Does The Government Work For You Or Do You Work For The Government?

The question “Does the government work for you or do you work for the government?” is a question often asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano when he had his Fox News program. Well, the author of Free-Man’s Perspective has found a mathematical answer to the Judge’s question. He came across a formula in a court case which is used to determine the monetary value of human capital. In other words, it calculates the dollar value of human life. The formula is used by the courts to calculate awards for personal injury cases. The author decided he could use that approach to calculate the cost of government in terms of human lives. He said:

Think of this as a currency conversion: dollars-to-lives, rather than the usual dollars-to-euros ordollars-to-yen.

He then took the follow data from government sources from the years 2008 to 2010 and used government spending for 2010:

Average per capita income: $39,138

Average number of working years: 40

Per capita lifetime income (income times years) = $1.5655 million

Total US government spending: $3.55 trillion

Then it was just a simple matter of dividing government annual spending by the life-time earnings and he found that the federal government spends the equivalent of the life-time earnings of

2.27 million people annually

So, I guess Judge Napalitano can stop asking that question. We have the definitive answer. We work for the government!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Does The Government Work For You Or Do You Work For The Government?

  1. It would be interesting to do a decade by decade analysis starting from the inception of LBJ’s Great Society when it first became fashionable to be a stigma free dependency client of the government.

  2. Nice. I have a more simple technique: Do you have to give even a second thought to government when going about your daily life? The answer used to be no. Now it’s yes. What lightbulb can you buy? Will your toilet flush? Can you get the health insurance YOU want? Can you start a business without miles of red tape? Can you build the house you want, where you want it? What will increased earnings do to your tax situation? Can you hire and fire employees for your own reasons without fear of being sued? And, of course, there’s the lingering fear that should be in the back of everyone’s mind… What is going to happen when all this government debt makes the economy implode?

    1. And with that coming implosion what will be the timing for converting paper assets into hard assets like real estate. Even the value if gold is at the whim of government games. Thanks tricky Dick.

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