Pinky and the Brain have another Oops Moment

Since the reign of Obama/Biden began in January 2013,  it’s really hard these days to find something positive to say about America’s future or more importantly about the future for most Americans. CNBC reports the figures are out on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter 2013, at 2.5%. Well, that’s a whole lot bethan the fourth quarter of 2012, when GDP grew at only 0.4%. So why isn’t Wall Street celebrating? The most common reason given by pundits is that the first quarter GDP fell short of the expectation of 3%. Really? The GDP increased by more than two percent and that’s not reason to celebrate? Then I read a little further and learned:

Part of the acceleration in activity reflected farmers’ filling up silos after a drought last summer decimated crop output. Removing inventories, the growth rate was a tepid 1.5 percent.

Oops! I guess the growth wasn’t so red-hot after all.

Then I made the mistake of reading an article by Amy Sullivan at National , thanks to Doug Ross @Journal. The title of her long and depressing article is The American Dream, Downsized.  You may want to skip this article. It is a real downer. But, let me share a couple of her graphics and you will get the gist of i:


Yup! You are seeing that correctly. The upper income folks are doing better  (thanks to Bernanke and his Quantitative Easing) and the poor are better (thanks to food stamps, I assume).


Creating a lot of part-time hamburger flippers isn’t going to cut it, is it?

My next stop this morning was   Zero Hedge. To my surprise I came across an article that picked up my spirits, if for only a moment. The article is from the last edition of Bill Buckler’s “The Privateer”. The author suggests that the best weapon against the tyranny of those that rule us ridicule:

Never forget, the “achilles heel” of anyone who’s driving aim in life is to CONTROL the lives of other people is his or her aching need to be taken “seriously”. No tyrant on any level can handle derision, it deflates them utterly by reducing their stature to its proper level in a way which they cannot escape. Imagine if they held an election and everybody laughed – and then went on about their IMPORTANT business.

In essence, the people who matter in the world are fully confident that they have earned the status of adult human beings and get exasperated with those who insist on treating them as children. There are times when this tiresome tendency can grate very sharply. But most of the time, it really is screamingly funny and really should be treated as such. As Soviet dissenter Vladimir Bukovsky pointed out in his wonderful autobiography – To Build A Castle – one of the most potent weapons wielded by all those who stood up against the tyranny which surrounded them was the political joke. It won a great victory in the end.

With Buckler’s advice in mind, I began thinking of our buffoon of a Vice-President, Joe Biden, and the man who is convinced he is the smartest man ever, our President, Barack Obama. Instantly the names of two cartoon characters came to mind, Pinky and the Brain.  So, your intrepid watcher of the asylum entered the , Biden, Obama, Pinky, and Brain in his search engine and this cute little video that perfectly captures the essence of our “democraticaelected tyrrants.


And, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Pinky and the Brain have another Oops Moment

  1. We must relentlessly ridicule our lords and masters until they let us serfs alone.

    Unfortunately they will never let us alone (they know what’s best for us stupid unwashed masses) but that doesn’t mean we should stop ridiculing them.

    The Palace Guard in the MSM won’t do it so we have to.

  2. I only made it to the one minute mark Jim.

    I read that Buckley stuff the other day. I gotta say, there is some merit to ridiculing narcissistic people. They hate it. They want people to worship them. The problem can’t be cured through ridicule though- which is really a very sad and ineffective way of dealing with people. When was the last time anyone ridiculed one of us and we said, “yea, they’re right.”

    We have a huge problem in this country. I can clearly see now- how all great Republics fail. We are watching it in real time and quite honestly- I think we are powerless to stop it.

    Weird and Pissed Off wrote a great piece on killing Peter Pan. I linked it, I liked it so much.

  3. The growth of the welfare class is corroborated by the shrinking of the middle-class as well as the lower employment participation rates. These are irreversible trends, just as it proved to be irreversible in Europe.

    We are repeating exactly the same mistakes of Europe and no amount of pointing this out is going to prevent it. The reason for that is that we are getting exactly the same type of lower-class that Europe did, and nothing can stop or change the loser quality of the lower classes in their predictable and irremediable road to oblivion and economic irrelevance.

    As the lower classes grow and the middle classes shrink, the upper 2% will remain equal in size but their wealth will increase. The 2% are smarter than the government and it can beat anything that they throw at them.

      1. I’m so impressed that you remember my ‘raspberry’ for comrade Kim sun-jong. It is my favorite weapon of derision. There is quite a long list of candidates that deserve one.

        If I can get paid 1 dollar per individual delivery of a well deserved ‘raspberry’, I will be competing again with Carlos Slim. The United States alone would bring revenue of 156 million dollars per election season.

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