Liberal Loons: Were They Born That Stupid or Did They Have To Work At It?

Most of us on the right of the political spectrum recognize that not all liberals are loons. Most of us are capable of admitting that there are some loons on the right, as well. But, to this humble observer of the asylum. it does seem that the liberals have a disproportionate share of the loons.

I came across this liberal loon story at American Thinker. The protagonist in this story is a young woman by the name of Meg Lanker-Simons. She is a student at the University of Wyoming. She is a liberal activist and she writes a popular blog where she expresses her liberal views. That, by itself. does not qualify her for being exceptionally stupid. The rest of the story, however, does qualify her as being exceptionally stupid. Miss Lanker-Simons has demonstrated a level of stupidity that she could not possibly have come by naturally. She has acquired a level of stupidity that she could only have achieved with great dedication and  hard work on her part. Let’s see if you agree.

Someone on the university campus operates what is refered to as ” a college “crush” Facebook page.” A vile message was posted on this page, which was directed at Miss. Lanker-Simons. Language Alert:

“I want to hate f**k Meg Lanker-Simons so hard. That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it,” it read.  “I think its hot and it makes me angry. One night with me and she’s gonna be a good Republican bitch,” the post reads, according to a screenshot.

Our young liberal activist wasted no time posting the comment on her own blog and commented calling it :

disgusting, misogynistic, and apparently something the admins of this page think is a perfectly acceptable sentiment.

A surprisingly civilized response, don’t you think? But, the U of W students were rightly outraged. I would hope that most conservatives would be equally outraged by such vile and childish prank. The campus police were not amused. They began investigation. I assume they wanted to find  the perpetrator and charge the person with a “hate” crime. The police were successful in finding the “hater”:

The University of Wyoming Police Department issued a citation to Lanker-Simons for “interference” for “false statements she made to the UW Police Department,” according to a UW statement referred to by Laramie Boomerang Online.

“Subject admitted to making a controversial post on UW Crushes webpage and then lied about not doing it,” according to the citation.

The University of Wyoming also confirmed a statement that the police had “”obtained substantial evidence verifying that the offending Facebook post came from Lanker-Simons’ computer, while the computer was in her possession.”

Oops! My guess is that had the vile message been sent by someone from the right side of the political spectrum, they would have been smart enough not to use their own computer. Miss Lanker-Simons was not that smart.

What’s the chance that she will be charged with a “hate” crime? You probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

Sane people might think that the fans of Miss Lanker-Simons’ blog would have dropped her like a hot potato. Sane people would be wrong. Her fans have set-up a Facebook page to defend her actions, which they believe were justified:

“Meg Lanker-Simons is innocent we believe what she did was justified and deserves not to be held accountable for her accusations we stand behind you sister,”

I rest my case. The left does have a disproportionate number of loons.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

27 thoughts on “Liberal Loons: Were They Born That Stupid or Did They Have To Work At It?

  1. Remember: It’s not hatred when the left does it.

    I’m not surprised. The entire liberal religion is based on the sacrament of victimization. And if a liberal isn’t being victimized they’ll invent it just to fee more self-actualized.

  2. Wow. You cannot make up shit like that.
    Clearly, she works at being stupid. I am currently in a back and forth on Huffpo with some idiot who thinks Krugman is a genius. We trade insults every few hours.

    Good, clean fun.

      1. heck these are the ones that will vote more than once if given the chance. clearly the moral code is, uh, simplified for those aspiring to bring us utopia . . . ie the ends justify the means . . .

  3. Liberals don’t believe in the existence of a fixed moral code. Theists do – we call it “God’s Law”. Some non-theists (e.g., Ayn Rand) also believe in the existence of a fixed moral code – it is woven into the Fabric of Reality.

    But the “liberals” fume at the Idea that there is such a thing as a fixed moral code. So her supporters aren’t offended by her lying and smearing the “republicans”. They are pragmatists/existentialists – if a lie accomplishes your objective, it worked. There is nothing “wrong” with it, in their eyes, b/c there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”.

    Liberals HATE us b/c we are a constant reproach to them.

