Ignorance Is Not Bliss. Ignorance Is The Tool Of Those Who Would Rule Over Us.

Something has been bothering me since Boehner and McConnell and the Republicans caved-in to raising the debt level….again. America and most of the rest of the developed world, for that matter, has been building a mountain of debt that will bury us all one day in the not to distant future. We conservative/libertarians are the only ones who seem to be worried about the debt. The people we elect to our federal government see themselves as some kind of Robin Hood. They steal money from those that earned it and give it to people who did not earn it. The Robin Hood programs established by Congress have come to be called “entitlements”. Walter Williams wrote about the “entitlements” that some Americas have to what other Americans produced.

Merriam-Webster defines entitlement as “the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something.” For example, I am entitled to walk into the house that I own. I am entitled to drive the car that I own. The challenging question is whether I am also entitled to what you or some other American owns.

Let’s look at a few of these entitlements. More than 40 percent of federal spending is for entitlements for the elderly in the forms of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, housing and other assistance programs. The Office of Management and Budget calculates that total entitlement spending comes to about 62 percent of federal spending. Military spending totals 19 percent of federal spending. By the way, putting those two figures into historical perspective demonstrates the success we’ve had becoming a handout nation. In 1962, military expenditures were almost 50 percent of the federal budget, and entitlement spending was a mere 31 percent. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that entitlement spending will consume all federal tax revenue by 2048. _ (Bold added)

But, Dr. Williams points out that entitlements are not the only form of legalized theft by our government:

Entitlement spending is not the only form of legalized theft. The Department of Agriculture gives billions of dollars to farmers. The departments of Energy and Commerce give billions of dollars and subsidized loans to corporations. In fact, every Cabinet-level department in Washington is in charge of handing out at least one kind of subsidy or special privilege. Most federal non-defense “discretionary spending” by Congress is for handouts.

What is disturbing is that Dr. Williams goes on to say:

Despite the fact that today’s increasing levels of federal government spending are unsustainable, there is little evidence that Americans have the willingness to do anything about it.

Poor Richards’ News reports that federal unfunded liabilities now total $1.1 million PER TAXPAYER in the United States. Let that sink in for a moment.

But, what provoked me to take most of last week off from blogging was something John Stossel wrote at Human Events recently.

Yet when Congress and President Obama agreed on a deal last week to raise the debt ceiling and resume government spending, people reacted as if a disaster was averted — instead of reacting as if a disaster had resumed.

He is absolutely right, isn’t he? I found myself reading and rereading Stossel’s words. I thought about all the politicians of both stripes and all of the ABC, CBS, and MSNBC talking heads celebrating that the country was going back to government as usual: spend…spend…spend! And then I thought of the Federal Reserve and their going on five years of “Quantitative Easing” where they buy $85 billion per month of mortgaged backed loans and Treasury bonds with money they create out of thin air. And, most of America is celebrating? There is something seriously wrong with this picture. That one sentence of John Stossel’s exposes a level of ignorance that is hard to comprehend. But, Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform does show an uncommon understanding of the ignorance level in America in his recent article: Culture Of Ignorance _ Part One. (Hat Tip to Monty Pelerin’s World) In The Culture Of Ignorance. Quinn holds nothing back as he describes with disgust the rampant ignorance in our country.

The kabuki theater that passes for governance in Washington D.C. reveals the profound level of ignorance shrouding this Empire of Debt in its prolonged death throes. Ignorance of facts; ignorance of math; ignorance of history; ignorance of reality; and ignorance of how ignorant we’ve become as a nation, have set us up for an epic fall. It’s almost as if we relish wallowing in our ignorance like a fat lazy sow in a mud hole. The lords of the manor are able to retain their power, control and huge ill-gotten riches because the government educated serfs are too ignorant to recognize the self-evident contradictions in the propaganda they are inundated with by state controlled media on a daily basis.


The levels of ignorance are multi-dimensional and diverse, crossing all educational, income, and professional ranks. The stench of ignorance has settled like Chinese toxic smog over our country, as various constituents have chosen comforting ignorance over disconcerting knowledge. The highly educated members, who constitute the ruling class in this country, purposefully ignore facts and truth because the retention and enhancement of their wealth and power are dependent upon them not understanding what they clearly have the knowledge to understand. The underclass wallow in their ignorance as their life choices, absence of concern for marriage or parenting, lack of interest in educating themselves, and hiding behind the cross of victimhood and blaming others for their own failings. Everyone is born ignorant and the path to awareness and knowledge is found in reading books. Rich and poor alike are free to read and educate themselves. The government, union teachers, and a village are not necessary to attain knowledge. It requires hard work and  {not} clinging to your willful ignorance to remain stupid.

Here is just a taste of what Quinn’s opinion is of today’s youth:

The youth of the country consume themselves in techno-narcissistic triviality, barely looking up from their iGadgets long enough to make eye contact with other human beings. The toxic combination of government delivered public education, dumbed down socially engineered curriculum, taught by uninspired intellectually average union controlled teachers, to distracted, unmotivated, latchkey kids, has produced a generation of young people ignorant about history, basic mathematical concepts, and the ability or interest to read and write. They have been taught to feel rather than think critically….

