Obama: A Joke In His Own Time?

Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) did not call Obama a joke in his own time. However, he did build a solid case for that claim in this P J Media article. I am a long-time fan of Victor Davis Hanson even though I don’t always agree with him. This is one of those times. It’s not that I disagree that Obama has become joke of his own making. VDH’s case on that point is irrefutable. Where I differ with Hanson this time is his claim that Obama has done no permanent damage to our country, in his very first sentence:

Critics of the president are convinced that Barack Obama will do lasting damage to the U.S. I doubt it.

In my opinion, every president in my life time  has done damage to our country. Even my favorite president, Ronald Reagan, managed to increase the size and cost of the federal government on his watch. (Reagan did apologize for that in his farewell address.) And, Barrack Hussein Obama is by far the worst of the bunch, as far as I can see.  Here is my short list of the lasting damage I attribute to President Obama:

  • VDH is convinced that sooner or later ObamaCare will be repealed. I don’t believe that. At most, it may be amended. ObamaCare will have lasting negative effects on health care in America and it will have lasting negative effects on our economy and jobs market.
  • Obama’s other signature legislation, Dodd-Franks and its Consumer Protection Bureau, will do far more harm than good in the years to come.
  • Obama’s $800 billion stimulus spending ended up stimulating nothing; but it did become part of our baseline budget and so our nation’s spending will always be $800 billion more per year than it would be otherwise.
  • Obama’s open borders policy will have last economic and social consequences.
  • Obama has been the most divisive president in  American since Lincoln. I believe he has done serious damage to race relations in American and the wounds will take years to heal.
  • In the arena of foreign affairs, Obama has been an absolute disaster. We could talk about his reset with Russia and his apology tour to Cairo. But, i my opinion, his interference in the affairs of Egypt, Libya, and now Syria have set in motion events which will affect stability in the Middle East and North Africa for decades to come.

I could add many more examples of the long-term negative effects Obama’s presidency will have on America. I’m sure you could, too.

Do read the Victor Davis Hanson article. You will enjoy how he demonstrates that the words and phrases Obama has repeated so many times in every speech no matter where or the occasion have become albatrosses around his neck. But, to say that the Obama presidency will have done no lasting damage to our country is something I cannot agree with, no matter how much I respect the man who said it. Obama has become a joke _ a bad joke, and the joke is on us,

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Obama: A Joke In His Own Time?

  1. He thinks that there is nothing left in his bully pulpit? Try the executuve orders that will completely change America that are yet to come. Just wait until after 2014′

  2. The damage this man has caused will be permanent. Obama care will be permanent. Welcome to the socialist worker’s paradise. Because at a certain point you have to ask yourself if you’ve made enough money.

  3. I agree… President Obama can and is doing damage to this country. The question is how much damage, how long will some of it take to undo, and can the worst be undone?

  4. VDH simply forgot some convenient facts. I read the piece.

    Jimmy Carter brought us one disaster after another. Soaring prices everywhere via inflation and the worst FED ever until the current one- he invented the Department of Energy- one of the greatest wastes of taxpayer money ever. He also signed the Dept. of Education into law- another profound waste of tax payer money.

    Unless I am mistaken, these wastes of money have cost us billions and probably over a trillion some 35 years later. But most importantly- Carter was simply ineffective.

    Carter was a good guy I think. A horrible President. But he damaged us too. The difference between Carter and Obama is simple. Carter was a nice guy and not devious. Obama is not a nice guy, he is cunning and devious. He is a race baiting liar. It will take us years to unwind every recess appointment, every Solyndra deal, every executive order, every government takeover, A US Attorney who has hired some 150 lawyers, every one a flaming liberal. Not to mention those new flamers on the bench. I could go on ad infinitum.

    I was tempted to cut and paste this onto VDH’s site, but I realized he was just trying to spark some recovery hope for the day when Obama gets the hell out of here. It is ridiculous to think that this country is simply going to shake off the damage this guy has done. In fact, it’s down right delusional.

  5. Indeed, Obama is a very bad joke and a great danger to our country. I have always feared he would change America in such a way that we may never recover. I am seeing that take place before my eyes and it isn’t a pleasant thing to watch.

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