“Updating America’s Symbols” an essay by Norma Brown

Today’s Guest Saturday posts is by Norma Brown of the Ooobie on Everything blog. She originally published this essay at Patriot Update on November 17, 2013. ********** Updating America’s Symbols I’m wondering if it isn’t time to change the symbols of the United States to new  ones more compatible with where our nation is going. […]

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Socialism Depends On Sheeple

I was reminded recently by a troll who got lost and stumbled across this humble blog the we conservative/libertarians are careless in the way we throw around the terms “socialism” or “socialist”. The troll reminded me that “socialism” means state ownership of the means of production and in America the State does not own the […]

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Islamist Persecution of Hindus In Bangladesh _ The Islamist Cancer Spreads

While our feckless President and his feckless Secretary of State are making nice to the rogue Islamist nation of Iran, the Islamists, wherever they are, continue to purge the infidels from their midst. Although the main stream media rarely reports on the massacres of Christians in Egypt and Syria and Iraq and throughout northern Africa, […]

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