Are The Green Brainiacs The Most Insane of All?

It is probably a fools errand to try to rank people or entities by their degree of insanity. But, I would guess that the Green Brainiacs of the world would be somewhere near the top of most people’s list.

Where are the Green Brainiacs most active? They are most active in the world’s developed countries. Which countries have the cleanest environments? The developed countries of the world have the cleanest environments by far. So, let’s give the Green Brainiacs credit for our achieving the cleanest environments. Today, however, the worst polluters are countries like China, India, the countries of Africa, and much of Asia and South America. A rational person would think that the Green Brainiacs would now focus their attention on the countries which have the worst environmental records. But, No! They continue to work to get the developed countries to do even more.

Euro Zone

The Euro Zone has been in recession for nearly five years now. Unemployment  in the EZ has recently set a new record at 12.2% and 19.4 million people are out of work. We know that countries like Greece, Italy Spain Portugal have unemployment rents that are more than double the EZ average. We also know that the Euro Zone went all-in for renewable green energy because of the global warming scare perpetrated by the Green Brainiacs. The science is settled, right?

The good folks of the Euro Zone, as a result of Green Energy, pay outrageous prices for electricity. Look at this graphic taken from an article at The Commentator.

So, does the Euro Zone not have gas shale resources similar to the US, which have been so beneficial to our costs for electrcity? Supposedly there are massive deposits in the coastal waters of Cyprus and in Poland and also in the UK. According to The Commentator article, it seems commonsense can not over come the brain-washing of the global warming Green Brainiacs. Let’s look at some excerpts from this article:

But while European leaders openly admit to reappraising their anti-shale development attitude, and the fracking technique that made it possible, two barriers to success remain: an incoherent energy strategy that pre-eminently favours environmental considerations, and national greed that can, as in Poland, threaten to choke national shale industries at birth.


But here’s the problem. For all Europe’s belated ‘getting it’ on the potential of shale gas and oil, its anti-carbon addiction still drives an energy strategy beset with inherent contradictions. Having finally seen the shale opportunistic ‘light’, global warmism is still the prevailing angst-ridden driving force – even though alarmists have become increasingly desperate to find a credible explanation for the fact that global average temperature has flat-lined for over 16 years now whilst CO2 levels have continued to rise.

So, they will surely develop their shale gas deposits, right? Well, not so fast. It seems that the Green Brainiacs have some complices. Or, maybe it is competition. There is the Greed Factor. Greed from crony corporatists and greed from government. Take a look:

The fact is, without slashing the massive green levies that provide the vital funding if high-cost wind and solar renewables are to thrive, Europe’s politicians will continue to be caught between a rock – rising energy bills – and a hard place – the tyranny of EU-imposed anti-carbon targets.

Oops! Somebody is making money off the suffering of the general populace.

And, there is “State Greed”. I love this one. I  noted above that Poland has huge shale gas deposits. Well. all the major oil and gas companies were quick to get in on the action and thirty wells were planned. But. the government of Poland saw a chance to fill their coffers:

First, they insisted that the foreign gas firms ‘partner’ with a state-run company; a red flag to any private sector investing firms. Next Warsaw imposed a punitive tax regime that, according to accountants Ernst and Young, effectively offered the companies a mere 20-80 percent split – in favour of government.

The impact was inevitable and immediate. ExxonMobil, Talisman Energy Inc (Canada) and Marathon Oil upped sticks and left, deeming the high investment had been made far too risky. San Energy Plc chief, John Buggenhagen, resigning in utter disbelief, summed up the industry response: “Who’s going to come and invest billions of dollars to monetize this gas if the government is talking about taking huge profit margins away from the companies?”

Thank goodness the United States of America is not as screwed-up as the Euro Zone, right? Let’s see.

United States

When Barack Obama ascended to the throne White House, he announced his plans to fundamentally change America. He planned to wipe out the coal industry and impose green energy on America in such a way as to cause energy electricity prices to skyrocket. Although his plans for Cap and Trade to tax carbon failed, his Environmental Protection Agency would find ways to effectively do the same thing without the approval of Congress. Yet, as we saw in the graphic above, our electricity prices have actually fallen in spite of the  best efforts of President Obama and his EPA. What happened? America’s concept of private property is what happened. Unlike most of the world, in America the minerals, including oil and gas, below the surface belong to the owners of the surface rights. So, although the Obama administration did everything possible to prevent development of oil and gas below federal lands, the private sector went ahead set new records of oil and gas production under private lands. Ah, but the Green Brainiacs, out side of and inside of government, have a Plan B. You are going to love hate Plan B. Their fiat Cap and Trade policies to control carbon production haven’t produced the fruit they were looking for, so, the EPA has plans to revisit an old favorite, ozone! PJ Media has exposed a quiet plan of the EPA:

American Petroleum Institute Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Howard Feldman warned that new ozone regulations currently under review by the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency could put “nearly the entire country” out of business.

