GOP Split On Defunding ObamaCare: Pissants vs Conservatives

In the opinion of your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in, the GOP, which once stood for Grand Old Party, has morphed into the Good Ole Pissants.


[pis-ant]  Show IPA



Slang: Vulgar. a person or thing of no value or consequence; a despicable person or thing.

Obsolete . an ant.


Slang: Vulgar. insignificant or worthless.
That pretty much describes the so-called leadership of the Republican Party. Sometimes we call them the Republican establishment. Whatever they are, they are not conservatives. Yes, we do have a few Tea Party conservatives in Washington who have not yet been corrupted by the pissants. But, the leadership, people like House Speaker, John Boehner, resent the pressure they are receiving from the conservatives who would rock their tranquil boat. No where is the difference between the conservatives and the pissants more obvious than in the upcoming budget battle, in which the conservatives want to defund ObamaCare and the pissants want only to delay it for a year.
To this humble observer, the House Republicans are looking a gift-horse in the mouth and the pissants want to punch it in the nose. The American people were never in favor of ObamaCare. But, Obama and Reid and Pelosi didn’t care in 2009 what the people wanted. But, as more and more evidence is coming to light on what a train wreck ObamaCare really is for most people, the polls are showing increasing dissatisfaction with ObamaCare. On top of that, the scandals of the week are piling up on this administration and for the first time in five years some of that smelly stuff hitting the fans is beginning to stick to Mr. Obama. And, it has only gotten worse for Obama since he was check-mated in three moves by Russian President Putin on the Syrian chessboard, In my opinion, now is a golden opportunity to defund ObamaCare and dare the President to shut down the government to protect his precious legacy. But then what do I know. The Good Ole Pissants don’t pay me for my advice. They pay Karl Rove, who in my opinion is probably a double agent of the Democratic Party. So, let’s see what passant Karl has to say:
Fox News __Former White House chief of staff Karl Rove told Fox News people who overwhelmingly oppose ObamaCare also oppose shutting down the government by a 2 to 1 margin.”They clearly do not like ObamaCare,” Rove said. “They think it’s a failed piece of legislation that is going to hurt the country and hurt their families, but they don’t agree with the strategy of tying it to a defund measure that might lead to a temporary shutdown of the government.”

Really, Karl? Americans hate ObamaCare but hey are 2 to 1 against shutting down government as a means of getting rid of ObamaCare? Red Alert has this to say about the most recent Rasmussen Report on the opinion of likely voters across America.

The study, which was released Tuesday, found that 51 percent of likely voters nationwide would rather see the government partially shut down when the current continuing resolution expires on September 30 than keep the president’s healthcare law funded at its current levels. Four in ten likely voters believe that we should avoid a government showdown by funding Obamacare at its current levels.

Included in the 51 percent of likely voters that would support the partial government shutdown are 57 percent of Independents and 78 percent of Republicans, as well as 61 percent of likely voters who have family in the military.

Just so you know what kind of guy Karl Rove is let me share with you a comment left by our friend Cheryl Pass on a recent post:

Even in State politics this cabal from DC / establishment GOP undermines conservative candidates. We have two GOP candidates going after the Hagan senate seat. One is the establishment corrupt GOP. The other is more of a grassroots conservative. So what does Karl Rove do? He waltzes in here with money to back a spoiler third candidate acting as a Christian conservative to split the conservative vote in order to insure the first guy…the establishment corporate crony might as well be a Democrat candidate. Thank you Karl Rove. It’s a big money game and North Carolina is becoming more purple by the day. The GOP is assassinating grassroots conservatives…just like the leftist Dems are. So there you have it.

Republican voters need to ask themselves: Whose side are the pissants on? To understand whose side Boehner and Rove & Company are on, you only need  to know who wins if ObamaCare is delayed a year instead of being defunded. The winners would be President Obama and all the Democrats who are up for reelection next year. On the other hand, if ObamaCare is defunded and Obama is blamed for shutting down the government (as the polls indicate he would be), the Democrats up for reelection will desert the sinking Obama ship like the rats that they are. Barack Obama would be more than just a Lame Duck President; he would be a Dead Duck President.
The pissants are not on the side of the Republican Party base (conservatives). I hope that some day Republican voters figure that out.
Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “GOP Split On Defunding ObamaCare: Pissants vs Conservatives

  1. I love the new GOP acronym, sadly it is all too true. You know which side I am on! You made a great point; I was for delaying Obamacare if it could not be defunded until I read your take on this. If they vote to delay they will be playing right into the Democrats hand because the effects of this legislation will be delayed until it is too late. This is the same reason why implementation was not scheduled until this year, it provided the opportunity for Obama to be reelected before this disaster befell America and now if it is delayed it will give the Democrats a chance to hold on in 2014.

  2. I keep hearing today two different scenarios. One that defunding will work, but that Obama will shut down the givernment in retaliation…..the other that we are just going through the motions and the measure will be stripped out of the second step and we are back to square one. I also heard someone say that you can’t defund a tax, which is what Roberts said it is. I dont agree with that opinion. By this afternoon the House leadership agreed to submit the defunding proposal. Now we will see.

    I can’t imagine how any Republican is so corrupt to allow any part of Obamacare to be implemented, but we see now who to primary. Burr is on the list next chance we have -2016. Hagan goes first, but we have to overcome the Rove machine on that one I described to you. The grassroots in North Carolina is working hard. Also Georgia is going to get rid of Lindsay Graham…primary candidate Nancy Mace. Working hard I tell ya! The sad thing is how many people are being hurt by this healthcare nightmare before we can clean house. Tragic.

    Never give up!!! At the least, go down swinging…
    She said, gritting her teeth and stiffening her upper lip!

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