Liberals Are Racists. Eric Holder May Be The Worst of All

Me thinks he (the lady) doth protest too much

My apologies to William Shakespeare. This line from Hamlet has come to suggest that those who constantly complain about something are often the ones who are guilty of that very something.

Liberals, who are constantly accusing others of being racists, are, by the policies they support, the real racists. The policies they support are, by design, responsible for keeping blacks and other people of color poor, undereducated and without any initiative to escape the vicious circle of poverty. I am so tired of the “holier than thou” attitudes of people like Piers Morgan and Chris Matthews. But the most racist of all are the black liberals who have attained positions of influence: people like Ophra Winfrey, Whoopie Goldberg, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and a myriad of sports professionals. Even worse are those who are career politicians: from Maxine Waters right up to to President Barack Obama.

It may be hard to believe that someone could be more racist that President Obama; but I contend that Eric Holder, the nation’s top cop, is also our nation’s worst racist. Although an US president is arguably the most powerful man in the world, Eric Holder is using his position of Attorney General to intentionally keep black Americans ignorant and poor and devoid of the hope of improving their lot in life with the sole purpose of making sure that these folks will keep voting for liberal Democrats.

It was Eric Holder who called Americans cowards for refusing to have an honest discussion about racial issues in America. It was in a Congressional hearing that Eric Holder said part of his job is to protect “his people”. Well, let’s see how well Mr. Holder is protecting “his people”.

Voter ID Laws

Every time a state passes a law to curb election fraud, Eric Holder and his Department of Justice take them to court. Holder is currently suing the State of Texas over their Voter ID Law. Eric Holder has consistently taken the position that voter ID laws make it harder for minority voters to vote. In other words, he thinks blacks and other people of color are too stupid or lazy to manage to obtain a voter ID and, therefore these laws discriminate against minorities. If Eric Holder wasn’t a racist, he would know what  the Say Anything blog knows:

“There are eleven states that have vote ID laws, and black voter participation actually increased and exceeded that of whites in nine of them,” said Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock.

Not only did voter ID laws not seem to have any real impact on minority turnout on the state level, but nationally black participation increased as well. “Black participation in the 2012 election not only went up from 2008 but in the fist time in history exceeded white participation.”

The trend in America has been toward more strict voter ID laws (here in North Dakota out legislature toughened identification laws earlier this year). And yet, there doesn’t seem to be evidence that it’s suppressing minority voters.

Even Indian tribes use voter ID to ensure that their elections aren’t influenced by unqualified voters.

Maybe it’s time to stop questioning the motives of voter ID proponents, and start questioning the motivations of opponents.

So, it seems that black voters are not as stupid or lazy as Eric Holder thinks they are.

Blacks Don’t Deserve A Better Education Than They Are Getting.

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, has begun a program to help black and other minority students to escape from their failing school and attend the school of their choice. But, Eric Holder and his DoJ will have nothing of that: John Hayward reports:

“The Obama administration is trying to use rules that were designed to protect poor minority kids to actually keep them trapped in failing schools,” said the Governor. “We’ve got 8,000 kids getting these scholarships.  100 percent of these are low-income families. 100 percent of them are coming from C, D, or F public schools.  100 percent of their parents chose this as a way for their kids to get a better education.  90 percent of them are minorities.  We talk about equal opportunity in America, but we’re not providing it unless we give every child the chance to get a great education.”

Apparently a better education for these children is not as important to Eric Holder and his boss as the teacher’s unions.

Seth Mandel at Commentary on the absurdity of Eric Holder using desegregation laws to thwart school choice programs: “The school had a “racial identity” as a white school, and the state of Louisiana awarded scholarships to a group of black students to get them out of the white failing school and into a better private school. According to Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the Louisiana voucher program gave private school vouchers to too many black students. What this means in practice is that Holder would not challenge them on segregation grounds if, merely because of their race, the state allotted fewer vouchers to black students in favor of giving the scholarships to white students.”

Adds Mandel: “Imagine what Democrats would make of a policy that disproportionately harmed black students trying to get a decent education if the partisan roles were reversed.”

So, this is how Eric Holder protects “his people”? I submit that Eric Holder is the worst kind of racist. He is a black man who has a very low opinion of black people. He is on a mission to keep black people ignorant and living in poverty. He knows that if too many black Americans were to succeed in America, like he has, that he and his liberal ilk would lose their control over this important voting block.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


22 thoughts on “Liberals Are Racists. Eric Holder May Be The Worst of All

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, as usual. Did you happen to catch the Washington Post editorial excoriating the Justice Department for opposing vouchers for DC schoolchildren? I nearly dropped my coffee when I read it. Peace be with you – Kelly

  2. Typical. Here in New York City our black “leaders” are calling for an end to “Stop and frisk” by the NYPD. And who will suffer if they accomplish this? This will only lead to spikes in violence and deaths of young black men.

    It’s almost as if the black “leadership” didn’t care. Nah, that couldn’t be the explanation.

  3. I have recently done a post – bad people send their kids to private schools – which had a bit of a different take. This theory goes that one must sacrifice ones children by keeping them in public schools in order to equalize the opportunities. Otherwise the bad schools get even worse. A take on a bizarre progressive agenda I had not heard before. Either way it is a damning approach to education.

  4. Speaking of New York City, the democrats suiting up for their Mayoral primary more than reflect the racial tone set by Obama and his astral twin Eric Holder. In their TV ads each candidate is sure to mention he/she is strong on civil rights while also vowing to end the police department’s “stop and frisk” policy, a policy which protects the poor in poor neighborhoods. Each of these career politicians, other than Anthony Weiner, in the hip pocket of the teachers union have stood by silently as the NYC schools continue to descend into decay and anarchy. These democrats, the ardent foes of school vouchers, also vow to create good high paying jobs(their words not mine) unlike Oscamo’s shovel ready jobs for those they leave unprepared to enter the work force. The left’s all out assault on its most dependable voting bloc, the poor, the dependent, the minorities is a winner that has these people voting in lockstep with the wealthy elites…Uhm Uhm Uhm.

      1. Liberal logic has always had about it the fragrance of 5-day old mackerel sunning in a dumpster in an alley behind a Chinese take-out.

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