    I expect they are more evil than intellectually deficient.

    1. “I expect they are more evil than intellectually deficient.”

      I was wondering who would be the first to call it evil. I do believe that to be the case.
      Thank you for comingby, Ms. Huldah.

    1. You are always so good at grabbing the most salient point, Bunker… many times as they can get away with it!

  4. That was a good post, Jim. The first thing I thought about was that red-blooded, American college male do not think with their big heads, ever. To most college guys, it is pretty much any port in a storm, and the storm is optional.

    Meg’s sin was that of a jealous woman, with maybe her best friend being entertained instead of her. Her idiocy has as much to do with being fat and ugly as anything else. Go ahead and google the lady. Nobody would consciously go with this woman, unless it was a two AM deal with nobody else watching.

    She is certainly a two-bagger, a real coyote. Wise men have told me that if you wake up next to a really ugly woman, like a coyote you would gnaw your arm off to keep from waking her while you make your getaway.

  5. Over the past few weeks at my blog, I’ve been having trouble with a particular commenter, a conservative whom I used to consider a friend. Now he has taken to lobbing grenades at me and at most of my commenters as well. At his own site, he has declared me a sociopath — primarily because I don’t run my blog the way that he wants me to.

    My point: social networking has taken on a life of it’s own, and the glimpses of human nature that we find in social networking do not speak well of the human race. I’ve never before seen such vitriol!

    The spewing of such vitriol — over and over again, not merely occasionally — used to be the domain of the Left. No more!

    FreeThinke has a post on the topic today. Take a look! The problems that FT has been having are mostly coming from conservatives! I’m disgusted!

    1. I hadsome experience with that type of “conservative” a year or so ago. What was most disturbing was that he constantly would quote the bible to demonstrate how I was not conservative enough.

    2. It does seem that our culture is in its death throes. Civility and good manners and basic decency are gone. A smear campaign has been launched against me by a two-timed failed congressional candidate (R) who is trying to get attention. [Jealous women are not a pretty sight.] The moral restraints are gone. That’s what happened when they took God out of the public schools and replaced the fixed moral code of the Bible with “values clarification” where the little children decide moral issues for themselves.

      Several years ago on PBS was a favorable program about George Washington. Afterwards, they interviewed some young people who had watched the program – sloppy, slouching, semi-literate young adults jeering at how “fake” George Washington’s 100 Rules for gentlemanly conduct are.

      A few days ago, someone [a “conservative”] posted a comment with a foul word on FB. I sent him a message asking him to not to use such language. He sent me a message where he repeated the word over and over in a variety of contexts. Next day, he did apologize; but he illustrates the self-indulgent moral rot of our time. A gentleman would NEVER talk that way to a lady. But we weren’t taught good manners – we were taught that being “authentic” means doing what you feel like doing.

      Prepare for a breakdown. Self-defense, medicines, food, sanitation supplies, prepare to live like the Amish. They have communities in my general area and they manage w/o electricity! Move to a safer place.

  6. BTW, my above comment is not a defense of Meg Lanker-Simons. Not at all! I want that to be perfectly clear.

    Nevertheless, I find that I am VERY concerned lately about the anger levels — not only in the blogosphere but also in our society. Can anarchy be far away?

    1. AOW, I agree with the premise that the anger levels are getting higher. I believe it started with Bill Clinton who was the first President to use the full-time campaign mode while in office. Everything he said and did was calibrated for election purposes, whether he changed his tune the next day or not. Obama is following Clinton’s model.

      With the liberal full-time campaign going on, facts take on less significance to talking-points and stuff made up for obfuscation, like the Benghazi coverup.

      I view social media with mixed feelings. SM can be important for marketing purposes, and is a resounding success in that regard. The downside is that any twitt can open a Twitter account and flood the world with garbage. The same thing is true for blogs. Somehow we have to learn to ignore the idiots, and to pay attention to the sensible ones.

      It has gotten to the point that I write nothing on my blog about politics (well, very little), and comment sparsely on other blogs. Keep on doing what you do with your blog. You, Jim, and others do a great job.

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