Let The Muslim Nations Solve The Muslim Problems of Syria, et. al.

Has President Obama painted himself into a corner with his penchant for drawing red lines?  Cartoonist A.F.Branco thinks so. He made this post at Legal Insurrection:

Red lining 590 LI

Why would leader of the world’s super power ever want to tell a potential enemy what its red line is, is a mystery to me.  But, we won’t go into that today.

The neo-cons have been busy beating their war drums demanding that the President stand behind his word to go to war if chemical weapons were used in the Syrian conflict. Besides the fact the intel on whether chemical weapons were used or not is less than perfectly clear, is that the measure by which we noble Americans are to spill our blood and spend our treasure? Let’s save this discussion for another day, also.

So far President Obama has not accepted that his “red line” has been crossed. He is under a lot of pressure from neo-cons on both sides of the big pond, as well as, from the Saudis and others in the region. He is keeping his options open according to this CNS report:

“There are options that are available to me that are on the shelf right now that we have not deployed,” he told reporters packed into the White House briefing room.

There is no doubt that Obama wants to see the Assad regime fall. So, he is probably considering enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria or maybe a missile attack to destroy the store of chemical weapons, assuming we know for sure where they are. But, here is a question. Why do we want to Assad? Do we know that what would come next would be any better? What comes next could be even worse. And, by the way, isn’t Assad fighting jihadists? Aren’t jihadist are enemies? And, what makes us think that the fighting will stop and peace will prevail if Assad is gone? This is not Libya or Egypt. The fighting for power between the different forces will continue, in my opinion. And, I predict it will spread to Jordan and Iraq.

Silvio Canto, Jr. says: The problem with Syria is that there ar  no good options.

1) Do nothing is not an option.  You can’t sit back and let someone drop chemical bombs on innocent people.  We did that with Saddam Hussein and it just emboldened him to invade Kuwait and get very reckless.

Also, doing nothing sends a signal to Israel about what we could do in Iran, another one of those problems headed in President Obama’s direction.  Doing nothing will also throw Jordan into turmoil.

2) Go to the UN. Well, how did that work with Iraq?  How much help are we getting from allies in Afghanistan?  Unfortunately, President Obama will find out what President Bush and Clinton found out about the UN. The UN is really good about making anti-American statements but it is not very helpful with any of the world’s serious problems, like Syria today, Iraq and Sudan in the past.

3) Call on the Europeans to help. Good luck with that.  The Europeans are too busy with their unemployment and collapsing welfare states.  Furthermore, their militaries are inadequate anyway.  We saw that in Libya that NATO can not put 2 jets in the air without US assistance.

4) Send US troops. The US public won’t go for that.  Furthermore, President Obama has not prepared the public. He has not even explained Afghanistan and we have 60,000 troops there!

There are no pretty options but something must be done.

Your humble observer here at Asylum Watch does not agree that doing nothing is not an option. When it is all boiled down, this is a Muslim problem and should be dealt with by the Muslim nations in the region. We will not win any friends by getting involved. It is time to recognize that the Arab Spring has evolved into a Sunni -Shi’a war. This is their war not ours! Let them fight it out. In fifty or hundred years we will see if we can then deal with whoever is still standing.

But, what about the oil? How would we and the world survive without Middle East oil?

Will we never grow tired of spilling our blood for oil while the owners of the military-industrial complex get richer and richer? Times have changed. We can learn to survive without Middle East oil. With shale oil and shale gas and converting a large percentage of cars and trucks to operate on natural gas, it can and should be done.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “Let The Muslim Nations Solve The Muslim Problems of Syria, et. al.

  1. Doing nothing is the only option. We must return to being a simple Republic. We want to trade with people, not solve their problems. We must stop intervening in other countries. It costs too much in terms of treasure and more importantly American lives.

    Who cares if Assad is using chemical weapons. That sounds heartless but it’s the truth. Does it matter how he kills people?

    Let the Muslims take care of their own problems (well that’s another problem – they can’t). But again it’s their problem not ours.

  2. I’m with ‘Do Nothing’…Unfortunately this is a Evil vs Evil conflict…So let them both battle it out, as they have been pretty much doing since Sand was made…The poor innocents who truly want freedom or to be just left alone need to pray [To God] not to be caught up in collateral damage.

    PLU from SSF

  3. You are right… Muslims, not Americans, should solve Muslim problems. Our involvement mucks things up with “boots on the ground”.

    But we, the UN and the world community can help stop the killing.

    A no fly zone is a good idea because Syria has delivered chemical WMDs in bags from military aircraft.

    Providing intelligence could help…
    It is not as though we don’t know where these places are at. Most can’t be moved.

    Chemical weapons are made and stored here at Al Safir:
    36° 3’4.66″N, 37°20’54.27″E

    And here in Homs:
    34°39’16.87″N, 36°37’24.58″E

    And stored here:
    35° 2’36.99″N, 36°59’29.93″E

    And here at Hama:
    35° 3’9.12″N, 36°59’21.61″E

    And here:
    34°36’16.85″N, 36°44’11.07″E

    And here:
    34°37’11.61″N, 37° 7’10.70″E

    And here:
    35° 1’60.00″N, 36°19’60.00″E

    And the list goes on…

      1. I use Google Earth… among advantages over Maps, it…
        1-Has a growing history log of satellite images for each place. The history can be reviewed for changes over time. I find that very revealing when investigating military/secret government installations and incidents like the Benghazi attacks.
        2-Allows tracking real-time earthquake activity geo-linked instantly to USGS data
        3-Allows recording and organizing waypoints.They are transferable back and forth to a hand-held hiker’s GPS I use hiking in wilderness areas.

