Red Lines and Refugees

Well, well, well. Who didn’t see this coming? Several months ago our Leader From Behind (LFB), while pretending to be a tough Commander-in-Chief, drew a red line in tha sands of Syria saying that should the Assad regime use chemical weapons against his own people the United States would take appropriate action. This was in response to stories that chemical had indeed been used. The question has been : Which side used them? Our LFB was not convinced that there was sufficient proof that Assad had crossed the red line and, therefore, LFB would not approve arming the rebels. Your humble observer happens to believe that was the correct course of action for the United States to take. I find it hard to believe that Assad would risk doing something that would surely bring NATO forces down on him. But, who knows? At any rate, my position has been and still is that the Sunni-Shite is a Muslim nation problem that should be resolved by its Muslim nation neighbors. The United States and NATO should stay out of  Syria because it is, in my opinion a lose-lose situation for the West.

But now, after dithering for months, our Leader From Behind finds himself awash in scandals and in desperate need of a way to divert America’s attention to something else. And so:

The White House announced Thursday that the Obama administration has conclusive evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons against his opposition, killing up to 150 people in the last year and crossing what President Obama has called a “red line” that would lead to greater American involvement in the crisis. _ ( Fox News)

Very convenient, don’t you think?

Folks, this is a big mistake. The war in Syria is not a war of freedom fighters versus a tyrant. The war in Syria is a war of one Muslim sect, Sunnis, versus another Muslim sect, Shites. The Sunnis are being backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, while the Shite faction is backed by Iran and Russia and to a lessor extent by the Shites in Iraq and Lebanon. The West can not solve this problem. Period! There are no “Good Guys” in this conflict! All sides, all the current players, hate America and the West

But, the West won’t stay out of it, will they? No, we are about be bombard with cries from France and Great Brittain and the Obama administration and from the Neo-Con Republicans that the US and the West (NATO) must do something to stop the killing of innocent civilians. I’m sorry, but by getting involved, we will only add to the killing of innocents. But, I expect that it is only a matter of time and NATO will join the conflict using our Airforce and our money, which will have to be digitally created by the Federal Reserve. This is so STUPID!

What about all of the refugees? War always generates refugees and the war in Syria is no different. So far, it has been Turkey and Jordan that are having to deal with the Syrian refugees. Now we learn from this source that the Obama administration is “considering” opening our doors to Syrian refugees:

According to the Times, the resettlement of the refugees would be “part of an international effort that could bring thousands of Syrians to American cities and towns.”

America, over the years, has opened its arms to millions of refugees from around the world. However, in this case, this cold hearted old man thinks we should close our doors and padlock them. Americans do not need another twenty or thirty thousand American hating Muslims living among them. As far as I am concerned, let the Saudis and the Qataris and the Iranis and the Russians take care of the refugees. This war and all of the fallout from the war belongs to these countries and not to the West and certainly not to the United States.

Of course, we will be reminded that that is not the American way. The Obama administration will surely accept twenty or thirty thousand Syrian refugees and they will, at least initially, live off of our welfare system. In short order they will be allowed to bring all of their American hating Aunts and Uncles and cousins to join them America and, of course, there will be an explosion of anchor babies, too.

America will live to regret this kindness _ I am sure of it.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Red Lines and Refugees

  1. I agree with your summary, Jim. The ME is such a f@#$ing mess. But Syria is particularly messy.

    I am so sick of wasting American lives over interpretations of a piece of Mohammad’s fiction. It will never end with those loons.

  2. This just might finish off the left with Obama. They were getting antsy anyway. Maybe a another shining object for us to look the other way from all of the scandals. But we knew this was coming with the three women who brought us Libya and Egypt. Power, Rice and Clinton.

  3. Now… now… now…
    President Obama didn’t say specifically what decisive action he would take.

    I’m sure he gave Assad a good scolding in official communiques behind the scenes.

    He could have even been exceptionally tough and threatened to hack Assad’s Facebook page!

  4. One would think that you take care of you “own” before bringing in millions more to go on the dole. I can not even imagine how many people we have living in the streets and those that have stopped looking for work, but are turned down for any benefits. This man (term used lightly) wants to take care of “the worlds” people, or so he says. I never take anything he says (silly me) at face value, there is always another motive for what he does and it is NOT to benefit America. Yep, we need more people that WE are responsible for. We have all the illegals that will be sucking off us, why not add more to the line? I am tired of all our tax money going for things we should NOT be responsible for.

  5. The timing of this when Obama is awash in scandals is no mistake, it is another diversion. But this diversion could be a very deadly one, and to think we are going to bring thousands of refugees here without knowing who they are is absolutely irresponsible!

  6. I read yesterday that the immigration bill opens the door for more muslims pouring into the U.S. whatever justification it provides. M.G.M.s Mexican, Gays, and Muslims. Why, what could possibly go wrong? We already have Somali Muslims here and there in neighborhood enclaves.
    I think you are right…any excuse for more distractions is one aspect of this. But when you look at the sum total of scandals and lies…it is beginning to look like the perfect storm. I’m with you…let the Sunnis and the Shiites fight their own war and leave us the heck out of it.

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