Oil Production In America Setting Records In Spite of Obama and His Green Marxist Friends

It’s not easy finding good news to report on these days. But, I did manage to find some that you may have missed. In spite of President Obama bowing to every wish of his environmental extremist supporters to kill oil and gas production in America and to force Americans to pay ever-increasing costs for energy, the private sector has been going gang busters on private lands. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that America is the world’s largest producer of petroleum liquids for the eight straight month. This EIA graph comparing US production to that od Saudi Arabia was lifted from an article at the American Enterprise Institute.


That is pretty impressive! And yes, Mr. President, the private sector did do that. They did develop the fracking and horizontal drilling technology that made this happen.

Imagine where we might be in oil and gas production if it wasn’t declining on federal lands due to Obama policies. Shameful! But it is not just the federal government that is hindering US oil and gas production from reaching its full potential. The People’s Socialist Republic of California is sitting on top of the huge Monterey shale deposit (supposedly four times bigger than the Bakken deposit in North Dakota), but the green weenies of California do not want it developed.

Imagine what America would be capable of if our government(s) put America ahead of their socialist agendas.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


Is anyone else having problems with WordPress today?


14 thoughts on “Oil Production In America Setting Records In Spite of Obama and His Green Marxist Friends

  1. Oil and natural gas are for the little people, not the elite – so saith the people’s Republic of California.

    I just hope the elite in their mansions by the Pacific Ocean have rolling blackouts next Summer.

    Then again, the Republicans will no doubt be blamed for it.

  2. I wouldn’t have said it exactly the same way you do, but you are right as rain…
    The U.S. petroleum industry has grown and prospered despite overt anti-fossil policies.

    That is particularly evident, as you astutely point out, by the decline of both oil and natural gas production on federal controlled lands!

    A bit of a caveat…
    The graph includes both oil and natural gas liquid production.

    Saudi Arabia is still the worlds largest crude oil producer. The Saudi’s fall behind both the U.S. and Russia because they don’t produce much natural gas. Right now, Russia is the biggest producer.

    There is an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that points out that the U.S. is poised to move ahead of Russia to become the world’s largest oil and liquid natural gas producer again for the first time in decades… no thanks to President Obama!!!!

    “U.S. Is Overtaking Russia as Largest Pol=and-Gas {Producer”

    Saudia Arabia, though, will still remain the largest crude oil producer.

    1. You’re right, AZ. I should have explained what I meant by “petroleum liguids” which includes distilates and natural gas equivalents. The Saudis may produce more oil, but when it comes to BTU, America is kicking Saudi butt.

  3. Here in NJ the price of gasoline is dropping like interns in Clinton’s White House. The time may be ripe to lump on some more taxes at the pump.

  4. Of course we know that Obama will try to take credit for this even though it is the private sector which is increasing production and not the public sector. The sad part is that nearly half of America will believe him.
    I have not had any problems with WordPress today that I know of.

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