Do Americans Deserve To Be Treated Like Mushrooms?

There must be a secret government university somewhere where the potential political elites go to learn how to white wash the truth. Where they learn to keep us in the dark; like the proverbial mushrooms, while the feed us a lot of ….( a euphemism for fertilizer). If I had to guess, this secret university was probably established around 1800. Maybe even earlier.

Ask yourself this: Have you ever believed the reports turned out by government established commissions on whatever crisis? It’s as though the conclusions of any commission are predetermined, isn’t it? It’s now fifty years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Do you think we know the truth about what happened that day in Dallas, Texas? To this day there are tonnes of government documents on the Kennedy assassination that are still classified. Why? Because the power brokers do not want us to know the truth. What about the Vietnam War? How did we get mired down in that fiasco? I remember reading a CIA history of their involvement in Southeast Asia. Hell, the CIA was mucking about in Vietnam and Laos before Harry Truman left office. It’s as if the US Government couldn’t wait for the French to get out of our way so we could teach those commies a lesson. But I’m talking ancient history here. So, let’s move to some things that are closer to current times.

2008 Financial Crisis _ Subprime Mortgage Bubble

It’s now September 2013 and we are still looking for the recovery that never was. Do you believe what the government and their commission have told us about the cause of the “Great Recession”? Do you believe that the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission reported the truth? Peter J. Wallison, a member of the commission, did not agree with the majority opinion. He thought there should have been a deeper investigation into the role played by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Mr. Wallison pinned an interesting article at the American Enterprise Institute recently. He is cautiously optimistic that we may be getting closer to the truth

…This observation was triggered by news last week that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is considering an enforcement action against Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron, the chief executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, respectively, before the two government-sponsored enterprises collapsed.

If, as news reports suggest, Fannie and Freddie failed to fully disclose the potential subprime mortgage losses, the implications would extend beyond a violation of securities laws. It would also have important implications for the causes of the financial crisis and the thoroughness of the work of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

Considering? We live in hope. You se Fannie and Freddy were claiming that their exposure to sub-prime mortgages was only about 0,3 percent when it was really closer to 18%. Mr. Wallison explains that there was no serious enquiry into Fannie and Freddy.

In writing my dissent from the commission’s majority report, I searched widely for examples of anyone — academic researcher, credit rating analyst or housing market expert — who knew before 2008 that half of all mortgages in the financial system were subprime or otherwise risky, or that Fannie and Freddie had contributed almost half of that total.

The commission had a chance to investigate the risks that Fannie and Freddie were taking and why the information available in the market was so deficient. But this would have required the commission to examine the losses caused by government housing policy. Angelides refused to do so. Instead, Fannie and Freddie’s contribution to the housing crisis was called “marginal” in the commission’s report.

As a result, the American people and Congress received a distorted picture of the causes of the financial crisis, not the thorough investigation they deserved.

The Power Brokers don’t worry much about what the American people deserve, do they?


The cover up of the Benghazi scandal is the most In-Your-Face cover up I have ever witnessed. From the moment the story broke, the government spin-miesters have been working over time to make sure we do not learn the truth behind what happened in Benghazi. The phony video scam __ fertilizer! The explanations for lax security __ fertilizer! Why there was no rescue attempt __ fertilizer!  Why no one has been held accountable __ more fertilizer!

To be sure, we do have a few good people in Washington. They do want to get at the truth.  These few good people have been pushing for a Select Committee Investigation of the Benghazi scandal. But, here is what you need to understand. Fertilizer Spreading in Washington, D.C. is a bipartisan effort.

Walid Shoebat tells us that there are 161 co-sponsors of a bill to form a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi affair. They are all Republicans. But, …

At first blush, it would seem that the Republican establishment has dug in its heels and is refusing to honor the spirit of the ‘Hastert Rule’, which states that no bill will come to the floor without the majority of the majority party being behind it. HR-36 is a Resolution that has nearly 70% of House Republican support. The names of all three members of House leadership – Speaker John Boehner, Majority leader Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy – are all absent from Wolf’s resolution. So is establishment wannabe, Paul Ryan.

Conservatives vs. establishment, right?

And, the Jawa Report wants to know why Texas Republican Congressman, Pete Sessions, is blocking the effort to form a Select Committee:

Seven hundred military special operations professionals have signed an open letter calling for the establishment of a House Select Committee to fully investigate the murders at Benghazi. Over three-quarters of the House Republican caucus (163) have joined the public call for a House Select Committee. Sadly, Speaker John Boehner’s ally – Rep. Pete Sessions – has been using his position as Rules Chairman to prevent the resolution from even receiving a vote! The resolution has been stuck in Pete Sessions’ Rules Committee since January! Source: See Conservatives move to force Boehner’s hand for Benghazi investigation, The Hill, July 22, 2013

Yup! Better to keep’em in the dark and spread more “fertilizer” on them.

Syria and Chemical Weapons (WMD)

WMD. where have we heard that before? Oh! That’s right, President G.W. Bush told us we had to go to war with Iraq because they had chemical WMD.

