ObamaCare Proves Obama Doesn’t Care

Scandals, scandals, and more scandals. And now we are faced with the prospect of going to war with Syria; a country embroiled in civil war, which in no way, shape, or form is any threat to the United States. In politics timing is everything. None are more aware of that than the handlers of President Barack Obama. They know that President Obama desperately needs to distract the public from all of his fails and what better way than war? Is it just to distract the public’s attention from the multiple scandals? I submit that there is something else about to happen that will bring the public’s ire down on Obama like a tonne of bricks. I’m talking about ObamaCare, much of which goes in to effect on the first day of October.

Those who have been paying attention know that ObamaCare is going to be an economic disaster for Americans, not to mention how it is going destroy the quality of medical care in America. Even many Democrats (especially those up for reelection in 2014) have called ObamaCare a train wreck in the making. Come October 1, 2013, those that haven’t been paying attention are going to get the message loud and clear. Although Obama and The Powers That Be (TPTB) may have many reasons to want to get the US involved in a stupid Middle East war,but  the timing couldn’t be better for distracting the public’s attention from all the scandals and the coming ObamaCare train wreck.

My good friend Brian of the Frankenstein Government blog is a regular contributor to the Guest Saturday series here at Asylum Watch. His next scheduled feature is in a couple of weeks, But, yesterday, Brian wrote a piece about how ObamaCare is going to affect him personally. It is the best explanation of the coming ObamaCare train wreck I have seen and it is done in a way that any of  our uniformed citizens should be able to understand. So, below the break I present the entirety of Brian’s article, Please read it very carefully. Then I will have more to say.{ Some background on Brian: he is in his early fifties, he is a retired former Chief of Police of Sun Valley, Idaho (Moonbat Valley is how Brian always refers to it), and you will see that Brian is very frugal in the way he manages his income.}


Predictions Of An Average Joe- Or Why Most of Us Will Go Broke Soon

By Brian of Frankenstein Government

This might be my most insightful blog of the year and it came as a result of doing a personal budget today. The net conclusion is that I’m screwed. Unfortunately, so are a lot of you. This is why many Americans must go broke, break the law, or both.

The golfer in chief- shortly after punting a mutinous war arrangement in Syria this weekend- went golfing. This is what Obama does best.

Before golfing, he engaged the services of John McCain- professional warmonger. McCain has been running around like Chicken Little telling Americans that if we don’t act soon against Syria- the end of times shall surely follow. Here’s Chicken Little on Huffpo. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/02/john-mccain-syria_n_3857023.html

So we have that Kabuki theatre to look forward to all week.

Today I was looking at the only real measure of unemployment, the U6. The U6 is at 14% but it is probably a few points higher because there are a number of people-like me- who they don’t even know about. I’ve been out of the labor force since 2007 using my own dough.

Here’s a nice link to the U-6. Some excellent charts on this page. http://www.macrotrends.net/1377/u6-unemployment-rate

We have less than 30 days to go until Obamacare! I can’t wait to see this disaster unfold. My state, Idaho, has no exchange.

Bankers stealing and charging interest for money they don’t even have nor own- has to be one of the greatest scams ever conceived. That is closely followed by insurance. Another business that charges gobs of money and really doesn’t pay out much. Compelling people- through the force of law- to buy your product is really a fantastic coup made possible by lobbyists, politicians, and predatory corporations.

So what I thought I’d do today is show you a budget and how three things- taxes, interest, and insurance wipe out over half of my income. In addition, I am going to show you how corporate America keeps us broke and why folks like me can’t possibly comply with Obamacare.

Please look at this chart and note that approximately 70% of all Americans make 75 grand or less and that fully 1/2 of the United States makes less than 50 grand. (Source, 2012 US Census) Please keep this in mind as you read on.


This is my current situation.

Let’s start with a gross 35, 000 dollars a year. I pay 3500 in federal taxes and my state taxes are usually about 1500. My property tax is 1000 a yr. I will pay sales tax in the neighborhood of 1000 a year. (6%). I am going to include gas taxes in sales tax. I use 500 gallons of  gas a year. So gas tax would be around 250.00. I don’t pay cigarette or alcohol taxes.

