“It’s for the children” _ Progressive Democrats Constantly Tell Us __ No, It Is Against The Children

Are you like me? Are you sick and tired of the “progressives”, who dominate all levels of government in America, telling us that their latest inane proposal is “for the good of children”? It matters not what the issue is; it’s always for the children. In my opinion, in most cases, the policies the progressives are pushing end up doing harm to children rather than helping them. Nowhere is this more true than in progressive education policies.

The esteemed Dr. Thomas Sowell asks: Are We Serious About Education? It should be no surprise that concludes we are not. I n his article which focuses on education of minority children, he gives example after example of superior teachers who have achieved superior results and have been rewarded by being hounded from their jobs by politicians   or school administrators, and, of course, by the teacher’s unions. Dr. Sowell ends this excellent essay with this: (the emphasis is mine)

Other examples could be cited of educators who produced outstanding results for minority students — in New York, Houston and other places — and faced the wrath of the education establishment, which sees schools as places to provide jobs for teachers, rather than education for students, and which will not tolerate challenges to its politically correct dogmas.

For the children? Really? Will parents and voters ever wake-up?

Something else that should be no surprise is that California is leading the way when it comes to putting children at risk. You really need to read the latest post at rjjdq’s America II. For now, let me share just two paragraphs with you:

The overwhelmingly Democrat California legislature has approved a bill that will allow k-12 students to choose what gender they want to be on a particular day and to use facilities and engage in activities as they see fit. AB1266 would allow children…up through high school to use restrooms, locker rooms, and play sports that are normally segregated. The bill was apparently constructed by-who knows, but it was taken and rammed through by a senator by the name of Mark Leno.

Non-Californians-and many natives may not have heard of this guy. He is a staunch gay rights advocate. Well fine, live and let live, but what kind of gays is this guy actually advocating for? Let’s look at his record. He was opposed to a tough law that would ban child sex offenders from living less that 2000 feet from a school or park. He thought the law would make it too difficult for those poor sexual deviants to find a place to live. And he is in full support of what those deviants do. He supported a bill that would allow up to 25 pieces of child porn on your computer without penalty. You saw that right. A little child porn on your computer is not a crime to this guy. He also championed a bill that allows a child to have more than two parents. That is correct. If somebody else stakes a claim to your child they could conceivably become a parent, the same as you.

Can you imagine the confusion to the mind of a young girl seeing boys in her bathroom or locker-room? And, the same of, course, for little boys seeing girls in their bathrooms and locker rooms. Unequals are now equal! I guess this is the “New Math”?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?.

4 thoughts on ““It’s for the children” _ Progressive Democrats Constantly Tell Us __ No, It Is Against The Children

  1. Education is the largest expenditure in most state budgets. Yet even with that education, especially K-12, has always been chronically underfunded and vastly over politicized. That makes for a no-win situation.

    Then when you add ill-conceived laws like California’s AB1266 to the mix, it transforms Obama’s “Race to the Top” education policy into a ‘race to the bottom’.

    1. I agree it is a race to the bottom, but i do not agree that K-12 education has been chronically under finded. They have had plenty of money, in my opinion. The problem is how it has been allocated.

  2. Democrats always fall back on the its for the children line because, after all, who wants to hurt the children? It is a false argument but one which the left constantly seems to win because it puts Republicans in a corner and they are too timid to expose the left for who they really are because they fear they will be seen as wanting to hurt the children when in reality the policies of the left are what is actually hurting the children.

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