Black Sell Outs: Obama, Jamie Foxx, Hip Hop, NAACP

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usneakydevilu Black sell outs, politics, poverty pimps

Images of Black sell outs. They hurt Blacks more than they help.

Definition: Sell out; A person or group that betrays a cause for personal advancement.

Shown in the image are only a few of Black Americans sell outs; these I chose to include because I feel they work the hardest to “Keep Hate Alive”. They all have actively worked to push for division amongst Blacks and Whites. They have worked hard at creating race tensions whenever possible (As seen in Trayvon Martin case aftermath). Now do not get me wrong, I am by no means implying that all is well in America with regards to race relations, what I’m saying is these hate hustlers are a huge part of the problem, and are nowhere close to being part of a healthy solution.

We have sell outs in all facets of our society, in the Bible; Judas was a sell out to Jesus, betraying the cause for a few measly silver coins. In the Black community sell outs come in many forms, sacrificing the integrity of the culture and community to achieve wealth, fame or some form of perceived higher status.

In the Black community, we have special kinds of sell outs:

  • Drug dealers sell death to their neighbors, moms, cousins, little sisters. These sell outs blame Whites, society, but not themselves.
  • Black life is minimized in many urban Black communities; high murder and abortion rates do not seem to bother many of the “big mouths” in the Black establishment. Scared to tackle the real problems in the Black community, they stay silent when words and action are needed.
  • Black Politicians give the appearance of fighting for the cause, but most really fight to achieve and keep the status and money that comes with being an elected official. Blacks think highly of these sell outs, but if they look close, these Blacks are the equivalent to a past character to which many Blacks have always disliked, the notorious “House Negro”. The House Negro embraced servitude and attached himself to the established powers, similar to how many of today’s Democrats want Blacks to embrace and relax in the bosom of big government. Oh yeah, the ghetto of 30-50 years ago, is still the ghetto to many Blacks today.
  • Rappers and Black entertainers believe they have made being a n**ger, a b**ch cool, but what they really did was make fools of Blacks. These uneducated, greedy fools have the ear of many impressionable, unattended to youth and get away with getting rich off pushing trash philosophy to the masses. These court jesters are mere professional clowns and should not be given such high degree of latitude. Many are vile and have no care for what is harmful to society.
  • In many areas, the Church has sold out Blacks, turning an blind eye on the corruption of millions of Black souls. Ignoring scripture to fit in with political philosophy, usually Liberal-Democrat philosophy.
  • Black political pundits grab onto nearly every negative in the Black community and would have Blacks believe, “it’s not their fault”, only Whites are to blame. This does not allow for any self help because, one need not help oneself when one is not to blame. This is a sell out to Blacks and is not sound reasoning, this weak argument is the bases for many negative attitudes and beliefs in the Black community.

Most of the sell outs in the Black community have one thing in common, they all tend to gain wealth through the structure they claim to hate. While amping up hate, division and turmoil, they retreat, smiling with their hand full of a few measly silver coins.

Today, we Blacks cannot say that one group is entirely responsible for our problems and issues, if we  blame Whites or society for the high murder rates in Black communities, fatherless homes, and the moral decay in the Black community, we are saying that we have no control over ourselves. That would mean we are lacking in self control and self reliance, that would mean we are even more so being controlled by the Plantation today than in the past. To be freed from the chains of slavery, only to voluntarily enslaved oneself is insane. These sell outs, these poverty pimps, work as slave brokers, I pray that the Black community would become emancipated yet again; maybe a Civil War is due.


Freedom By The Way wrote: “This is one of the best no-holds-barred narratives I’ve read about who’s selling American Blacks a bill of goods.” I couldn’t agree with her more. Please visit the Home page of UsneakydevilU and make sure to read the About page where you will meet the remarkable author, Mike Johnson.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Black Sell Outs: Obama, Jamie Foxx, Hip Hop, NAACP

  1. Whenever I see something blatantly slamming one party or the other… such as the above graphic… the first thing I do is check the source.

    Surprise… surprise… it came from a conservative thinker. Somehow, I’m not surprised. 😉

    So, already I know it is politically biased and not to be take at face value. So, I didn’t.

    That is exactly what I do when I see similar slams made against conservative causes… or any other cause for that matter.

    That is not to say the biased writer doesn’t make valid points… they do… good ones.

    Anyone who can read numbers knows that Obama policies have done squat to help hard working minorities, black or otherwise. On the other hand he has given away everything but the kitchen sink to poor and non-working minorities, black and otherwise. That got Obama re-elected.

    Then the author throws in the usual suspects… charlatans (Sharpton, Jackson, etc.), the ignorant and hard-core liberals and… voilà… you’ve got the makings of a unneeded liberal slam!

    You don’t need to slam anyone. The data speak for themselves. Slams only dilute the message and turn away those who might otherwise listen. (independents)

    Minorities are justifiably proud to see America’s first minority President in the White House.

    Obama is a gifted speaker with a winning smile. It is to bad he isn’t a very good President.

    1. azleader–the author of this piece is a Black American that lives what he is writing about. Maybe you didn’t get that. The entire piece is intended to be be a slam and a wake-up call to his own Black community.
      If a white had written this piece many may agree with you (or call it a racist piece). Which is really odd when you think about. Truth is the truth no matter the source.

    2. I don’t understand you holier than thou attitude, AZ. You, yourself, slamed economist Veronique de Rugy on one of my recent posts. Did you read the About page at UsneakydevilU. as I suggested? The author, Mike Johnson, is a black man who suffered and overcame every social hurdel life could possibly throw at him. Do you not think he has a right to pick bones with the race baiters he mentioned in his essay? Besides, he is really taking issue with his fellow black Americans who pay attention to those race baiters.

  2. Here in New York City the new Democratic mayor will put an end to stop and frisk (In part because it’s “racist” and “black leaders” want it ended.)

    Sellouts. This is going to kill MORE blacks. Not that the leadership cares.

    1. I see your point. Profiling of likely criminals is racist, therefore must stop, which will lead to more dead people of whatever color. However, I must say I do not support unreasonable search and seizure even for a good cause.

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