Our Obamafied Military _ Politically Correct and Politicized

President Obama’s mission to fundamentally transform America is confined to continuing to destroy our economy, our culture, and our freedoms. Apparently his mission won’t be complete without also destroying our military.

Each branch of the US Military has a long and proud history. Those who have served in our military have always understood that they were no longer civilians. They understood that they no longer had all of the rights that civilians have. They knew that they were trained for one purpose; to defend America and Americans from foreign enemies. In times of peace, they  trained for the potential of war. In times of war, they knew they had one mission; find and kill the enemy  before the enemy finds and kills you. They have always understood that they were part of something very special. There was an esprit de corps. There was tradition. The US Military was about defending or preparing to defend this great nation of ours and politics was something for civilians to worry about.

All that has changed under the Obamafication of America, including the military. Under Obama our military leaders have to take time away from thinking on how best to defend our nation to thinking about the rights of gays, the rights of atheists while eliminating the rights of Christians and Jews, making sure women are treated as if they were men, thinking about things like green energy and saving the world from global warming, and making sure no one offends the feelings of Muslims.

No where in our military is the esprit de corps stronger than in the Marine Corps. Under Obamafication, some Marine General has decided it would be a good idea to change the Marine uniform for one that isn’t so masculine. It has been proposed that Marines should now wear unisex head-gear. See the photo below. Some have called the proposed headwear as “girly hats”. To me it would make our Marines look like train conductors ( no offense intended to train conductors).

This idiotic idea has offended both male and female Marines. A retired female gunnery sergeant has blasted the Obama Administration’s plan:

The proposed uniform change for the Marines would be the first major change in over 90 years, and retired Gunnery Sgt. Jessie Jane Duff of the organizing committee for Concerned Veterans for America said on “The Kelly File” that she feels that the Department of Defense should be worrying about other things.

“I’m appalled that the Department of Defense finds that gender neutral uniforms is their priority right now,” Duff said. “Meanwhile we aren’t able to pay the death benefits of our marines and soldiers killed on the battlefield last week during the shutdown.”


“Women need a distinct identity. We are the fewer and the prouder, why would you want us to blend in with the men?”

“I really do think that this is about masculinizing the women. We have had standards changed left and right with this administration,” she said. “We are looking at women in the infantry, we are looking at women doing male physical fitness tests at some point. We are looking at women becoming men.”

Gunny is right, isn’t she. There is something seriously wrong with the priorities under this President.

In my mind, there is no place for “politics” in the military. I am not talking bureaucratic politics. Generals don’t get to be Generals without play bureaucratic politics. I’m talking about Democrat vs Republican politics. I would like to think that our when giving an opinion to a President, Commander-in-Chief, that a General  is giving the President his best advice from a military perspective. A general should be telling a President what he needs to hear from a military perspective and not what he thinks the President wants to hear from a political perspective. I expect a General to be biased toward a military solution to perceived threats. We have civilian Secretaries for each branch of the military, we have a civilian Secretary of Defense, and we have a civilian Commander-in-Chief to balance the military perspective. I fear that some Generals have crossed the line and are allowing their Democrat/Republican politics to affect their opinions. In my humble opinion, Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno is a case in point. This Fox News headline caught my eye the other day: Army chief: Just 2 brigades combat ready.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno revealed this week that just two Army brigades are combat-ready, with budget cuts hampering the military’s ability to train its own troops.

The startling comments were made Monday at the Association of the U.S. Army conference. Odierno and Army Secretary John McHugh both addressed the fallout from the budget cuts, as well as the recent partial government shutdown, and appealed to lawmakers to restore some stability to military funding.

Pardon my language but that is pure Democratic Party-line bull shit! I don’t believe that the Army or any other branch of our Military has had a “budget cut” since the Vietnam War. The General is, of course, referring to the famous Sequester cuts from the previous debt ceiling fight between the Republicans and the Democrats, which was NOT a budget cut; but a slowdown in the rate of growth of the budget. So, what the General wants his audience to believe is that because the Army only got around a 4% increase in their budget instead to an increase of around 7%, he can only muster two brigades of combat ready troops.

He said that after the sequester kicked in, “we had to stop training basically” in the last six months of the year. He said the recently passed stopgap funding bill has further reduced the Army’s ability to train, and warned that the recurring budget battles in Washington could have serious consequences for America’s fighting force.

“So the worst-case scenario is you ask me deploy thousands of soldiers somewhere, and we have not properly trained them to go, because we simply don’t have the dollars and money,” he said.

That, my friends, is an Obamafied General and I fear that General Odierno is one of many.

I’m having trouble seeing how we will ever recover from the Obamafication of our nation.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Our Obamafied Military _ Politically Correct and Politicized

  1. How many Wounded Warriors could be helped with the money spent at the haberdashery? When do we go to the tam hat with a bright pink pom pom?

  2. The rancor I received when I did the same post was unbelievable. Both comments and by e mail. These from military types as well. Just check out the comments Jim at my place for the feel of it. They don’t want to believe. Stars and Stripes tells no lies!

  3. What we are seeing in the Obama military is the end result of over 60 years of a progressive program to undermine the national security of the United States. Terms to investigate:

    assassination of George Patton
    reassignment of MacArthur
    War is a Racket by Gen. Butler
    BRAC to move military resources offshore – military no longer to defend the geographic USA, but interests overseas per “War is a Racket”
    State Department Publication 7727 – the Global police force circa 1962
    Michael Aquino, Lt. Col in charge of psych warfare – proud satanist
    who’s financing it all? The offshore owners of the Federal Reserve, not the American people
    recent purge of top brass who won’t go all the way
    Rex 84 – Operation Gardenplot

    All this money business is just politics to generate false crisis. Through crisis, they can usurp power. The blending of genders is hard core satanism. He made them male and female, thus Satan tries to pervert that fact.

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