The Ruling Class Doesn’t Care What Others Think

At American Thinker, Joy Overbeck’s article, Tyranny Advances by Nibblesstarts with these eloquent words:

Increasingly, as the concentric circles of perfidy swirl around the White House like filthy water down a drain, there is tyranny. The government we pay for has turned on us, the body politic, as if it were a savage autoimmune disease attacking our most vital tissues.

To be sure, tyranny has advanced a bite at a time for over a century, but Ms. Overbeck rightly acknowledges early on in her essay that: “the exploratory nibbles have become extremely ambitious through the past four-plus years until now they’ve escalated to bloody chunks.” Although her essay is centered on the issue of the IRS targeting of conservative groups, her words in fact apply to all that we apply to Leviathan governments we have created at every level.

John Hayward has recently penned an excellent article about the Ruling Class in which he says:

The ruling class is concerned with the establishment of programs, not the solution of problems.  What actually happens after the program is launched makes little difference… unless, of course, the opportunity to “fix” problems with even more legislation and government spending arises.  There is absolutely no problem that can be solved by making government smaller and returning liberty to the people.  Think about that for a second.  When was the last time you heard anyone in the Washington establishment – not the Tea Party upstart types, but the mighty dinosaur lords of Congress and their Big Media courtiers- seriously propose handing some issue back to the people and their free markets, because the government has not handled it well?  Isn’t it funny how that never, ever happens?  Not even in a situation like job creation – the top priority of the American people – where the private sector is obviously better at creating private-sector jobs than the State?  But no, the ruling class still pretends it’s just a question of giving them more power and money to work private industries over, until the desired number of jobs are beaten out of them.

Hayward is right, isn’t he? For any problem real or perceived, the Ruling Class sees an opportunity for more bureaucracy, more government, and a reason to take a bigger and bigger share of economy.

There are a lot of unhappy campers in America today. According to Scott Rasmussen:

At the moment, 35 percent of voters consider recently exposed National Security Agency surveillance efforts as the most serious. The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservatives is No. 2 on the list, followed by concerns about the Obama administration’s handling of the incident in Benghazi last fall in which the U.S. ambassador to Libya was murdered. The Justice Department’s secret probe of reporters’ phone and email records is seen as the top concern by only 9 percent.

Competing for attention with the controversies are ongoing policy disputes over immigration, gun control and full implementation of the national health care law.

So, there are large blocks of people who are very upset about one or more of these issues. Rasmussen points out, however, that on each issue the blocks of angry people are made up off different casts of characters with different dynamics. The good news according to Rasmussen is that there is a “unifying theme” which was exposed perfectly by none other than President Obama when he had this to say about the NSA snooping issue:

“If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress and don’t trust federal judges to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.”

You think, Mr. President?

Your humble observer here at Asylum Watch agrees with Scott Rasmussen that distrust of government is a common thread among the different factions of angry Americans. Where I disagree with him is in his use of the term, “unifying theme”. I see no evidence of any unifying going on between these factions. Mr. Rasmussen ends his article with this:

Many in Washington are frustrated by the public distrust. They dream of public relations programs to overcome it. What is needed, though, is for the government to change its behavior, so that it can earn the trust of the people it serves.

Seriously,, Mr. Rasmussen! Do you really think it is likely that the government is going to change its behavior willingly?

Alinsky’s Rule No. 11 says:  Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Until We the People come together to apply Alinsky’s Rule No. 11 to the government WE DON’T TRUST, nothing is going to change. And that, dear friends, brings me to the title of today’s post. The Ruling Class doesn’t really care what any of We the People think. They have total confidence that we will never unify against them.  Are they right?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “The Ruling Class Doesn’t Care What Others Think

  1. We mustn’t be too hard on the ruling elite. They are just giving the voting public what they want. Socialism and tyranny is the natural state of mankind. Freedom isn’t. The people voted Obama in. The people want government to take care of them. And the people should really stop whining now. They got what they wanted.

  2. What we had hoped the tea party folks would accomplish has failed. Boehner either castrated them and managed to bury them by placing them on obscure committees or they have drunk the kool aid. When half the senators leave early before attending the NSA hearing on Thursday, they essentially gave us the finger. Now the farm bill, the first one since 2008 is nothing but a massive handout to to buy votes. GOP and dems alike. But all we hear is the food stamp portion, not the handing out free Internet, money for the Chesapeake bay.,, on and on it goes.

  3. The acceleration over the past four years is not a coincidence. Yes, I do hold Obama responsible for this acceleration — although, of course, the time was ripe, too. The dumbing down of the populace has opened the door and put us on the road to serfdom. The ruling class live in an ivory tower. But you know what? The tower will eventually be breached because ivory towers built on sand will topple.

  4. Methinks that it isn’t that the ruling class doesn’t care what others think. They do. They definitely want the followers to think… think the way the ruling class wants them to think!!

    The nanny state has long since arrived. Our job as individual thinkers is to overcome it. Think for ourselves. Take responsibility for our actions. Build our lives on our own terms

    Do that then the ruling class must serve the people, not the other way around..

  5. I couldn’t agree more Jim. The ruling class does not care about the people and in the end neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have a problem with big government, they just want to be the party that controls it. Until the people decide to vote all of these clowns out of office nothing will change but the party controlling us.

  6. If the only uniting factor is distrust of our government, but based on different reasons, then we are still hopelessly divided. The way it looks like it is going, we will have an American spring at some point. and the whole place is going to be up for grabs. And that would explain the massive arming of Federal agencies. I think the ruling elites only know how to create chaos and are proving successful at that.

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