A Double Oops Moment, Al Qaeda Style

Does anyone know how to say Oops! in Arabic?

Our good friend at the Always On Watch blog has a regular Saturday feature she calls Nimcompoopery. It is a compendium of links to some of the most stupid things reported or said in the news. Usually the links are related to politics in America. I think, however, this Fox News story emanating from the uncivil war in Syria should take first prize in tomorrow’s edition of Nincompoopery. It seems that the different al Qaeda factions fighting in Syria had what can only be described as a Double Oops Moment.

Syrian rebel fighters linked with Al Qaeda have asked for “understanding and forgiveness” after mistakenly beheading one of their allies and putting the head on display.

In a video posted online, members of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham were shown holding up the head of what they thought was a supporter of President Bashar Assad before a crowd in Aleppo, The Telegraph reported.

After the video was posted, the head was recognized as belonging to Mohammed Fares, a member of Ahrar al-Sham, a well-established rebel group that regularly fights alongside the Islamic State of Iraq, according to the report.

Oops! Don’t you just hate it when that happens? But, Hey! The guy asked for it. I mean according to the story reported he literally asked for it!

Omar al-Qahtani, a spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq, said Fares thought he had been captured by pro-Assad Shia fighters and asked them to kill him.

Oops! Some mistakes are irreversible. But, everybody makes mistakes, right? Omar went on to say: “Allah would forgive a man who unknowingly killed a fellow believer.” Yeah, Allah is, after all, a god of love.

Whatever happened to the good ole days when the different sides in war wore clearly different uniforms? That reduced the chances for these kind of “Oops Moments”. Maybe, in the case of al Qaeda or any other Islamist fighting group, they should have bright flourescent red tattoos on their foreheads. I was thinking “666” might be appropriate.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “A Double Oops Moment, Al Qaeda Style

  1. It’s tough recognizing the enemy when both sides are wearing Nikes and a soiled pajama top. And may we assume the Prophet was lying when he said If you like your head you can keep it?

  2. I wish your blog had “like” buttons….I wanted to “like” everything here on this one!

    Very funny…”Oops in Arabic? Isn’t that “Barack”?”

    Keep your chin up, Jim. It’s going to be a long tough slog, so I hear. Went to a Doc Thompson event last night…who is a radio personality on the Blaze network…and he was kindly reminding us that he thinks we are winning…but the victory may be far down the road. It’s hard to be patient….I am not lately very patient. Plodding onward….

  3. They need more “Oops” moments. Maybe if they kill each other off, they’ll leave the rest of the world alone.

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