ObamaCare Was Sabotaged! And, I’m Glad!

{Note: I”m having a terrible time with my internet conection today. So, I can only offer a very short post.}

The Left Stream Media desperate to deflect the mounting criticism from President Obama over the ObamaCare miscarriage have made the claim that ObamaCare was sabotaged. Of course, they shamelessly blamed the sabotage on the Republicans; a claim even the willfully ignorant electorate is not buying. The LSM was right about the sabotage, however. The flawed 2000 page law that had no founding for the federal insurance exchanges was handed over to policy wonks at the President’s insistence instead of to people qualified to carry out such a complex business start-up. And then, because the President and his reelection staff wanted to keep the problems with the program secret so the nasty Republicans couldn’t use the problems against Obama in the 2012 elections, the scheduled roll out of ObamaCare has been a complete disaster. You can read about all the gory details of how Barack Obama sabotaged his own signature legislation at Doug Ross@Journal or Bloomberg or you can read the original source (five pages) at the Washington Post.

So Democrats, you wanted government in the middle of your health care and you got it. I hope you are as happy with ObamaCare as I am. I wrote two weeks ago that ObamaCare is the best thing to happen to the conservative movement since Ronald Reagan. Schadenfreude? You bet!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “ObamaCare Was Sabotaged! And, I’m Glad!

  1. Prior to October 1st, ol’ floppy ears was glomming all the credit for pimping our health care ride.If and when bobble head Sharpton jumps ship we can be confident in final victory…not. The republicans will figure a way to save his skinny half black ass.

  2. He is still out there pimping his debacle. His statements in Texas yesterday indicates that he cares not a wit about the senators that are going to pay next year. He gave up the house, senate next.

  3. I’m sorry to say I agree with Petermc3. If you look at all of the huge megalithic government programs, all are destined to collapse under their own weight. They (leftists) sabotage themselves all of the time, but sadly take down entire nations with them. This one just happens to be showing how insane it is earlier in the game. I wish this disaster would bite the dust, but I keep hearing people on both the left and the right saying they don’t disagree with the idea of it…just that the idea isn’t being implemented properly. (The idea being some nationalized healthcare policy) I don’t hear the Republicans rejecting nationalized healthcare. And how many people’s lives are damaged and / or ended in the process of this? So it’s hard to be glad about any of this….UNLESS the federal government will just get rid of it and get out of it altogether. Now that would make me glad…but I don’t see that happening. UGH!

  4. Schadenfreude? Absolutely! We are not happy to see this happen but we tried to warn the people that this would happen and we were called radicals. Now that we have been shown to be right why shouldn’t we feel a little bit justified in our concerns?

  5. At this point Obamacare looks to be even worse than it’s critics have said for a long time. We haven’t even seen the worst part yet… the real taxpayer price tag. Hidden taxpayer costs will be higher just the increases in insurance premiums.

    The 7 million or so young Obamacare recruits needed to sign up in the exchanges to pay for the estimated 25 million new Medicaid recipients and older Americans will ever come to pass… and that was a woefully inadequate underestimate to begin with.

    Obamcare sticker shock is just beginning to sink in.

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