        I also use waypoints to record the locations of places like… wellll… Syria’s WMDs, North Korea’s nuclear facilities, Russia’s submarine bases, etc.

  4. Obama painted himself into a corner because he was so sure of his ego, that one word from him and peace will reign. Recall the oceans would recede…… We are better off with Assad. Sad but true. He left Israel alone, now we have the radicals moving into the Goland heights. We are better off with dictators than the brotherhood. Have we learned nothing in Egypt and Libya?

    1. Thanks to our Arab Spring cheerleaders, Obama and Clinton, the – Shi’a conflict has, in my opinion, taken on a life of its own. It will not be stopped by anything we or NATO do or dodo.

  5. We have to frame this most important and complicated of all foreign policy issues confronting America, and the Western World, I must add, in the proper manner. I composed some of the factors involved in my piece “Iran-Syria Are Calling America’s Bluff”. I extended the framework in today’s piece, “Some “Game Changer’s” Are Better Than Others”. They both point out to one foreign policy end, which is the containment of a Nuclear Iran. Our weakness in Syria is an invitation of a Nuclear Iran. Winning Syria means beating Iran. A nuclear Iran is the end of Israel and the end of the United States influence in the Middle East, along with the loss of our friends Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and those in the fringe, including Iraq. Turkey and the whole Asian Caucasus will be exposed. It would be the greatest foreign policy disaster in the history of America.

    The issue is too deep and the stakes too high to assume feel-good simplistic pacifist isolationists positions. We must think this through.

    1. I have posted, Egypt is now restarting its nuclear program. Yet there is no discussion. Blasting out Iran nuclear capacity is removed from the Syrian issue. Once we stop playing world cop other nations will learn to take care of things or perish. It has been the story of history. I am not an isolationist but am becoming a realist IMHO.

    2. In my opinion, John, we need to seperate the nuclear Iran issue from the Sunni-Shi’a (currently Syria) issue which also envolves Iran. There is nothing that the US or the West can do to stop the Sunni-Shiconflict. Once Assad falls, the fighting will continue and Jordan will come into play.

      If the West can not live with a nuclear Iran, then the responibility lays with the UK and the US to do what has to be done. The created this monster in 1953.

      1. We cannot wait for the Shia-Sunni regional dichotomy to take its course; and Iran is not waiting either. The biggest threat to the Middle East remains a nuclear Iran and that is going to happen in the very short time. During this period Syria is an integral part of the Iranian anti-west and anti-Israeli strategy. It is presently its main allied in the region. Shia-Sunni or Muslim Brotherhood, it doesn’t matter to Iran whose ultimate national strategy is to become a nuclear power. They can fix the Shia-Sunni issue at their pleasure after that.The failings of the US in Syria are destroying any remaining credible deterrent that we may still have. The Iranian nuclear issue goes through Syria at the moment and the fortitude or weakness we show there.

        I agree with you that the President has no intention of doing anything about Iran nuclear development, at least not in a military way, and that is why showing determination in Syria could be the only chance that the present administration can find any arrangement with Iran. In other words it is the only way they can buy our bluff. Blowing our bluff in Syria is giving away our only chance without a military intervention. You have to fight the small fights to avoid the big fights.

  6. We seem never to learn important lessons from history. Not even recent history. The axiom, “no good deed goes unpunished” was an apt description of how the Iraqis responded to our “saving them” from Saddam’s genocide. How many thousands of bodies did we find buried in mass graves?

    I cannot imagine a single Syrian would appreciate US involvement in Syria. Many prefer genocide to foreign invasion or occupation. So I think it is time we left the Moslem world to its own devices. Nothing happens there that is worth one drop of American blood.

  7. I agree with you Jim, it is time for us to get out of the Middle East and let these people settle the issues on their own and stop spilling our blood in an winnable situation.

  8. II have a spot of bother for my conservative friends of the libertarian-paulist kind with a propensity for isolationism. Their basic pacifist premise that if we leave everybody alone they will also leave us alone is fundamentally wrong. When you leave everybody alone the good guys will leave you alone and the bad guys will come after you with a vengeance.

    (As a kid I survived catholic boarding school by never letting a challenge go unpunished. In my last year I was the least beat-up kid in the school – or one of the least, anyway. No permanent injuries except a broken elbow that I have managed to bring back to 96-98 extension. I’m indebted to the advice of a life friend that at the time was one year ahead and convince me to join the martial arts class and club. Almost immediately the challenges diminished giving me some life saving breathing space. It was a great school.)

    Perhaps the USA needs to re-join the martial arts class. But with the wimpy generals we are getting today, and all the political correctness going on inside our military, there is no much hope. The challenges will keep on coming.

  9. The last thing we need to do is become embroiled in another regional conflict in the Middle East. Western involvement in the Middle East has been a consummate failure.

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