Rise Up Conservatives. Rise Up Republicans. It’s Time To Take A Stand!

Many good conservatives, both on Main Street and in Washington, attacked Senator Ted Cruz for taking on the unwinnable cause of defunding ObamaCare. And now, the House Republicans have backed off an are only asking for a one year delay in the individual mandate; the same delay President Obama illegally ordered to be given to big corporations. The federal government is now operating in a partial shut down mode and Obama, the Democrats, and the MSM are working over-time to place the blame on the extremist faction of the Republican party; that would be us. Now the annual fight over the debt limit is staring us in the face and many Republicans seem to be in panic mode. The President and his administration are lying to the public and trying to scare investors by saying that the United State could, for the first time in history, default on its obligations and not be able to pay the interest on our public debt. It’s all a lie and they know it!

So, your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in says enough is enough! It is time for conservatives and Republicans and anybody else who feels the same to stand up with Senator Ted Cruz and fight to the finnish to put and end to the disaster that is ObamaCare. If ObamaCare is allowed to go into force, we will never get rid of it. It will not only destroy the best health care system the world has ever known, it will fail by design and will be replaced by a British style government controlled health care system. Senator Ted Cruz seems to be the only person in Washington that understands that!.

It’s Not Possible to Defund ObamaCare

So say the nay sayers. They say Ted Cruz was misleading his followers. They say there is no way to win the fight to defund ObamaCare because the Republicans only control one half of Congress and even if the Senate were willing to go along, the President would veto the bill and the Republicans don’t have the votes to over-ride a veto. All true, but so what? It’s a stand-off. The President can veto the bill but he still doesn’t have a Continuing Resolution to operate the part of government that depends on the discretionary budget. The stand-off would eventually be broken by the American people. The Republicans and conservatives either get their message out or they don’t. If enough American people do not stand with us, then America is lost anyway and we may as well find that out now. So, this old man says forget the one year delay of the individual mandate. Kicking the can down the road is going to help us. The House Republicans should pull that offer off the table and go back to a bill that defunds ObamaCare.

But Republicans would be forcing the US to default on its loans!

That’s a lie…..1 The only way the United States would ever default on its loans is if President Obama orders jack Lew, the Secretary of the Treasury, to not pay the interest on our debt. Tax revenues keep coming into the treasury and there will be way more enough money to meet our interest obligations. In fact, as my good friend at Spellchek pointed out yesterday, tax revenues would be almost enough to pay interest on our debt, keep Social Security (including Medicare and Medicade) afloat and maintain the Department of Defense. We would be a little bit short so the military budget would have to be tweaked a little. Maybe we could put off our military green energy boondoggles for a while. The bottom line is the federal government can continue to function quite well even if the debt limit is not increased when Obama wants it.

Wouldn’t it be better to wait until after the mid-term elections and take on ObamaCare in 2015?

No!  The British have learned that it is impossible to take something away once given. There will be millions who will prefer to keep even a crappy “free” service than give up that “free” service. Even the “Iron Lady”, Margaret Thatcher understood that.


Barack Husein Obama declared war on America with his signature bill known as ObamaCare. He brought a gun to a knife fight. He drew a red line and dared the American people to cross it. If ObamaCare is allowed to be put in force, he will have fundamentally transformed America in to a socialist state. It is time again to stand up against tyranny. If not now, when?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Rise Up Conservatives. Rise Up Republicans. It’s Time To Take A Stand!

  1. We are the “Silent Minority.” The geniuses on the right from the national level to the grassroots level have not gotten their message out since the days of Ronald Reagan. They need to stop pussy footing around as the nice guys, see where that got Romney, and go toe to toe with the left and call a spade a spade (pun intended). The left has solidarity on every agenda item while the right appears to be content with infighting on each and every issue. We all know what is a need, a true leader who can lead and end the fractious goings on among the right’s many factions.

    1. “The geniuses on the right from the national level to the grassroots level have not gotten their message out since the days of Ronald Reagan.”

      That will be the subject of tomorrow’s post, Peter. Stay tuned!

  2. Until they get rid of Boehner it is going to be a slow slog. I just caught him again this morning. He says a few words, looks like he might cry, then the dems come on with fire in their belly.

    1. Yeah, he always has that peeling onions look on his face. For an alcoholic it’s better than looking like an alcoholic.

  3. Obamacare is self-destructing under its own ill-conceived legislation, its terrible implementation and its ginormous cost to taxpayers beginning January 1, 2014.

    Do NOT fool yourself into thinking that Obamacare is unpopular. Not true. Its perks are extremely popular with 10s of millions of ordinary and low income citizens (probably over 150 million).

    Why so popular, you ask? Because the bill to pay for all the perks hasn’t come due yet and American fiscal vision goes no further than me… me… me… now… now… now!!

    Stand up for fiscal responsibility and refraining from using an unlimited checkbook to pay the bills. That is the real enemy.

    Keep things in perspective. Obamacare is only one element in a much, MUCH bigger problem.

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