Connecting the dots on Benghazi __ Asylum Watch needs your help

Is trying to connect the dots on the “what and why” of the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, including our Ambassador to Libya, make one a “conspiracy theorist”? Maybe and maybe not. The President has said that the so-called Benghazi scandal is a phony scandal. Really? As someone on the internet said in response: “if there is no scandal, why the cover-up?” There is a cover-up going on. That much should be clear to anyone paying attention to the Benghazi story and don’t think it’s necessary today to rehash all of the things that have been covered in the Congressional hearings. What hasn’t been covered in the Congressional hearings is, in my opinion, what the cover-up is all about. What was the CIA mission in Benghazi? Why were there so many CIA agents in Benghazi? Why have the thirty or so survivors been muzzled and kept away from the press?

When the self advertised “most transparent administration ever” turns out to be the most opaque administration ever, of course people left to speculate and conspiracy theories are born. This Canada Free Press article discusses the two most prevalent theories. The call one the State Department Theory and the other the CIA Theory.

The State Department Theory sees the attack from the point of view of the globalist conflict between Russia and the USA with its British and Saudi allies. Russia sent a warning by killing ambassador Stevens. This is an attractive theory and will rise or fall once we know more about the arms dealing going on at Benghazi. If the CIA was involved in channeling arms to Syrian rebels, then Russia and its cronies who support Assad may have attacked the compound to stop that arms transfer. _ (Bold added)


The CIA Theory supposes more was going on at Benghazi besides an arms transfer. We know there were at least 30 CIA agents at Benghazi. They could have easily fended off a Russian backed attack. The men at Benghazi were allegedly told, however, to stand down. Something else was going on.

A foiled kidnapping plot of our ambassador is a possibility. This article will explore the CIA Theory and argue it is not beyond the CIA, on orders from the administration, to attempt something like a kidnapping. Spooks like to do spooky things. _ (Bold added)

The article notes that : “One of the secrets many have wondered about that pertains to both theories is an alleged stand down order. This order prevented aide from reaching those fighting off the attack.”

There may be some merit in both of these theories. And, your humble observer here at Asylum Watch has some other dots that he would like to see if they deserve to be connected  and I need some technical help to do so. I’m hoping one of you, dear readers can help or you know someone who can.

In the interest of full disclosure, the dots I want to try to connect were not uncovered by yours truly, but by a very good friend. We met through the internet and we have had some long and interesting off-line discussion on a variety of subjects. One of those subjects has been Benghazi. Trust me when I say that my friend is very smart. He is also a tenacious internet investigator. I recently refered to him as Super Sleuth and so I will call him SS  for the purposes of this post. SS has turned up what I believe to be three very interesting dots related to the Benghazi scandal that I have not seen discussed anywhere in the blogosphere. Let’s take them one at a time and then I will explain the kind of help I hope one or more of you can render.

Obama’s phone call to Netanyahu

In the days that followed the news of the attack on the US mission in Benghazi, Libya many people were asking :” Where was President Obama while all the live feed was coming in about the attack, because it seemed as though he went to bed early and then flew off to campaign in Las Vegas the next morning. What didn’t occur to me but did to my friend, SS, was to use his computer to find out what the White House Press Office had to say about the President’s activities. SS was intrigued to learn that shortly after being briefed about the Benghazi attack by Panetta and Dempsey, he and Vice President Biden placed a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (aka, Bibi). The call lasted an hour. According to the WH Press Office, Obama and Bibi discussed the Iran nuclear threat. That may be true. The UN General Assembly meeting was coming up in a couple of weeks and the President and Netanyahu would be seeing each other. SS and I had some off-line discussions about this call, which seemed very curious to us considering the timing of the call. The call took place between 12:30 am and 1:30 am Israeli time. To us that seemed a strange time for the President, who had just been informed that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack and that the Ambassador could not be reached and no one knew if the Ambassador was dead or alive, would place a call to another Head of State at such an hour to discuss something that was not an urgent matter. It made more sense to SS and I that Obama had received a message saying that Bibi wanted to talk re: Benghazi. We speculated Mossad had learned about whatever the President has been trying cover-up about what his State Department and the CIA were doing in Benghazi. The idea of a planned and coordinated kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens came up in our discussion. We also talked about the possibility that the CIA was collecting arms from the Libyan militia groups and sending them to Syria and maybe Iran”s  (ally of Russia) Red Guard were involved in the attack. In other words, we were speculating.

Very few bullet holes in the Mission’s walls.

I think it was about six months ago, I received an email from SS. He had come across an English language article on Benghazi published in Libya. The reporter was a freelance journalist from the UK. The journalist reported gone to the Mission and was surprised that there were so few bullet holes in the walls of the different structures. This led SS and I to think that maybe there is merit to the speculation that the terrorist weren’t there to kill the Ambassador but to try to capture him by smoking him out and maybe it was Tyrone Woods deciding to disobey the order to stand down that screwed up the kidnapping plan.

