Our Low Opinion of Our Federal Government is Continually Justified

While making my rounds of my favorite blogs yesterday, i learned that a recent Rasmussen poll shows the approval level for Congress is now down to 10%. I’m surprised that you could find ten percent of American who approve of Congress,  One blogger said people have a higher opinion of cockroaches and root-canals than they do of our government. But, it’s not just Congress that we disapprove of, is it? It’s every branch of government and the career bureaucrats that earn our disfavor. It’s the whole enchilada and for good reason. Today I want to share with you three recent examples of the government’s fiscal foolishment that are not getting much attention.

In the interest of full disclosure, let me be up front in saying that the first two examples are not to my knowledge actually being promoted by anyone in the federal government. But, as the source articles point out, the way the laws and supporting rules and regulations are written, there is nothing to stop these abuses from occurring.

ObamaPhones for Ilegal Immigrants

Mooonbattery linked an article at the internet site (There really is such a site) Free Government Cell Phones. The folks who operate this site found to their surprise that there is nothing in the government’s program of giving free phone service to indigent Americans that would prevent ilegal immigrants from obtaining free cell phones as well. So, this “Free Government Cell Phone” web site is publishing  guide for illegal immigrants on how they can get their own free cell phone. Take a look:

Much to our surprise, there are no regulations that prohibit undocumented immigrants from getting these phones.

In fact, based on our research we assume many undocumented immigrants are already using the free government cell phone program…

The Undocumented Immigrant’s Guide to Free Government Cell Phones [PDF] will teach you everything you need to know to get your own free cell phone, thanks to the generous U.S. government. It’s not illegal. You just have to know the rules. (Bold added)

I’m guessing that guide will be very popular.

ObamaCars For Unemployed Youths

Breitbart has this story of potential pork buried in the recently passed Senate Amnesty bill.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York uncovered the new Obama stimulus program that Gang of Eight members and other Senate Republicans inserted into the bill as a sweetheart deal for liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The left leaning Senator was previously critical of the legislation.


A provision under that new stimulus program title allows for the use of spending the taxpayer money on the program to provide transportation for youth to and from their jobs.

(1) IN GENERAL.—The funds made available under this section shall be used—
(A) to provide summer employment opportunities for low-income youth, with direct linkages to academic and occupational learning, and may be used to provide supportive services, such as transportation or child care, that is necessary to enable the participation of such youth in the opportunities;”


A GOP senate aide told Breitbart News that for the country to be able to spend $1.5 billion on such a program so fast, it would need to buy, lease or rent motor vehicles  for beneficiaries of the new government handout. The provision that outlines how the money can be legally used for providing “supportive services” like “transportation,” the aide said, could easily be interpreted to mean the money could be spent buying or leasing or renting vehicles for the beneficiaries.

“This appears to give states authority to buy, lease or rent motorcycles, cars and scooters or anything kids want to buy to get to and from a job,” the GOP aide said.

Okay, no government officials has proposed giving cars or motor scooters to our unemployed young people. But, if this bill were to be passed by the House (God forbid), our government would blow another $i.5 billion of your money on something and you know without a doubt that the program would be abused, right?

On-Going US Foreign Aid to China

Via BadBlue Uncensored News, I found this article at Foreign Policy. This article worth a read, dear friends. In it you will learn or be reminded that in 2010 China surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest economy after the United States. Also, if only the measure of purchasing power is used, China will exceed the United States in 2016 and, at $3.4 trillion, China has the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world. Yet, our federal government sees fit to give China a helping hand with your money. Why????

The United States provided $28.3 million in foreign assistance and funding programs to China via USAID and the State Department in 2012, according to a May report from the Congressional Research Service. It projects that number to decrease slightly in 2013, to $25.5 million. Roughly half of the U.S. funding is administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which focuses on four main areas in China: environmental protection, rule of law, HIV/AIDS, and sustainable development for Tibetans. “I believe that our foreign aid to China furthers U.S. interests,” said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), who chairs the East Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcommitttee of the Foreign Relations Committee, in a phone interview. But a USAID official, who asked to speak on background, took issue with calling the assistance to China “aid.” “We are using some assistance to do technical cooperation in a few key areas, which are narrow and defined in scope,” the official said. It’s “directed” assistance, the official added, noting that these programs were not controversial.

One may say that the amount of money is so small as not to be important. All our money is important! I am not a big fan of foreign aid. Our nation is in debt to the tune of $17 trillion and over forty percent of every dime our government spends is borrowed money. It is insane to  be giving away money to a country as wealthy as China!

Our federal government has earned the wrath of its citizens, hasn’t it? But, our elected officials and the career bureaucrats don’t care what we think.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Our Low Opinion of Our Federal Government is Continually Justified

  1. Can’t speak to the truth of the three items but this, I believe, is true:
    1-Government is the worse steward of your tax money imaginable
    2-Bureaucrats have little buy-in to spend tax dollars wisely
    3-Most bureaucrats have little or no accountability for their spending

    Until that changes and big government overcomes its illogical Democrat/Republican intransigence the public’s opinion of government will remain where it is.

  2. I am with you 100% and I trust nobody in the Federal Government at this point because they are only interested in their own benefit and not concerned with ours.

  3. I stand in awe and amazement at how well our government can manage to spend so much money on so many stupid programs.

    Concerning the approval rating of Congress, I agree with you. It isn’t just Congress that stinks. Our entire government needs to be picked up by its heels and shaken hard to weed out the waste and abuse.

  4. Any day now the UN will declare owning a car to be an internationally-recognized human right. Any time you make people think a privilege is a right you are on that greased slope into bankruptcy — there is no right to a job, no right to shelter, no right to food, as we all know, although many European constitutions have such bogus or “aspirational” rights. What isn’t in those Constitutions is the “right” for the government to have as much money as it needs to pay for all the other “rights.” And when the money runs out and the people start rioting because their “rights” have been taken away — then all the other real rights will be gone too. There is no freedom in a mob, anarchy or totalitarianism, and democracy only survives when people are independent. Our world is on its head.

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