“Chicken Soup for the Soul. Or Something.” an essay by Dan Miller

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Dan Miller of the DanMillerInPanama blog. I’m thinking Dan’s special recipe just might be in order today. Dan originally published this essay on September 6, 2013. Enjoy! ********** Chicken Soup for the Soul. Or Something.   Here’s my recipe for chicken soup. Unlike the Obama Administration’s foreign policies, […]

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Obama Is Eyeing Your Savings

Remember when President Obama said “there comes a point when a person has earned enough”? Well, it should be a surprise that he also feels that people have saved more than they need for retirement. Mr. Obama has given new meaning to the word “arrogance”. With this scandal a day administration, it is no wonder […]

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GOP Split On Defunding ObamaCare: Pissants vs Conservatives

In the opinion of your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in, the GOP, which once stood for Grand Old Party, has morphed into the Good Ole Pissants. piss·ant [pis-ant]  Show IPA noun 1. Slang: Vulgar. a person or thing of no value or consequence; a despicable person or thing. 2. Obsolete . an ant. adjective 3. Slang: Vulgar. insignificant or worthless. Source That pretty much describes the so-called leadership of the Republican Party. […]

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Were Our Founding Fathers Naive?

The idea that our Founding Fathers may have been naive is something that never entered my head until yesterday. I had always considered our Founders to be among the most astute men to ever grace this planet we all share. They certainly understood the nature of governments. They knew that governments, by their nature would […]

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