Total taxes= 7000 dollars or 20% of my income.

My new net income is now 28,000.

My home cost 105,000. I have a 30 year 5.25 loan. I can’t refinance. Total interest to term will be 104, 000.

So my interest per year on my house is 3,470 dollars. My cheap car loan costs me 500 a year in interest and I refuse to carry balances on any credit card. But I pay a charge here or there so I’ll add in 30 bucks.

Total Interest= 4000 dollars or 14.25% of my remaining income. New net is 24,000.

Insurance on my car and motorcycle costs 1000.00 a year. My homeowner’s insurance is 400 a year. I have to pay mortgage insurance on my home loan. That costs me 90.00 a mo. x 12= 1080. Obamacare is going to cost me 375.00 a month or 4500 a year. I don’t have dental insurance but that would cost me 80.00 a month.

Total Insurance= 8000 dollars a year.

So my total cost for those three things is 19,000 dollars. That leaves me with 16,000 dollars a year or about 1333.00 dollars a month. From that I must pay…

510.00 a mo. for my house, after subtracting interest, taxes, and insurance.
216.00 a mo for my car after subtracting interest.

1333.00-510.00= 823.00…… 823.00- 216.00= 607.00

Here’s where things get tragic. I have 607.00 dollars a month left to pay the following:

Fuel and oil= 225.00 a month
Food at 10 bucks a day= 300.00 a month
Cable is 51.00
Cell phone is 70.00
Water averages 30.00 a month
Sewer is 20.00 a month
Electricity averages 40.00
Natural Gas averages 40.00
Internet 35.00
Car and motorcycle registration 10.00 a mo. over the course of a year.
Prescriptions 10.00 a month.

Grand Total Monthly Expenses Other than House and Car

831.00 dollars! 

That leaves me minus 224.00 in the hole every month! At 35,000 a year, I need an additional 2500 dollars a year net or about 5000.00 dollars in gross wages just to break even.

Remember, I added Obamacare into my budget.

The really fantastic thing about my situation is this. I have no revolving debt, no student loans, I financed one of the lowest cost cars on the planet. I live cheap.

You will also note that there is no money for tires, computers, Christmas, visits to the clinic or co-pays, children, child support, or life insurance. I don’t have money for dog food or vet bills. I don’t have any money for golfing or the gym. Or eating out.

Now I could sell my house and go rent a trailer house and save 125.00 a month. I could disconnect my satellite and save 51 bucks along with my internet server at 35 a month. I’m still 20 bucks short.

Bottom line? I can’t pay for Obamacare. I don’t have any money for it. Moving to Ecuador is one of the few things I could do to both comply with the law and afford the things I need. I am not kidding about this. Leaving the United States might not be an option any more- people in my situation might have to.

So if that’s my story- how in the hell are all of these other Americans paying for kids, college tuition, 30k cars, 250k houses, vet bills, birthdays and Christmas? IDFK. That’s- I Don’t _______ Know.

How are people in my income bracket, 30-50k going to make it? Answer they’re not. And that is a huge chunk of all Americans. They’re not going to buy Obamacare because the idiots that make the laws in the United States never considered two GINORMOUS problems.

Existing individual debt was already huge and the average American worker was already tapped out when they decided to try this grand experiment. The medical industry needed vast and sweeping  reform prior to ever applying a national health care system. Without reforms, they simply took a giant, bloated system and made it far worse.

So the people in my income bracket are screwed. The young healthy kids in that bracket are already tapped out and that’s only if they are as frugal as I am.

So you see, it’s not just the government that’s broke. We’re all circling the drain and it’s awfully late in the game for government to stick it’s boot on our throats and demand more money. I don’t think Obamacare is even remotely, economically feasible given this example, the average wage of 70% of Americans, and the two trillion in student loans and revolving debt that existed when they embarked on this idiocy. All this about the time the bankers were wiping away all traces of equity in American homes.