Wow! That sounds a bit over the top, don’t you think? Maybe not. If the article is correct, the EPA wants to lower the standard for ozone emissions from the current level of 75 parts per billion to 60 parts per billion, which they claim is below the natural levels of ozone in nature. Please take a quick look at this map. All the people, all the cities and towns and counties and states in the colored part of the map would be in areas that exceed the proposed new standard for ozone. What might that mean?

“With potential strict standards that approach or are even lower than naturally occurring levels, virtually any human activity that produced emissions could ultimately be restricted or affected. In some cases, new development simply would not be feasible or permitted.”

A Green Brainiac’s dream come true. They could put the entire country out of business! And, you thought the IRS was the most abusive agency in our government. Trust me. The EPA is going to give the IRS a run for YOUR MONEY!

So, without a doubt the banksters and central banksters are diabolically insane and so are the crony corporatists and the central governments. But, they all need a thriving economy in order to have something to rob. Not so with the Green Brainiacs. They get my vote for the most insane.

And, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “Are The Green Brainiacs The Most Insane of All?

  1. Obama Is doubling down now. He has nothing to lose anymore. I believe he is starting to realize it is highly unlikely that he can gain full control again of the both houses. Many of us have long believed that this would be the time he would become most dangerous with nothing to lose. His appointments today of Rice and Power was the great reveal. It’s off to war in Syria we go. His latest shiny object he gives us.

  2. I do wilderness landscape photography. I go to the most remote places left in the continental United States. I just returned from a trip.

    I can attest to the fact that human activity is threatening every wild space that still remains and those lands are disappearing. In fact, a major goal of mine is to record some of those places before they are gone forever.

    However, I am no crazed green energy zealot who would destroy the world’s economy in order to “save” the planet.

    Quite the contrary. Fossil fuels are the lifeblood of the world’s economies and will remain so for at least a half century to come.

    We don’t have to go broke nor ravage the planet to meet our energy needs.

    What is needed is to develop our natural resources responsibly and in environmentally conscious ways. It is not hard nor expensive to be good stewards of our planet and still meet our growing energy needs.

    To bad this Administration is blind to practical reality.

    On this last trip I found and wrote about a place in West Texas where both green and fossil resources are being developed together on the same private lands. Texas is an energy state, not a politically crippled state:

      1. I love how you honed right in on that anomaly, Jim. Didn’t make sense to me either. As far as I can tell, the anti-development conservationists are moving way ahead on taking land out of the hands of any private ownership. The population migration is going all toward crammed urban corridors thanks to government policies pushing that agenda. Instead of spreading out and enjoying + tending to our lands, people are headed for concrete and urban heat zones.

  3. It is hard to determine which agency–the IRS or the EPA–is more dangerous. but both can be used by Obama to intimidate and harass his political opponents and that is exactly what he intends to do.

  4. My vote for the most insane would have to go to the Green Brainiacs. They are completely unreasonable and unforgiving in their zeal to “protect” the environment.

      1. Not in the least, but I’m not sure the Green Brainics would be against that idea. I wonder how long they would last without their lattes and iPads?

  5. In trying to save the planet, they are killing us.
    I’m pretty sure that would fit under the definition of “insane”.

  6. Agreed…the green brainiacs win, hands down. But you see the other agencies are in the game with them, so they will all be working together to collapse the nation. Since they use the tax system to bastardize everything…then the IRS and the EPA will be in cahoots…JUST LIKE the IRS and the ACA bent on trashing the health system. Money is involved with all of it…

  7. Wind, solar, hydrogen, or cold fusion, this is the stuff of the Green-Wienie’s dream. That’s what makes the whole alternative energy movement insane. It is nothing but a dream, and there are no realistic economic alternatives to fossil fuel or nuclear power sources.

    This is too bad. I think we would all like to stop the burning of coal, and the use of petroleum, because we don’t know what the long-term effect will be. However, we do have time to find other sources. Markets will produce replacement sources if and when fossil fuels get scarce and too expensive. In the meantime we need to leverage what we have to the most efficient usage.

    The big surprise is that the United States was not an approved partner in the Kyoto Agreement, and the USA has decreased CO2 emissions much more than any other industrialized country. This is the result of market actions. Natural gas, aided by the development of horizontal fracking, became much more abundant and cost effective for electric power production. The the result has been that older, less efficient coal fired plants are being replaced with natural gas fired units.

    Markets product miracles.

    Government intervention into markets produces inefficiencies and costs much greater than otherwise. I am not sure of the units in the graph shown in your article, but it does make the case against government intervention in markets.

    As far as our Green-Wienie friends being insane, perhaps James Delingpole says it best. Environmentalists are like watermelons, green on the outside, and red on the inside.

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