlefield leadership will ultimately split and it will be game on to reclaim the foundation named the United States Constitution. Sure there are liberals in uniform, but there are far less of them and most are nothing more than perfumed princes to begin with.

    1. Oh I wish I could agree with Rick, regarding the minority of folks in uniform radicalized. But as far as I’m concerned that article you linked is spot on. The military will fall victim to the same radicalization as the educational institutions and the federal govt. The military is behind the civilian world, as far as absorbing leftist culture, but oh . . . only by 5 to 10 years at most. Totally scientific prediction of course. Could be more, could be less.

      But it will happen.


      1. The military is the only institution that the left doest not already control in its entirety. Sadl, I have to agree with you, Lin. I do wish Rick was right, but the odds are not in his favor.

      2. yeah, doesn’t the main mission document for the Army mention global warming as something they want to combat, for ex? and after Capt Honors got booted quick for 4 yr old videos, how many other COs have been removed w/out any explanation at all? three or so?

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