The Transition From Child To Adult. Something Is Seriously Wrong!

What does it mean to reach adulthood?  Here’s what Dictionary.Com has to say on the subject: a·dult [uh-duhlt, ad-uhlt]  Show IPA adjective 1. having attained full size and strength; grown up; mature: an adult person, animal, or plant. 2. of, pertaining to, or befitting adults. 3. intended for adults; not suitable for children: adult entertainment. noun 4. a person who is fully grown or developed or of age. 5. a full-grown animal or plant. 6. a person who has attained the age of maturity as specified by law. Wikipedia has a little more meat, I think. Biologically, an adult is a human being or other organism that is of reproductive age (sexual maturity). In human context, the term adult additionally […]

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