“The Paper Chase” a poem by the Bard of Murdock

It’s sunday and today’s poem by The Bard of Murdock reveals the sad state of affairs that socialism has brought to the country where I live. This poem was originally published by the Bard on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Please be sure to read the article linked by the Bard before reading the poem. ********* […]

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Seven Muslim Chemical Engineers Take A Midnight Stroll Around Boston’s Water Resevoir

While everyone’s attention is on the scandals rocking the Obama White House, I thought I would share this bit of news that you may have missed. I found this Canada Free Press story at Doug Ross@ Journal this morning. It starts out: Just after Midnight Tuesday night, seven people – five men and two women […]

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The Bureaucratic Swamp That Is D.C. ( District of Corruption)

Last month I saved an article by George Will in the Washington Post. In his article, he makes reference to and quotes from a presentation by Christopher DeMuth (a Fellow of the Hudson Institute) at George Mason University. DeMuth was explaining the perverse effects of progressivism. Paraphrasing DeMuth, Will wrote: Government power is increasingly concentrated […]

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Obama Admits He Is Not Big On Ethics

While scanning the stories a BadBlue this morning, I found this quote at Weasel Zippers. (CNSNews.com) — President Barack Obama told an audience of high school students in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday that he was “not always the very best student” and that ethics “would not have made it on the list” of his favorite subjects. “I was not […]

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The High Cost of Central Planning

History is rife with the failure of central planning. Yet the political elites and the central banking elites refuse to believe that free  work better than what they can design. Central planning, by its nature, involves picking winners and losers. And, it’s no surprise to the readers of Asylum Watch that the losers are rarely […]

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