The Baby Boomers and Generation X do not escape Quinn’s wrath either:

The ignorance of youth can be chalked up to inexperience, lack of wisdom, and immaturity. There is no excuse for the epic level of ignorance displayed by older generations over the last thirty years. Boomers and Generation X have charted the course of this ship of state for decades. Ship of fools is a more fitting description, as they have stimulated the entitlement mentality that has overwhelmed the fiscal resources of the country. Our welfare/warfare empire, built upon a Himalayan mountain of debt, enabled by a central bank owned by Wall Street, and perpetuated by swarms of corrupt bought off spineless politicians, is the ultimate testament to the seemingly limitless level of ignorance engulfing our civilization. The entitlement mindset permeates our culture from the richest to the poorest. Mega-corporations use their undue influence (bribes disguised as campaign contributions) to elect pliable candidates to office, hire lobbyists to write the laws and tax regulations governing their industries, and collude with the bankers and other titans of industry to harvest maximum profits from the increasingly barren fields of a formerly thriving land of milk and honey. By unleashing a torrent of unbridled greed, ransacking the countryside, and burning down the villages, the ruling class has planted the seeds of their own destruction.

There is much more in Culture Of Ignorance that is worth reading. This post is getting long, but there is a little more of Quinn’s words I want to share with you and then I’ll wrap this up.

When you consider the facts in a rational manner, without vitriolic denials, bitter accusations, acrimonious blame, and rejection of the entire premise, you come to the conclusion that we’ve passed the point of no return. Decades of bad choices, bad leadership, bad men in important positions, bad education, bad governance, and bad citizenship have led to bad times. But very few people, across all socio-economic classes, have any interest in understanding the facts or making the tough choices required to save future generations from a life of squalor. We willfully choose to ignore the facts.

“Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.” – Aldous Huxley

Our degraded and ignorant society is incapable of comprehending their dire circumstances or acting for the common good of the country. We are a nation on the take. Greed really is good. Everyone needs to play the game. From the top floor corporate CEO suite to the decaying urban wastelands, we have chosen comforting ignorance to uncomfortable knowledge. Our warped form of democracy enriches the few at the top, while dispensing enough subsistence payments to the lower classes to keep them from revolting, while enslaving the middle class in debt and convincing them it’s really wealth. Mencken understood the pathetic impulses of the American populace decades before we reached our point of no return.

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

Jim Quinn is planning a Part Two of The Culture Of Ignorance, in which he will discuss the roles of technology and family breakdown and other factors that contribute to the “culture of ignorance”. He tells his readers that if they are looking for a happy ending, they need to look elsewhere. I can not help but agree with Mr. Quinn’s assessment.  Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is the tool used by powerful people to manipulate the world in their favor. We are talking about America in this post but ignorance knows no borders. Ignorance is an infliction of mankind throughout the world. The fiat debt driven monetary system foisted on the world during the Nixon administration has about run its course. It will not end well for those who are not at the very top of the food chain. In the socialist “paradise” where I live, we have a refrain that is heard more and more as we march down the road to becoming the next Zimbabwe:

¡Salvese Quien Pueda!

There are two translations. One is: Every Man for Himself!  The other translation isThose That Can, Save Yourselves!

It is time, dear friends, to decide which of those two scenarios you and your loved ones will be in, when the time comes.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Not Bliss. Ignorance Is The Tool Of Those Who Would Rule Over Us.

  1. At some point we have to accept that there are those who are enlightened and those who are not. I mean that in every sense if the word. History repeats itself. Nations rise and fall. We do what we can, but in the end, it is written. Enjoy life, prepare for what will be, and gain some acceptance for the inevitable. This is IMO.

  2. This post enlarges the post I wrote on Friday when I asked, basically, Who are these people that are surprised that Obamacare is failing? We all knew what would happen… The government would not be able to handle putting together a complex website… People would pay more, not less, for worse insurance (higher deductibles)… etc. I described people who didn’t see it coming as being out of touch with reality. Ignorant may have been a better choice.

    The thing I love about the word “ignorant” is that it implies that you have to be willfully blind to facts (reality) that is in front of you. You have to be ignoring something that would provide you with knowledge if you weren’t ignoring it. The debt, Obamacare, the encroaching super-state… all of these things have obvious consequences that are extraordinarily destructive. But you only see the obvious truth of this if you are willing to stop ignoring it.

  3. A microcosm or maybe in this case a macrocism of the spread of abject willful ignorance run amok in this country will be on full display with the landslide election of an avowed in your face socialist/communist to the office if mayor of the world’s cathedral to capitalism , New York City. What we will see tomorrow on Election Day is 75-80% of the electorate in a city of 10 million repeating the Obama election debacles of 2008 and 2016. With NYC’s rich running like rats from a sinking ship Bill Deblasio should win his next election with 99% of the vote . The entitlement class once abandoned by the wealthy and their taxes that support their lifestyle will blame who? Again, the logical extension of socialism is genocide. Ignorance begets ignorance, poverty begets poverty.

  4. I am reminded of history.

    A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.

    1. Ultimately, the result of “progressive” government, with it’s bureaucracy of elites who know so much more than the populace, has to be some type of dictatorship. The elite of the elites must lead the elites. Why not make him king? Didn’t somebody once write a book called “The Road to Serfdom”? 🙂 I hope there’s a fork coming on this road. Maybe the exposure of the incompetence and deceit of the Obama administration will be our off-ramp.

  5. That essay at The Burning Platform is outstanding and says so much of what I’ve been trying to say for decades. I’ll be linking to it in a few weeks — in one of my “Recommended Reading” posts.

    I don’t see a way out of this mess!

    I’m glad that I’m as old as I am.

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