The UN Is Planning To Put Agenda 21 On Steroids

Yesterday Fox News carried an article by Judge Andrew Napalitano titled A government looking for witches will find them. The good judge does his usual excellent job of explaining the unconstitutionality of the NSA spying on US citizens and the unconstitutionality of the FISA courts that are facilitating the NSA spying program. This was to be the subject of today’s post. But, this morning find another very disturbing story at Fox News.

What Judge Napalitano said is true. When a government goes looking for witches, it will find them. Well, when a world-wide government, the United Nations (UN), goes looking for witches, they will find them by the tonne. And that is exactly what the good folks at the UN in have in mind. They are planning to put their Agenda 21, Goals for Sustainable Development, on steroids and foist it on the world come 2015. Let’s look at some of the exclusive Fox News report (emphasis in bold is mine):

EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations is planning to create a sweeping new set of “sustainable development goals” for the planet that will likely require trillions of dollars of spending on poverty and the environment, a drastic reorganization of economic production and consumption — especially in rich countries — and even greater effort in the expensive war on climate change.

It’s an agenda that its prominent boosters have declared will make the next 15 years “some of the most transformative in human history,” although the exact nature of the goals themselves, and how they are to be achieved, is unclear.

You, dear readers, know by now that “sustainable development” is code for controlling every aspect of your lives. And, “transformative”? Where have we heard that before? But, now it will not be just America that the progressive liberals want to “transform”; but the entire developed world.

The One World Government cometh! Here is what UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, had to say:

The goals themselves are slated to become a program of the U.N.  — and all the nations that endorse them — in 2015, as part of what U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called  “a universal sustainable development agenda” for the planet — an equally undefined set of far-reaching aspirations for global environmental management and new and expanded roles in the future for the U.N.’s sprawling array of funds, programs and institutions.

Won’t that be nice? A world run by environment extremists.

I wasn’t kidding when I spoke of a One World Government.

the new development agenda is characterized as “one that seeks to achieve inclusive, people-centered, sustainable global development,” in the words of a U.N. task force composed of some 50 U.N. agencies and international organizations, which reported on the topic last year.  It would also include unspecified “reforms of mechanisms of global governance.”

Where does President Obama stand on this? Where do you think? He is leading from behind with your tax dollars, of course:

According to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Dean Pittman, speaking in New York last week, the U.S. is already “investing approximately $800 million per year” through President Obama’s newly announced Global Climate Change Initiative “to address the climate needs of developing countries.”

But don’t worry! All of this wealth redistribution is for the children!

Sustainability also implies ensuring inter-generational justice and a fu­ture world fit for children. This entails safeguarding a sustainable future in which children will be able to grow up healthy, well-nourished, resilient, well-educated, culturally sensitive and protected from violence and neglect.

Have you noticed, however, that with all the wealth redistribution going on that the super rich keep on getting richer? If you were inclined toward conspiracy theories, you might think the super rich were behind this plan to make you poorer. Nah! I’m sure it’s for the children, right?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


13 thoughts on “The UN Is Planning To Put Agenda 21 On Steroids

    1. Thanks for stopping by and God bless you and your group for the work you are doing in New Hampshire. The government is using stealth techniques to errode our freedoms and steal of property rights. Keep on keeping on!

  1. In order for grandiose third world children saving extortion plots such as these to be successful in sucking out this country’s financial and economic lifeblood, all that is needed is the quasi- one man rule augmented by the other two branches of government that have the emperor’s back. Remember that the man with the most toys wins.

  2. Just slightly off topic here, but while watching the government shutdown and the way the feds are able to control all this land and shut down privately funded monuments because they are on federal land my mind has drifted toward Agenda 21 and the possibility that this is a test un for something larger in the future.

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