Photo of Biden holding notes on the phone call to Bibi

Yesterday, my tenacious friend, SS, sent me an email with this link to an official White House photo taken just after the phone call to Netanyahu ended. Please click on that link and you will see that V.P Biden is holding some papers in his hand. If you magnify your screen, you can see the references to “Bibi” several times. However, that part of the photo has been intentionally blurred for obvious reasons. This is where SS and I are hoping someone reading this post can help us out.

Do any of you or someone you know have the ability to enhance the part of the photo where the notes of the Obama/Bibi phone conversation is located. If you can do it your self please let me know by e-mail: picaypalo! or send how we can contact someone with these skills.

The notes are folded so we don’t expect to get much. But, it sure would be interesting and useful if the words “Benghazi” or “Ambassador Stevens” appear in the notes. Who knows what else of interest might show up.  You could be helping America to get one step closer to knowing the truth about what is really behind the Benghazi scandal.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

16 thoughts on “Connecting the dots on Benghazi __ Asylum Watch needs your help

  1. I think this administration is too incompetent to put together a coverup.

    They are just sociopaths who don’t care that four Americans died. It’s all about protecting the god who walks among us (Obama) and his re-coronation as our Divine Right Monarch.

  2. I’m not a CIA spook, but probably considered semi-pro with this sort of thing. I recovered water damaged photographs for Hurricane Katrina victims back in 2005 and do pixel-level image enhancements of my own pictures.

    Here are a couple enhanced view blow-ups of the referenced image::

    The 2nd one is a 3X blowup of the best I could quickly do with the image I had to work with.

    The bottom line:
    You can’t recover data that isn’t in the original image. This isn’t TV where they do that all the time. 🙂 The data needed to resolve the words is not in the image provided. You can see the pixel level data doesn’t contain sufficient data to read the words.

    It should be noted that I’m not working with an original image. The provided image is a .jpg file made from an original raw image. If I had the original raw file I MIGHT be able to resolve the words.

    .jpg is a compressed image file format that loses detail from an original. Each time a ;jpg file is saved, it loses more detail. A true raw image has all the data originally recorded by the camera. I normally only work with camera raw files.

    A true spy-level pro could probably draw a bit more out of this image, but not lots.

    Sorry. 😦

    1. AZ, you are a prince among men and a man of many talents. Thank you so much for the effort you made. Your enhancement is so close to being readable. Maybe you missed your callingg. You would make a good spy 🙂

  3. It is interesting that pat caddell and mark levin think that Boehner knows what went down and is the one slow walking. My hunch is that Israel was involved in some way with gun running. I recall Clinton’s response during the hearing. “Why no, no guns are being sent to Syria via turkey. The question was are any guns going to Syria. I have not been able to find the clip, but recalled she jumped at the question.

  4. I don’t think the Russians were involved in this — I see it as a radical Islamic attack against the hated Americans, part of a plan of attacks on multiple fronts that went wildly successful. The Turks were obviously acting as middle men to get the weapons to Syria, hence the presence of the Turkish Ambassador at the US facility in the middle of nowhere on the night Stephens died. Note that the assailants waited until the Turkish diplomat was gone before attacking– don’t want to get the wrong people mad at you. The ultra-secrecy on the part of the USG is due to the fact that these arms shipments were being undertaken in the dark of night, without any discussion of such action in the US Congress and in direct contrast to the claims by US officials that they were not arming the opposition in Syria. This is a classic intelligence operation that went belly-up, in great part because as usual the State Department caved to pressures to do what the big shots (you, Hillary, and you, Obama) wanted to do despite what I am sure were grave doubts about the wisdom of the policy being pursued and the risks to US personnel.

    1. You may be right, Norma. It may be that the State Department Theory is the correct one. If Russia was involved, it would been by proxy, visa vi, Iran. I do dind the call to Bibi right after being told that the Benghazi mission was under attack very curious., as well as, the lack of bullet holes in the building. Couple those things with the intentionally lax security and the orders to Woods to stand down, it makes me think there is more to it than just an illicit gun running scheme.

  5. This is very interesting and not something that I had considered before! There is no doubt that there is something very big which is being covered up. I wish I could help you, but I cannot. I hope that somebody can and when they do I look forward to reading your follow up on this story.

  6. I pulled the jpeg into Photoshop, and there is not enough data to make out the letters, much less the words. The B’s are very prominent, though. Like AZ said, the jpeg format sacrifices resolution for image size by a compression technique. Once you do the compression, data is lost.

    As far as the conspiracy stuff goes, I will have to sit this one out. I feel strongly that there is a cover-up, but simply don’t have the time or resources to pursue the matter.

    Good luck!

  7. A cover up is certainly underway. We may never know the full extent of what really happened in Benghazi, or why it happened, and that is sad. Our people deserve better than this.

  8. If the gun running was going as we think, then my question is why stage a kidnapping. I mean, If they wanted to keep the gun running quiet, what threat was Stephens? Was he going to blow the whistle on the operation….so they had to shut him up? Too many unknowns. I just think there was a reason they ignored the pleas for help …wanted to ditch Stephens and Al Qaida did the job for the O and co. Why escapes me.

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