Bibles, Badges, Business and George Soros Lobbying To Pass The Amnesty Bill?

If James R. Edwards Jr., writing at the Center for Immigration Studies, is right,  George Soros has a new pet project called Bibles, Badges and Business (BBB). And, the BBB is planning a “pep rally” on Wednesday in support of the Senate’s Amnesty Bill, S, 744.

If this story is true, you have to hand it to the super rich pseudo-liberals like George Soros. They have no shame. There is no limit to how low they are willing to stoop. Even if that means pretending to be “conservatives”. Think about it. Who was President Obama talking about when he referred to those who cling to their bibles? Conservatives. Who are the folks who are tough on crime and support law and order? Conservatives. Who advocates for the free market system and, therefore, are considered pro-business? Conservatives.  And so, it appears that Mr. Soros is spending millions of dollars from his pocket change to have a group (Bible, Badges, and Business) try to convince a gullible public that even conservatives support the Amnesty Bill.

The question you should be asking yourselves is: Why? Why do the super rich pseudo-liberals like George Soros, or the Rothschild’s or the Rockefeller’s, and etc. support policies that are so obviously damaging to the economy? Amnesty and open borders is just one more of the myriad of liberal back policies that are bankrupting this country. Think Cloward-Piven. The end result of all of these liberal policies is the inevitable collapse of the dollar followed by hyperinflation. Do you think that people like Soros, Rothschild’s and Rockefeller are too stupid to see what is obvious? Of course, they see what is coming. They have known from the day President Richard Nixon stopped the backing of the dollar by gold and allowed the Banksters to create their fiat money system based on ever-expanding credit (debt), that it was inevitable that the dollar would eventually collapse. They have multiplied their fortunes with that knowledge. And, they will use the eventual collapse of the dollar to squeeze the last drop of wealth from the system into their coffers.

Long time readers of Asylum Watch (previously Conservatives on Fire) know that I have written several times about the coming collapse and how the super rich bankers are orchestrating that collapse. One question that always comes up in the comments is: Why? Why would the elites, the most powerful bankers and investors in the world, deliberately kill the Golden Goose that is the source of their wealth? Wouldn’t that be equivalent to them committing suicide? I’ve never been able to adequately articulate answers to those questions. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to explain why the dollar’s collapse is inevitable and will lead to hyperinflation and how the super rich bankers will come out of it even richer, and, last but not the least, I will explain why you should be glad this is all going to happen. The title of tomorrow’s post will likely leave you scratching your heads and wondering if the old man down in Venezuela has finally joined the ranks of the most insane in the asylum he has been watching. Stay tuned!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Bibles, Badges, Business and George Soros Lobbying To Pass The Amnesty Bill?

  1. My theory is that the super rich are consumed by guilt and self-loathing. They are tormented by their money and success. They hate themselves and want to bring down the system so no none else will “suffer” like they do.

  2. Soros has taken out a huge “put” position in the stock market counting on its tanking and no doubt will make every effort as well to tank the U.S. .Soros is most famous for his single-day gain of US$1 billion on September 16, 1992, which he made by short selling the British pound. He does this on a regular basis to other countries as well. There should be a special place in hell for him.
    Recall Baruch during the depression? They make money both ways.

  3. (Jim and friends…I’ve been sick for a couple weeks, so that’s why I haven’t been writing..still running tests to find out what it is…..probably a plot by Soros to poison me…LOL). There is no rock low enough for that SOB. I’m looking forward to your ideas. Frankly, I think it is lust for power to destroy others. He thrives on it. I don’t think there is one iota of guilt in Soros and those like him. Yes, Bunker..the hottest fire for all eternity….I agree

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