Living The American Dream With A Part-Time Job? Not Likely!

Well, the Obama administration is once again blowing their own horn due to another month of job growth; all be it only 162,000. Not surprisingly, those with their heads screwed on straight are not impressed. Most Americans must be getting tired of hearing these same words repeated by the President after each monthly jobs report comes out:

While more work remains to be done, today’s employment report provides further confirmation that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover.

The Right Scoop blog ran a post titled: NOT GOODL Almost 80% of jobs created in 2013 have been part time. And the Conservative Intelligence Briefing had this as a headline: WH on new jobs report: ‘…continue to dig our way out.’ They’ve got the ‘digging’ part right, anyway.  I have to agree. Digging the hole deeper is the one thing our government does well.

My friend, AZ Leader at the Inform The Pundits blog likes to crunch numbers. He has the patience to wade through government reports to find out what they are not telling us and we should all be grateful for people like him. If you read his post The Real Jobs Report: July 2013, you will learn, for example, that President Obama did not lie when he said 162,000 jobs were added in July; but, what he did tell the American people is that in that same month 204,000 people became eligible to be part of the workforce. This is part of what AZ had to say:

 Based on the employment-population ratio, there are 7.8 million fewer people employed today than there should be.

And that is even after accounting for the 7.2 million jobs created which President Obama bragged on in his jobs speech in Chattanooga this week.

If that is what “Progressives” call progress, it’s no wonder that the hole keeps getting deeper.

But, I have to give my vote for the best blog post title relating to jobs in this once great nation to Zero Hedge:

Obamacare Full Frontal: Of 953,000 Jobs Created

In 2013, 77%, Or 731,000 Are Part-Time

If my math is correct, what President Obama is bragging about is this: in the first seven moths of this year, his policies have created about 100,000 part-time jobs per month and about 30,000 full-time jobs per month. I have a question:

Since when did Detroit become the poster child for the American Dream?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “Living The American Dream With A Part-Time Job? Not Likely!

  1. Jobs are bourgeois anyway. Once Dear Leader Obama creates the socialist worker’s paradise no one will have to work. We will just sit at home and collect the money.

    Now, granted I got an “F” in economics 101 but this makes perfect sense to me.

  2. I heard about the huge number of part-time jobs created this year on the radio on Friday.

    I investigated the claim.

    I didn’t include it in my jobs report article this month, but here is a letter I wrote to a friend who asked about it…
    On his radio show yesterday Rush said that of 980,000 jobs created this year… 731,000 thousand of them are part time.

    Yes, Rush is 100% correct… but with a caveat. As stated, those are accurately reported BLS numbers.

    Allow me to explain the caveat…
    Rush did not say where, but with detective work I was able to find the two reports where his figures came from.

    The BLS has two primary surveys from which they draw stats to make the Monthly Jobs Report:
    1-Employment Survey – (Federally-mandated business data reporting)
    2-Population Survey – (20K phone calls to randomly selected households)

    Rush’s numbers both came from the Population Survey. Part-time numbers comes from the A-6 report. Total employment comes from the A-1 report.

    The BLS gets its monthly job totals – +162K non-farm this month – from the Employment Survey; not from the Population Survey as Rush did.

    Oddly, the BLS doesn’t appear to keep historical part-time job stats in the Employment Survey. They may, but I haven’t found them.

    If Rush had used normal BLS reporting he would have used total non-farm stats for total employment. If he had, then he would have found there were 1,348,000 jobs created this year instead of the 980,000 figure he used.

    Then, instead of 7 out of 9 jobs created being part-time, it would be only 5 of 10 jobs created being part time. A HUGE number of part time jobs, still, but a far cry from 7 of 9.

    There is justification for Rush using the Population Survey… it includes a lot more working people than the Employment Survey does. It reports 144.2 million people employed this month while the Employment Survey reports only 136 million. That is a big difference. The Employment Survey total employment is a subset of the Population Survey total employment.

    The reason the BLS uses the Employment Survey for the monthly jobs report instead of the Population Survey is because the former has a much smaller reporting error level.

    Rush should have reported both results and explained the difference. He did not.

      1. I did further review of the Employment Survey. I verified that it does NOT track part-time employees.

        That is really quite remarkable given that distinguishing full and part-time employees is a fundamental parameter in Obamacare. That is another way that Obamacare is a messed up..

      2. Thanks for the effort, AZ. I agree that the relative percentages of full-time jobs to part-time jobs is crucial to understanding our economy. It amazes me that those numbers are not tracked.

  3. They love to fudge the numbers, don’t they/ They talk about jobs created while ignoring those who have given up looking to make the economy seem better than it really is. And while doing this they ignore the fact that Obamacare is limiting the created jobs to part time positions. What makes matters worse is the fact that Obamacare redefines part time to under 30 hours, meaning that people who were already part time are seeing their hour reduced even more. These people will still have to buy healthcare even while earning less money or face an IRS fine, and this is progress?

  4. Making America a nation of part-time employees almost guarantees that we will become a single-payer system for health insurance. Single payer has been the intent of ObamaCare all along, IMO.

    1. You are right, as usual. ObamaCare has nothing to do with providing “better” health care to Americans. It has everything to do with making Americans dependent on the government. In other words, it’s all about concentrating power in the federal government.

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