ObamaCare _ The Best Thing For The Conservative Movement Since Ronald Reagan

ObamaCare may accomplish what Republicans and Tea Party members could not. It may reverse the Road to Socialism that this country has been on for the better part of a century. (Source: Monty Pelerin’s World)

With all due respect for one of my favorite pundits, Pelerin my be a tad optimistic to think the failure of ObamaCare could reverse this country’s journey down the Road to Socialism. But, I do agree that Obama’s legacy is going to take a serious hit as more and more young adults become aware of how badly they are being screwed by ObamaCare. Unfortunately, most won’t learn for a while yet because of the ObamaCare web site disaster. (Fox News reports that one expert estimates that as many as 5,000,000 lines of code may have to be rewritten.) They will learn sooner or later that ObamaCare will force to pay more for health insurance that has a higher deductible. Then they will recall what that crazy guy, Ted Cruz, was trying to warn them about. They are going to learn that those free lunch programs they voted for have to be paid for by someone and this time it is them that will have to pay. They have consistently supported President Obama’s wealth redistribution policies. But, they are not going to be so happy when they realize that ObamaCare redistributes wealth from the working poor and middle class to those who can not afford health insurance. They are going to realize that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi designed ObamaCare to do just that. They are going to learn what we conservatives have always known: socialism is great for those who don’t have to pay for it.

Although I do not agree that ObamaCare alone will cause America to reverse the course it is on, I do agree with the case that  Pelerin makes that Obama and the Democrats are going to pay a price for their ObamaCare disaster:

The Democrats may have backed themselves into a corner from which there is no escape. They have taken an existential position on ObamaCare; they are all in and must fight for their Frankenstein monster no matter what.

ObamaCare represents President Obama’s signature program, arguably his only real success. For about a century universal healthcare has been the dream of every Socialist. Like all Socialist dreams, it looks better in the dream than when the lights go on. Now it is here with more than its share of warts and defects. The old warning about being careful what you wish for seems especially appropriate.

As the details of ObamaCare become known, it is likely that their blind commitment to this dysfunctional program will torpedo whatever advantage they might have gained from the shutdown. They are stuck defending what will increasingly be seen as indefensible.

Generally speaking, the American electorate suffers from having very short memories. However, the personal monthly cost increases of ObamaCare will serve as a constant reminder and we should see the tangible results in the 2014 mid-term elections. At least that is the straw at which I am currently grasping.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “ObamaCare _ The Best Thing For The Conservative Movement Since Ronald Reagan

  1. Socialism IS inevitable, in any nation-state. It cannot be stopped.

    And I think the young people might just be too far gone and stupid (the result of “modern” education) to do the math and realized that their premiums will go up. The few that do will of course follow the lead of the MSM and blame the Republicans.

  2. I must say that in the end, Cruz and company will be remembered for the fight. Maybe the polls are down now, which I have already opined are questionable, and reflect negatively, still they will fade from the short term memory box.

  3. I totally agree with Pelerin. Obamacare will implode. Mathematically it does not pencil out. People without money and huge demand will get it, people with money and low demand won’t. I can almost hear the Marxists screaming now- blaming everyone but themselves.

    1. I agree, Brian, that it should make a difference for all the reasons you point out. But, most of the Road to Sociallism is already paved. Unless we can elect some people willing to tear up that road, not much will change, in my opinion.

  4. Bummer. I am amazed / dismayed at the idiots who still cling to this Obamacare fiction….brain dead people / parrots. Most are saying “so what” ……because they will be happy to get nationalized – socialized “free” healthcare when and if Obamacare collapses. Seriously. So not sure it will matter when this thing goes down…too many idiots and kooI-ade drunks.

    I hope this author you cite is right, but not counting on it. Sigh….

  5. The question is; will the young people link Obamacare to the higher premiums? Remember when the stimulus didn’t create jobs that the administration started counting “jobs saved” and started telling America it would be even worse without the stimulus? I think they will do the same thing here, they will tell the young people it would be even worse without Obamacare and they will use this to push single payer. Will the youngsters buy that line? We will have to wait and see.

    1. I don’t kmow how anyone couldn’t know they were paying more and getting less. Like that young woman from California said: ” I supported that everyone should have health insurance; but I didn’t know I was going to have to personally pay for their insurance.”

  6. Check out this ripple effect of ObamaCare:

    As of October 1, 2013, Inova facilities and physicians do not have contracts with Kaiser Permanente to provide in-network services. That means that Kaiser members, including health insurance exchange plan members, will no longer be allowed non-emergency access to Inova facilities, physicians, or outpatient services.

    More information at the link.

    This tightening of the noose is a very big deal here in Northern Virginia, but I found the information by accident via a Google ad.

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