The Democrat Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Is At It Again!

The 2012 Republican Party Platform __  What more could a conservative ask for from its party? Not much, I would say.  The problem we conservatives have with the Republican Party is that there are too many (one would be too many) Democrats in the Party. In the Senate, we have Democrats  like John McCain and Lindsay Graham using “R’s” after their names and in the House we have Democrat, John Boehner, as Speaker of the House and Eric Cantor, Majority Leader, has an “R” after his name, but he too is really a Democrat. So, what good does it do us for the Republicans to have a majority in the House of Representatives if they are going to behave like Democrats?

Tea Party conservatives in the House, want to use the upcoming budget battle to defund ObamaCare. The timing is perfect. Obama has been exposed for the fool that he is when he failed spectacularly to convince Congress and the public to go to war with Syria. And, the last time I saw a poll on ObamaCare, over 60% were unfavorable. So, all the majority Republicans in the House have to do is pass a Continuing Resolution that gives Obama everything he wants sans funding for ObamaCare and dare Harry Reid and President Obama to shot down the government to protect an unpopular ObamaCare. They believe, and I, for one agree, that the President’s attempts to blame a shut down on the Republicans will fail.

But, the Cowardly Lion, John Boehner, doesn’t have the backbone to take on President Obama over ObamaCare. So, like a good Democrat, he tried to fool House Republicans and the public into believing that the majority Republicans were going to pass a Continuing resolution with an amendment to be voted on separately to defund ObamaCare and that would show Harry Reid and Obama how serious the House Republicans were. The slight-of-hand used by Boehner was to get the Republicans to pass a Continuing Resolution under the Self-Executing Rule aka “Deem and Pass”. This would allow the Senate to throw out any amendments they didn’t like and as long as they didn’t change the basic bill, they could send it to the President to sign without going back to the House for reconciliation. He really is a coward, isn’t he?

Fortunately, our Tea Party conservatives are not as stupid as Boehner was hoping. And now, the teary-eyed Boehner is having to pull back his spending bill and the next week or two are going to be very interesting. Fox News reports:

House Speaker John Boehner and his team pulled the plan, which could have gotten a full chamber vote as early as Thursday, after a conservative backlash led by the Tea Party movement and Heritage Action for America.

The plan essentially called for the House to vote on defunding ObamaCare and the temporary spending bill, then send the package to the Democrat-controlled Senate, which almost certainly would have jettisoned the defund part and allowed the chambers to negotiate on a “clean” funding bill.

“The Ruling Elite is up to it again,” the Tea Party Patriots group said Wednesday. “They want you to think they have voted for defunding ObamaCare. But it’s another shell game.”

What will it take to convince Republican voters to quit electing Democrats pretending to be Republicans?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “The Democrat Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Is At It Again!

  1. Up to know I held out some hope that there were some good guys around. This Syrian revelation that it is simply a way to support the military industry both dems and GOP buddies from the military industry, has left me with little hope. They are all in this together. I caught your story earlier. Evil. Pure evil.

  2. The Republicans better start getting it right because there is a ground swell of support for more libertarian/conservative/tea party candidates. While I am registered Republican (mainly so I can vote in a primary in my state) I would jump over to another party like the Libertarians in a heart beat if I thought we could win and keep the progressives out of office. The Big R party better be looking at candidates like Rand Paul and not try to force-feed us a RINO. The country is begging for a REAL alternative to the Big Government types on both sides of the aisle. If Hillary is elected she may go down a little smoother than Obama but it’s the same poison. Ditto if a RINO gets the Republican nomination.
    OMG–I can’t believe I’m commenting about 2016 already. Give me an aspirin. Or better yet, a drink!

  3. I’m glad to see it’s not just me who is tired of the underhanded way our business is being conducted in Washington. Wasn’t “deem and pass” the same way Obamacare was passed through the reconciliation process? If we didn’t like it then, why would Boehner’s plan be any different?

  4. Even in State politics this cabal from DC / establishment GOP undermines conservative candidates. We have two GOP candidates going after the Hagan senate seat. One is the establishment corrupt GOP. The other is more of a grassroots conservative. So what does Karl Rove do? He waltzes in here with money to back a spoiler third candidate acting as a Christian conservative to split the conservative vote in order to insure the first guy…the establishment corporate crony might as well be a Democrat candidate. Thank you Katl Rove. It’s a big money game and North Carolina is becoming more purple by the day. The GOP is assassinating grassroots conservatives…just like the leftist Dems are. So there you have it.

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