Islamist Persecution of Hindus In Bangladesh _ The Islamist Cancer Spreads

While our feckless President and his feckless Secretary of State are making nice to the rogue Islamist nation of Iran, the Islamists, wherever they are, continue to purge the infidels from their midst. Although the main stream media rarely reports on the massacres of Christians in Egypt and Syria and Iraq and throughout northern Africa, Fox and the alternative news sources do get some these stories out in the open. The “Feckless Twins” have shown no interest in these atrocities.

Muslim extremists (Islamists) do not restrict their hate and lust to kill to only Christians and Jews. India, for example, has a long history of conflicts between their Muslim population and the Hindus and every other religious group there. And, we learn from Madeline Brooks, writing at American Thinker, that Bangladesh is on the road to becoming the next Islamic fundamentalist state. Ms. Brooks writes:

The Hindu empire once stretched from Afghanistan to Indonesia, before the Muslim invasions whittled it down.  According to Dr. Sachi Dastidar, professor of politics at the State University of New York at Old Westbury, Long Island, forty-nine million Hindus are missing from the Bangladesh census over the period of 1947 to 2001.  At the time of the partition of India in 1947, Hindus comprised thirty-one percent of the population of Bangladesh.  The population of Hindus in Bangladesh is now down to a mere nine percent.  The numbers are shrinking very fast due to coerced conversions; the kidnapping of girls and women, as well as rapes followed by murder; forced flight — and genocidal massacres.

In the near future, all the non-Muslims may be “ethnically cleansed” from Bangladesh.  The world will have lost one more part of the globe to fundamentalists and gained one more staging ground for new attacks on the West.

This humble observer of the asylum we all have to liven has a personal interest in what is happening in Bangladesh. My eldest son and his wife and their new-born baby live in India. My daughter-in-law, Juliat, is from the state of Assam, which if you look at this map of India is that part of Indian in the extreme Northeast that is sandwiched between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Juliat’s family are among the one million Christians that live in Assam. And, Assam has seen a huge influx of Bangladeshi Hindus over the last decades as they flee the murdering Islamists.

In her article, Ms. Brooks tells how some Human Rights groups are trying to bring attention to the atrocities happening in Bangladesh. She writes:

Worldwide attention and political intervention may be able to help slow down this disaster.  But that takes time.  Most immediately, however, support is needed to stop the ongoing genocide.  To meet immediate needs for survival, non-violent physical assistance to protect endangered communities must be considered.

I wish I could believe that would help, but I fear it is nothing more than wishful thinking. If there is anything we should have learned from our War on Terror, our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and from the so-called Arab Spring it is that the efforts of the international community (and America in particular) to solve the problem of Muslim extremists have been a total failure.

The vast majority of Muslims in the world are not extremists. They and only they have to potential to bring the extremists under control. Their attempts at controlling the extremists have been feeble, at best. The extremists only understand one thing; force, and the non-extremists Muslims are not prone to use force. I fear, therefore, that it is only a matter of time before the minority Islamists control every country where Islam is the dominant religion. Non-Muslims in those countries will either convert, die, or flee to another country. There appears to be no cure for this Islamist cancer.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

19 thoughts on “Islamist Persecution of Hindus In Bangladesh _ The Islamist Cancer Spreads

  1. Personal perspective … I have fought cancer and may have to in the future. One thing I learned was that I was helpless against “cancer.” HOWEVER, I could kill the communist cancer cells, one at a time.

    Seems to yours truly that we need to fight this fight in a similar manner. One at a time and not get overwhelmed by the cancer itself. And how would that be done? Not 100% sure. Greater minds than mine would have to come up with that plan.

    1. Mrs. Al, I read some your posts after the first time you commented here. You description of the Chemo Farts cracked me up. In my book, you and your Mr. Al are heros. God bless you both and please keep fighting those commie cancer cells! As for the Islamist scurge, if the rest of the Muslim don’t take them on and wipe out their cells one at a time, I fear there will be chaos wherever they exist in the world.

      1. First, you are to kind. Believe me, we aren’t heroes. We are schmucks who trust the Lord,

        Now I don’t claim any expertise on the Muslim/Islamic subject, but from what I have studied it isn’t likely that Muslims will curtail their own, no matter what the terrorist wing does. Unless there is an tribal rivalry, their common enemy is the non-Muslim. So I don’t see your solution as actually occurring.

        Please correct me if I am wrong. I am, after all, always learning.

  2. The answer is an Obama apology to the Bangladesh Islamists followed by a Jay Z free concert for Bangladesh in Madison Square Garden. Bob Dylan can get royalties for this one just like in1971.

  3. I am a person who has always given the majority of Muslims the benefit of the doubt but why do they not stand up to the Islamists? Is it simply fear? It could be but more and more I am coming to believe that more “mainstream” Muslims support the radicals. I hate to think this way but the Islamists seem to be growing in numbers and spreading their hate around the globe.

  4. If peaceful Muslims stood up against the extremists, would we even know about it? Do they have the power against the foreign funded jihadis (get most of their $$ from Saudis who got wealthy how again?). Speaking as an average American, how much power do “I” have against the extremist tyrants in my own country who have a track record of giving blacks syphilis, deliberately poisoning around 50,000 people during Prohibition, and is currently anally raping men in New Mexico? I’ve got a blog. I can call my congressperson and the receptionist pretends to care.

    I would venture to guess that the groups inciting violence against Christians were and are funded by western bankster groups, or are “babies” from such groups. They knocked Gaddafi out of the way for getting too uppity and had him replaced with crazy jihadis. Assad is not a radical Muslim, so therefore he must be eliminated. All to get things nice and organized.

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