At this point, and knowing that the future does not look any better, I think the most intelligent move for a lot of Americans will be to ex patriate to any number of countries like Belize where healthcare is one tenth of our cost here. The alternative, to stay here and subject yourself to the voracious tax bite of a government that cannot stop spending money that it doesn’t have, is like some drawn out slow death.

Unfortunately, I have commitments and responsibilities here like most folks and I don’t see that changing anytime soon but if it does…maybe a passport will get me over the Canadian border at the very least. Until then I guess I’ll go look for another job so I can stay out of the IRS prison.

And you thought we abolished slavery…when in fact, all we managed to do was change plantation owners.


Well, that brings the ObamaCare train wreck clearly in to focus, doesn’t it? Your humble observer of this asylum we all have to live in implores you, my dear friends, to copy Brian’s piece and send it to everyone you know no matter their political persuasion, Please help me make this excellent explanation of the effects of ObamaCare go viral!

Now, before I end this already long post, I want to share with you this graph I found at Zero Hedge:

Please understand that the graph is not depicting Americans who are unemployed. It shows all Americans who are not working for whatever reason. What is important is the trend. How do you think the ObamaCare train wreck is going to affect that graph? Exactly!

Although, as I said earlier, TPTB have their own reasons for want us to go to war with Syria, the timing visa vi the ObamaCare train wreck is impeccable, isn’t it?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


10 thoughts on “ObamaCare Proves Obama Doesn’t Care

  1. My insurance sucked before Obamacare i can only imagine what it’s going to be like with it.

    I currently owe 10,000 from one night in the hospital. I live in NYC, got sick in NYC, visited the emergency room in NYC and was operated in NYC.

    Yet Blue Cross has rejected my claim because they are in Pennsylvania. Hence NYC is “outside their coverage zone.”

    As far as abolishing slavery. We are wage slaves. Nothing more.

  2. Hi Brian – I’m wondering why your fed and state taxes are so high. Perhaps you need a better tax preparer (I’m not being snarky – just trying to be helpful.) Also, it doesn’t hurt to start a business. Something small that can generate deductions.

    You mentioned that Idaho doesn’t have an exchange, but Otter has set up a state exchange (the rat!)

    I see you’re living in Boise. I’m in Post Falls so if you ever take a bike trip up here I’d love to meet you.

  3. Thanks to Obama and his lack of care I was forced into early retirement. No one is talking about the coming disaster which will effect hospitals. Hundreds are being laid off, and the minimal profit margins will disappear. Just as he planned. We will have government hospitals. Va on steroids.

    1. ” We will have government hospitals.”

      If Americans stand for that, they will get what they deserve. Sadly, Those that don’t stand for it, will also get what the majority desrve. Democracy sucks! Our Founders knew that, didn’t they?

  4. Obamacare is going to bring down the economy and Obama doesn’t care because that is what he wants. Syria is providing Obama with a diversion and he is running with it. I am still trying to cover all these other scandals and trying to not get too side-tracked by Syria, but it is hard. And that is the way Obama wants it.

  5. I think that many Americans recognize the situation intellectually. However, they really don’t believe that the situation will deteriorate to the point that Brian asserts.

    Now, I’m not saying that Brian is incorrect. In my view, he’s exactly correct. But until Americans sink — and I mean individuals and families — they won’t believe what is happening.

    There is no cavalry riding over the hill.

    Obama will ultimately accomplish his goal: the redistribution of wealth. Such is his vision of the new world order — with himself and his closest cohorts at the top of the food chain, of course.

    I’m glad that I’m as old as I am. America’s best days are over. Done.

    1. After the inevitable collapse of the dollar and after the hyperinflation has run its course, the good guys will possibly have a second chance at the great American experiment. Yes, it will be too late for many of us elders.

    2. After the inevitable collapse of the dollar and after the hyperinflation has run its course, the good guys will possibly have a second chance at the great American experiment. Yes, it will be too late for many of us elders.

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