Ever since the stories of chemical weapons being used in the Syrian civil war, the fertilizer has been coming fast and furiously. Do you think we will ever know the truth about who used the chemical weapons in Syria or from whence they came? Not likely, is it? In part it is because no one is asking the right questions. Well, that’s not quite true. Someone is asking the right questions. My good friend, 5etester at the Spellchek blog is asking the right questions, He has a knack for doing that. My friend asks: Were the Syrian WMD’s supplied by America? By America, you ask? Could be!  He asks if it is possible that G.W. Bush was so sure that Saddam Husein had WMD is because Bush knew that the US had supplied Iraq with chemical weapons years earlier. He links reports going back to 1994 that talk of our supplying Iraq with chemical weapons. Then he links articles in the months leading up to our invasion of Iraq that indicate that Saddam moved his WMD to Syria. And, he also links recent articles indicating that Assad may be moving the WMD back to Iraq. It’s a virtual musical chairs of chemical weapons between Iraq and Syria. And, they may be the same chemical weapons that the US supplied to Iraq to use to kill Iranis. My, my, my! What is the chance that our government will ever tell us the truth about these chemical weapons? Slim and none, right?

So, my friends, as long as the majority of Americans behave like mushrooms, we should be surprised that our government will keep us in the dark and feed us “fertilizer”.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Do Americans Deserve To Be Treated Like Mushrooms?

  1. Benghazi was caused by a Youtube video. Nothing to see here. Move along. Republicans are racist. Nothing to see here move along. WMD? Nothing to see here move along. The Yankees won’t make the playoffs this year? Now that’s cause for concern.

  2. If you want people to be concerned about something then apparently you pull this off by picking Ben Affleck to play the lead character in the movie about it.

    In addition to the items you mention I’ve always believed there are many, many things that have happened which the American public doesn’t have the first clue what the truth about it really is. Even if there is ever a Select Committee for Benghazi I don’t think there’s any chance that the truth will ever come out. The members of the Committee may learn the truth but they will deem it harmful to the country if the truth about our treasonous president gets out, and they will, therefore, go along with the plan to keep the American mushrooms in the dark.

    1. “In addition to the items you mention I’ve always believed there are many, many things that have happened which the American public doesn’t have the first clue what the truth about it really is.”

      I couldn’t agree more, Charles. I only touch the tib of this iceberg.

      Thanks for coming by and joining the conversation, Charles. And, by the way, you are doing a fine job over at Political Realities. Larry is fortunate to have you as a collaborator.

  3. good job! This mushroom tries to shower the muck off every morning so she can see a glimmer of truth, but by the end of the day, the smell of decay is everywhere. The Statue of Liberty is still holding that torch up, but the rest of her is sinking into a sewer of iniquity.

  4. The American Enterprise Institute is close in getting to the truth about the sub-prime mortgage bubble, but still is widely off the mark. Here in 2013, I’m flabbergasted they still don’t know.

    They correctly identify Freddie and Fannie, but misidentify Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron as primary culprits.

    If you want to blame a single person for the Great Recession then that person would be Jim Johnson. He ran Fannie until only 1998. He was long gone before the financial crisis surfaced.

    If you wanna know what actually caused the financial crisis and who, by name ,was responsible then read the book “Reckless Endangerment” by NYT Pulitzer Prize winning investigative financial columnist Gretchen Morgenson.

    Morgenson details Johnson’s role. Everyone else at Fannie and Freddie, including Franklin Raines, only followed in Johnson’s footsteps.

    Johnson pocketed about a cool $100 mill in his bank account for his 8-year effort.

    Readers here should be ecstatic. Morgenson’s list of names is dominated by many high-profile democrats, starting with Bill Clinton.

    1. I would not trust the AEI or any of the neocon organizations. They were up to their eyeballs in the O’Bagy misfire and serve on the board of the Institute for the study of war, funded by state dept, and who farmed out O’Bagy to run around supporting Syrian factions that were terrorists and anti Isreal.

      1. I don’t know what the O’Bagy misfire is. I can’t speak ot AEI as being good or otherwise.

        I do know that Freddie and Fannie both played a central role in creating the housing bubble that brought down the economy. Mudd and Syrin only happened to get caught being CEOs of those companies at the time of the collapse. They just copied the financial mechanisms that Jim Johnson and Country Wide invented years earlier.

    2. AEI is not one of my go to sources. But, I think tey are right to try to draw attention to the role played by Fanny and Freddy in the sub-prime mortgage debacle. One could go back as far as Jimmy Carter to point blame. Certainly Bill Clinton, Larry Summers, and Allen Greenspan played big parts, as well.

  5. Jim…right on target going back to Carter and the others for the Community Reinvestment Act and variations all the way to 2008. The killer on this is CYA and the pretense of altruism while they all raked in the political and monetary spoils. They deserve jail time. Every one who voted for the CRA should have been thrown out of government and the thing should have been reversed / tossed out. Instead they allowed it to grow and grow. You didn’t mention Barney Frank who lied through is fat face on what great shape Fannie and Freddie were in….just prior to the crash. Now we have the same criminal type in charge of Fannie and Freddie, Mel Watt from North Carolina. Imagine he is getting greased quite nicely as the whole thing repeats.

    Holding out hope for the criminals who committed public fraud on Benghazi will be sporting orange jumpsuits. Hillary, Rice, and the Zero most of all We know that won’t happen….but hope springs eternal.

    Let the Sun shine on us pitiful mushrooms!

  6. Hey, quit knocking us shrooms! The ancient Egyptians declared mushrooms as food for royalty only and commoners couldn’t touch them. Somehow, I don’t feel like our politicians are treating us like royalty.

  7. It is impossible to trust a government being led by a Chicago-politics man. The corruption that he represents and practices has trickled down to lower levels of government. Remember Shakespeare’s Hamlet and how Claudius’s corruption and malfeasance became an epidemic affecting the entire court and ultimately leading to chaos?

  8. There is no secret university. Almost all universities teach “unreality” as truth. They all learn to not only ignore reality, but attack anyone who dares present it.

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