Boiling Frogs and Cloward-Piven or Winning by Losing

We conservative/libertarian patriots are well aware of how our constitutional republic has been slowly transformed in to something our Founders would not recognize. Our constitution, which was designed to be The Law of the Land, is today looked at as no longer being relevant to the “modern” America that the political elites has been gradually imposing upon “We The People” for the last 100 years or more.

Many conservatives/libertarians have reached the conclusion that have no representation in government today. Actually, the libertarians came to that conclusion many years ago and in 1971 they formed the Libertarian Party and are now the third largest political party in America. In 1992 the Constitution Party formed and it is growing. After the debacle of 2008 and the greatest rip-off of  citizens by their government took place, the Tea Party movement was spawned. Although the Tea Parties are not an actual political party, they have had significant success in electing conservatives within the Republican Party structure. Unfortunately, we have seen that several Tea Party conservatives were soon co-opted by the Republican Party establishment.

One month ago today, my good friend, Steve Dennis, of the America’s Watchtower blog, announced that he and some friends, who had been working behind the scenes for some time, were ready to  launch a new alternative to the two major parties. They have formed a new political party which is called The New Federalist Party. I urge you, my dear friends, to read Steve’s post of yesterday. It is a brilliant and moving call for a non-violent revolution in America to totally clean house in Washington, D.C. He starts out with the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. He then makes his case that the GOP is as bad as the Democratic Party. He then provides a list of his grievances against our federal government. I think you will find yourself agreeing with what Steve has to say.

I take my hat off to Steve. He and his friends are taking on a monumental task in starting a third party. I wished him and the New Federalist party well. I feel the same way about the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party. I would like nothing better than to eventually see all the so-called political elites and lifetime bureaucrats swept out of Washington, D.C. The GOP does not represent the conservative/libertarians patriots of American; no matter how much they claim that they do. All they want are our votes, nothing more. The Republican Party is just as guilty of growing government and ignoring the constitution as the Democratic Party.

As much as I support the efforts of Steve and his cause, I honestly do not believe there is enough time for a third party to save America. In my opinion, our constitutional republic is so far gone, we don’t have the years it would take for  a third party to win the hearts and souls of the American electorate.

Is the situation hopeless? Is there no other non-violent way to recapture the American ideal of our Founders? Well, Selwyn Duke thinks there may be a way. Granted, it is a very high risk approach. But, should a dying man or a dying ideal grasp for any straw that is offered? In his American Thinker article yesterday, Duke takes on the issue of amnesty of illegal immigrants. However, you could replace the amnesty issue with everything that is wrong in America today and his high risk solution wouldn’t change.

Mr. Duke is strongly against amnesty for illegal immigrants. However, his solution is to go ahead and allow a massive amnesty program. His idea is that in doing so it would finally wake Americans up to how bad an idea it is and react accordingly. He supports his unconventional approach by using an analogy of the Boiling Frog syndrome. In case there are any who cross this page who are not familiar with the boiling frog phenomena, let me explain briefly: if one were to throw  some live frogs into a pot boiling water, the frogs would immediately jump out to escape and save their lives; but, if the frogs are put into cool water and the temperature is raised gradually, the frog will not realize they are being cooked to death and will remain calm until death occurs. So, here is Mr. Dukes analogy as it applies to the amnesty issue:

Americans have become inured to the legal-immigration problem, accepting a no-go status quo like that proverbial frog in the frying pan of water. So the question is, how can you awaken reptilian-brain voters, who can’t sense steadily rising heat, to their impending 212-degree demise?

You turn up the flame.


If you replace the immigration problem with everything that is wrong with America today, his boiling frog analogy still works, doesn’t it? “We The People” are like the frogs and the Ruling Class, the political elites of both partie have been gradually raising the temperature (gradually destroying our constitutional republic) for over a hundred years and, like the frogs, we ( the majority of Americans) will remain calm until it is too late.

Mr. Dukes approach of turning the heat to “high”, when applied to “everything that is wrong with America”, is not unlike the teachings of Cloward-Piven, but on steroids! Think about it. What if conservatives and libertarians continued to talk their talk about small limited government and our unalienable rights, but when we enter the voting booth, we vote for the worst Democrat or establishment Republicans. In other words, let the idiots have their way, but quickly. Let them raise taxes on the rich and on the corporations. Let them expand the social welfare programs and forgive the student loans. let them borrow, borrow, borrow. Let them destroy the country rapidly  (turn the heat up to “HIGH) so that maybe, just maybe the reptilian-brained electorate will wake up and jump out of the pot before it is too late.

I did warn you that this was a high-risk option. Maybe it is time to risk it all. It would be a case of “winning by losing”.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Boiling Frogs and Cloward-Piven or Winning by Losing

  1. The Republicans are worse than the Democrats. At least the Democrats make no pretense about their socialist beliefs.

    My only problem with turning up the heat is it may kill the patient (America.)

  2. Wow, CoF, that’s a lot to take in. I do think that this is a unique idea, but I doubt that we could get everyone to go along with it (I’d have to think about it myself, to be honest). We do know leftist policies do not and can never work, but jumping into the fire like that . . . Wow. BUT you are right, it could wake people up. But I doubt it. Look at Detroit and California, they just keep getting worse and worse, and no one seems to notice or care. Ditto other blue states like MA that have embraced all manner of regressive policies; their constituents just don’t care what the real world results are.

    I’m really not sure that a third party is the way to go, either. Time is short, as you note.

    I still think the best thing is to get the TEA Party up and moving again–everyone knows what Obama did to discriminate against and silence us, so with luck, he won’t try that again. We need to take the House and the Senate, and we need to do what the regressives did to the old Democrat party; take it over. Dems are commies now, up front and (almost) honest about it. Wouldn’t it be great if the GOP was actually constitutionally conservative and not commie lite?

    1. Hi, Fuzzy. It s good to hear from you. About getting everyone to go along with the idea, I think Duke’s point is, like turning up the heat on the frogs, the people need to feel sudden blinding pain, before they will react against the government that caused the pain.

      ” Look at Detroit and California, they just keep getting worse and worse, and no one seems to notice or care.”

      Again, I think Duke would say that they don’t care because it happened so slowly they adapted without realizing it.

  3. Thank you so much for the very kind words, the link, and promoting what I am trying to do Jim. I really do appreciate it much more than you can ever know. I have looked at both the Libertarian and Constitution parties and I have problems with both, which is why I have not joined either. You may be right that there is not enough time to create a third party to save America but until all is lost I will continue to try, I guess I am just stubborn that way. 🙂
    Dukes does have an interesting idea and maybe it would be enough to finally wake up the American people, but if amnesty is passed it might also signal that it is too late to go back even if awakens the sleeping giant. It has taken us years to get to this point and it will take years to get back to where we should be…..I just hope we have the time.
    I apologize for the shameless self-promotion here, but if anyone is interested in checking out what the New Federalist Party is up to here is the link:

  4. I liked the New Federalist Party and left a comment on FB. However, I noted nothing on serious campaign reform. Did I miss it?

  5. Even if I thought it was the best thing to do, I doubt I could force myself to vote for the more collectivist candidate, etc. It would be like Squidward trying to say sorry, lol. Now, Galt I can do. my best to you!

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