Obama Admits He Is Not Big On Ethics

While scanning the stories a BadBlue this morning, I found this quote at Weasel Zippers.

(CNSNews.com) — President Barack Obama told an audience of high school students in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday that he was “not always the very best student” and that ethics “would not have made it on the list” of his favorite subjects.

“I was not always the very best student that I could be when I was in high school, and certainly not when I was in middle school,” Obama said, speaking at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School.

“I did not love every class I took. I wasn’t always paying attention the way I should have,” Obama said. “I remember when I was in 8th grade I had to take a class called ethics. Now, ethics is about right and wrong, but if you’d ask me what my favorite subject was back in 8th grade, it was basketball. I don’t think ethics would have made it on the list.”

Oops! You are a slow learner, aren’t you, Mr. President? You should know by now that every time you go off script, you reveal your true colors. That you didn’t like “ethics” when you were in the eighth grade doesn’t surprise any of us on the political right. Your opinion on ethics has never changed, has it Mr. President?

While a Community Organizer and working with Acorn, ethics wasn’t important to you then, was it, Mr. President?

Your books about your life and that of your father are full of lies and distortions. That’s not ethical, Mr. President. By the way, Mr. President, who did write those books you took credit for writing? Taking credit for other people’s work is not ethical, Mr. President.

To win your first election in Chicago politics, your staff manged to unseal the divorce papers of your opponent. That wasn’t ethical, Mr. President.

When Bill Ayers convinced you to run for President, you spent millions to have all your records sealed. You didn’t want Americans to know how unethical you were, right, Mr. President?

Heck, you even married a woman who was proud to be an American for the first time when her unethical husband was elected President. The joke is on us, right,  Michelle?

No, ethics has never been big on your list, has it, Mr. President? Your motto is: “Reward your friends and punish your enemies.” Who was your enemy in Benghazi, Mr. President? Who were you punishing or who were you rewarding? You were rewarding yourself, weren’t you, Mr. President? Four lives were nothing compared to your wish to be reelected, right, Mr. President? You are more than willing to have Hillary thrown under the bus. Better her than you, isn’t it,  Mr. President? The ends justify the means, right?

¡Es usted un pedazo de mierda, Sr. Presidente!

Well,   that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Obama Admits He Is Not Big On Ethics

  1. So Barry was “not always the very best student”? But….but….Barry Obama is the smartest person to ever live. A constitutional scholar no less.

    He certainly was a good student when it came to hating the Constitution, America and everything it stands for.

    We have three more years to suffer through this dickweed. Then, unfortunately Hillary becomes president.

    We are doomed.

    1. Yeah! The only surprise is that he said it publically. Who would have ever thought that a President of the United States would tell students that he didn’t put much priority on ethics whehe was in school.

  2. Regardless of Obama’s growing up and not giving a damn about ethics, he should never have said those words to students, who are going to milk the comments as a Presidential excuse for not living according to standards and being held accountable.

    I’m glad that I’m coming up on retirement soon. I, as a teacher of groups of homeschoolers, will escape the worst of the fallout of this irresponsible statement from Obama.

    And one more thing….I well remember what happened in high schools when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke back in 1998. Within a few short years, we had major troubles with curtailing certain behaviors in the halls of schools. Fact: the leadership at the top of any nation sets the moral and societal tone of that nation. For that reason ALONE, voters should take their right to vote more seriously — and consider the consequences.

    1. ” For that reason ALONE, voters should take their right to vote more seriously — and consider the consequences.”

      We keep waiting for that day to come when people take their right to vote seriously. IMO, if the decline is slow, that day will never come. If there is a sudden collapse, maybe then people will wake up. But, I’m not sure about that, AOW.

  3. Is it surprising that Barack Obama is light on the ethics? Bill Clinton lowered the bar for all future Presidents, and we need to find a way for future Presidents to respect the American people, and the Constitution.

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